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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
 Copyright Page  5-Spirit View of Remembrance Day  13-The Summerland  21-The Colour Blue
 Acknowledgements  6-Loving the Unlovable  14-Light and Death  22-The Colour Red
 Introduction  7-Animal Comforters  15-Forgiveness - What is It?  23-The Colour Purple
 Ramadahn's Prayer  8-The Responsibilities of Mediumship  16-The Ministry of Spirits  24-The Colour Orange
 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  


Dear friend and reader,

    I trust you will enjoy this book, and the other Volumes.

    I found the way Ramadahn spoke so beautifully that I would ask you to read these words aloud, especially if you are with a group of others - perhaps just one of the prayers - imagine he is standing behind you and listening, for the sound of the words is very important. Time and time again he stresses the inter-linking of sound and colour, all creating vibration, light and energy.

    Rushing River was Ramadahn's colleague, and would often come forward at the end of a lecture if the questions turned into areas of healing. Most of these questions were personal, but a few included (in Volume 2) as they offer some information. Although nothing can portray his wonderful personality which came shining through, do read these, just for the smile it will bring.

    The lectures would always start by saying of the Lord's Prayer, and reference to this is made at beginning of some lectures.

    Read, read and read again --- for the wisdom will become part of your life.

Anne Jack