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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
 Copyright Page  5-Spirit View of Remembrance Day  13-The Summerland  21-The Colour Blue
 Acknowledgements  6-Loving the Unlovable  14-Light and Death  22-The Colour Red
 Introduction  7-Animal Comforters  15-Forgiveness - What is It?  23-The Colour Purple
 Ramadahn's Prayer  8-The Responsibilities of Mediumship  16-The Ministry of Spirits  24-The Colour Orange
 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

Ramadahns Prayer

Oh Master Weaver, Thou Art weaving together in Thine own wondrous fashion, the ethers which Thou hast created, that through their interweaving together there may come into manifestation the marvellous multiplicity of Thy created forces , we would that Thou wilt think upon Thy children who are clothed in the body of flesh, and as Thou dost think upon them so may they become conscious that Thou art indeed the creator of themselves; that they may realise in every part and piece of their being that they are not themselves alone, but rather they are the reflections of Thy manifested power, in that they live in the earthly life as living beings of man and woman, symbols of the marvellous interweaving of the forces of light, of air, of the forces of moisture and of earth, of the forces of spirit, which are woven together, so that it may be said of this one and of that one:
“Here does stand a man,” and: “Here does stand a woman,” and: “These are the symbols of the power of the Master Creator of All.”

Think upon Thy children, oh Thou Creator of all things, that Thy thoughts which are beautiful, creative, powerful and perfect, reaching them may bring into being perfect power, perfect order, perfect beauty and perfect health, for we do know that where Thy children have their perfect unity with Thee, there do they also have harmony of being, peace of soul, beauty of mind and lovingness of heart.

So with peace, and with the power, light and the love of that Master Creator, we would sign, seal and bless these who are here, that in this moment of unity there may be PEACE, PEACE and PEACE.