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White Eagle
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White Eagle Portrait
One of the primary lessons on the path is that of discrimination - discrimination between false and the true; discrimination between the real and the unreal, between right and wrong; discrimination too between the promptings of your own higher or lower self. No one can teach us; no one can give us this divine attribute of discrimination. It is gained through experience and meditation.

Discrimination and discernment means getting your values right, and learning to look first at the spiritual aspect of every situation. If you have a problem, never try to answer that problem by the material standard only but look at it squarely and ask: 'What is the spiritual meaning of this?'. Always accept the spiritual value. Pray for true vision, and remember too that in helping others, as you all long to do, you help your brother to bear his burden, you stand by him as he crosses his bridge, but you do not try to take his karma from him, for his karma may help him to grow nearer to God. Nor do you indulge him in things which are going to satisfy him only for the moment.

Thought Power in Service

There are struggling human souls, many, like yourselves, earnestly endeavoring to overcome inner weaknesses which in their own souls they acknowledge. You cannot see or know the inner struggles of another, nor the difficulties and weaknesses which bind him and sometimes make him act in a way you do not understand; but you who are learning, not only from our words but from the promptings of your own teacher, can do so much to help others by the kindly positive thoughts, by seeing the Christ in them. Think of your neighbour as being a child of God, as you yourself, with the same problems that you suffer, the same weaknesses, the same aspirations. Where this or that man stands, only God can know. Nevertheless, all are of the same spirit, and all experience the same struggles and problems and needs as yourself.

So go about life condemning none, but looking kindly and with love upon all; hold no harsh thought even about a so-called enemy. In truth, no man can really be your enemy, all are your teachers; and when you are tempted to feel injured or resentful because of some apparent injustice, look first within yourself and ask, "What has this to show me, what have I to learn from this?" In time truth will reveal itself, so that instead of thinking antagonistically you will be able to say, "Thank you, brother, for you have taught me much, and helped me". The other person's motive is not your business. Behind is the guiding hand of wisdom. The great lords of karma rule your ways, and any apparent injustice can be transformed into a jewel of great beauty in your temple, even as deep suffering can bring divine revelation. So put away any sense of injury and look out upon the world with a calm love.

You Choose Your Life

Some people think that few have to endure such troubles as fall to their lot. They feel that if they were in different circumstances they could do so much better. Given bigger income, for instance, more freedom, more leisure, how much good they could accomplish! They note with sorrow how their neighbour, blessed with the wealth and leisure they envy, seems to ignore or neglect the needs of his fellows.

Beloved children, your life is governed by law, and you find yourselves in exactly the place and with the circumstances which you yourself have chosen. "But this is nonsense," you will say. "I would never have chosen this life !" This is the outer-self speaking, the mortal mind; but the real self, the divine spirit within, knows the needs of your soul. Think of this God-urge as a radiant light ever guiding your soul on the path. Not a moment of your time need be wasted or misspent. The whole purpose of your life and the purpose behind every human experience is the growth and unfoldment of your soul. If you will delve beneath the surface of experience for wisdom and knowledge, you will hasten this process of growth and unfoldment. It is not what is happening to you on the outer planes; it is neither your circumstances, nor the riches which you may or may not possess that matter, but only your inner reaction to those circumstances, your relationship from within of your fellow man and to God. The circumstances of your life are actually a form of initiation through which you are daily passing.

More Quotes...

The man whose heart is filled with love, is never daunted, is not cast down; he does not give way to unworthy fears, either about himself, his physical body, or the welfare of those he loves, because he has been quickened by the divine light and power, and therefore nothing can go wrong. Things only go wrong when the mind of self starts to fret and rail against the circumstances of life, and you say, "I am disappointed because the circumstances of life will not go as I...I...I want them to go!" Then suffering and chaos result, because the contact is cut. If only you had the strength to live always within the peace of God, to live in the truth -- "Thy will, O God, be done on earth, in my life...Thy will, not mine!"

But when you do fall down and everything seems chaotic, remember that there is a helper by your side. Your guardian angel has seen your fall, but he will not condemn. He does not say, "I told you so!" Instead, he whispers into your heart, "Courage...I will help you rise again. Look up, look out! God is still in His heaven and all is well."

Hold fast to this thought, especially at times when blow after blow seems intent on knocking you out. Cultivate a sense of humour, but don't lose strength in your knees! Get up, and stand firmly on your feet again, remembering that you are being helped willingly and readily by the one at your side. Keep on keeping on and refuse to be downcast. Most of us can be cheerful when everything is going our way, but strength of the spirit shows when a man can smile when things appear to be all against him. Remember it is through the experiences of this life on earth -- and this life alone -- that you will learn to reach the higher life. Aspiration towards God and the higher life is what really matters.

“Thought can bring forth beauty, harmony, brotherhood, and all else that man longs for. We ourselves work as far as possible with the creative power of thought. We try to avoid all destructive thought. We make it a rule, when giving advice and help, always to be constructive, to see no thing but good; and we do this even though we may be called foolishly optimistic. We know that by seeing only good, by creating good by positive thought we can help to bring about that which is desirable and good. We do not see or think in terms of pessimism, sadness or death. All is life, all is unfolding, all is ever progressing, all is good, all is God.”

“The purpose of man’s life is that he shall grow towards consciousness of his own God-qualities; and the way to do this is for him continually to rise in thought towards the spheres of light, continually to open himself to the constructive forces and to the creative power of God. Through experience, and in the deep silence of meditation and contemplation, man grows towards God; by meditation on the qualities of the divine Father and Mother he grows in spiritual stature until he becomes at last the perfect son of God.”

“Each one of you has the gift of the spirit within your own being, and it is through this spirit that you will learn to overcome death. Man on his evolutionary path will learn that death is only a transition from one level of matter to a higher ether, and that within him is the power to build a bridge across which he can travel in full consciousness into those higher spheres and communicate with his loved ones, see the life they are living, and enjoy with them the beauties of the heavenly garden…”

“Karma, my children, is really unlearned lessons. These lessons have to be faced in a calm spirit. Rejoice in your karma. Thank God for the opportunities which are presented to you to learn lessons and dispose of your karma, for these are steps by which you mount into the Great White Lodge above. Every piece of karma gone through means a lesson learned, but the most important thing for you to remember is do not just try to get past your karma; be sure you have learned the lesson which the episode was intended to teach. If you have not learnt the lesson and have just skirted around your karma, you have only put it on the shelf and it will come back again and again until the lesson has been learned.”

“           In spirit there can be no separation. Only self separates, and much of the sting of bereavement is due to self. Be pitiless when you analyse yourself; ascertain how much of your bitter resentment at your loss and subsequent loneliness arises from the promptings of egotism and self-pity. Put these aside when you seek communion, for they may hurt both you and your loved one.

Why do you think or feel separate and alone when all things grow towards unity? Each life is as a drop of water in an ocean, a drop which can unite or remain separate from its ocean, but it is ever water and so part of the whole…”


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