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26 - The Colour Silver

June 1992

Oh Thou Great One, may Thy glory shine in the quietude of this room and illuminate some of the dark crevices in the minds of the beloveds who are here.  May some of them have their inward vision opened to behold some aspect of Your glory, and seeing this glorious light may they go forward into their daily lives praising and glorifying You, the Giver of light, the Creator of beauty, the Blesser of all Your creation.

        In the peace and light and power of that Great Giver of all good gifts, I bless and sign and seal this room unto the thought that herein earth and spirit meet together in harmony and peace.  May light be here and abide unto the days which are still to come.

 * * *

My beloved ones, I take control of the being of this medium to share with you some of the thoughts and understandings which we have in the regions of spirit.  I would say to you, How would you visualise the glory about which you so often speak as you utter your familiar prayer?  Do you behold that glory as light, or visualise the glory as some distant thing which you hardly know how to understand?  Or do you simply understand the glory in the rising or setting of the sun, throwing its myriad colours across the brilliance of the heavens?  Or perhaps you see it as the simplicity of star-light gleaming and shining in the distances, so filled with mystery and wonder that your mind is stretched into the distance of space to try and understand the beauty of the star that you see?  Is it not also true that as you gaze into that starry heaven, you become aware that the light you are beholding is a silvery light, a light understood by the human eye as part and particle of the radiance of light but perceived in this minute speck of glory which you behold as the silvery light of a star?

        If you were able to leave your body and move rapidly through the ethers and vastnesses of space, then you would discover that that which to your eye appears to be a silvery light is composed of different elements of colour and these, as they traverse the distances of space, are beheld as the silveryness of light.

        In the regions of spirit where we dwell and have our being, we do not understand this word ‘silver.’  It seem that silver is something understood in the earthly life when you search within the bosom of the earth itself and find some treasure, a substance which becomes known under this word of ‘silver’ or perhaps you find ‘gold’.  It would seem in the understanding of the human mind that silver is something which is valuable, and gold is infinitely valuable unto human persons.  But how do you know that your substance is silver until you bring it forth into the light?  Whilst it is hidden deep in the caverns of earth, it is itself, it is not known as silver except it is brought forth and exposed to the gleaming rays of sunlight or the light which you create yourselves;  then you will say:  “Here is this beautiful gleaming substance!” 

        It would seem this substance does not itself have a beauty or value until it is bathed in a purity of radiance and light.  It is so with these lights within the starry heavens:  whilst they are hidden in the recesses of space, they are unknown to you, you do not know they are there, and if you have only a limited vision within your eye you do not even see the silvery light which gleams in the distances.  It would seem that an appreciation of silver or appreciation of light depends upon the perception of the person who can behold it, upon the understanding of the person who can hold the treasure in the hand or stretch the vision to behold the light in a distant place.

        And it is so with us of spirit;  as we gaze into the life of the beloveds living in the earthly way, we do not always immediately see the silvery radiance which is the light of true illumination, the true honesty of their spirit or inner soul. 

        As we gaze upon you, we will see differing hues which betray your different kinds of character – BLUE for your desires for healing and love, ROSE-PINK for your gentleness of understanding, GOLD for your wisdom and hope, and the PURPLE of your desires for power.  It is only when you have outgrown these feelings or emotions of your early life, and blend them into one whole which you lift up and offer in prayerfulness to the Great Master Spirit – it is only then that we begin to see the treasure of the soul shining as a purity of light within the inner heart and soul.  As we behold this we say that it has a silvery radiance because the pure radiance of the soul can only be described in this silvery light, this purity of light, which can be beheld by the eye of an earth dweller or the one looking in from the regions of spirit.

        An understanding of the silvery light is surely an understanding of the purity of light and the blending of many facets of your character, the different desires of your soul and the purity of those desires.  As these grow and unfold they begin to blossom into this beauty of light which can be described as a silvery radiance of the soul.  How beautiful it is!  How beautiful when it is beheld by the eye of spirit:  how beautiful when it is beheld by the eye of the earth dweller still within the earthly body.

        When it breaks upon your vision in a flashing beauty of light you will say:  “Surely here is one from the high regions of light, flashing this silvery radiance into my consciousness.”  I would say that those who advance stage by stage and step by step through all the differing conditions of spirit life and understanding, these eventually come to this condition when it can be said they wear the pure robes of spirit;  from within their inner self there flashes out a pure brilliance of silvery light which shows this soul has divested itself of the desires of the earthly world and grown into the purity and beauty of spirit. 

        Such do not often come into the near atmosphere of your earthly world but may stand upon the seventh sphere and radiate their light downward to be captured by the servers and healers and brought in a diffused measure unto you in the earthly world.  In your inner vision you may sometimes pierce through the distances and see a spirit shining and bright with a silvery radiance streaming out from the heart and a glory of light around the being which you will say is a semblance of wings - you are beholding one of the Light Givers, one of those who serve the mediums of earth but also serve the very elements of earth itself. 

        These sometimes become known as angelic presences or sometimes as Light-Bringers or the White Ones because they are robed in their purity, sending forth their light in a flow of unadulterated beauty to all the spheres to bless the work of serving spirits.  At last this comes to you in the earth that you may capture some essence of their radiance and share it amongst earth’s dwellers everywhere.  As the radiance is captured, the consciousness of people of the earthly world begins to alter its desire and you will find yourself saying:  “May there be light!  May there be more light!” 

        You will discover your beloveds and companions talking about the spreading of light, the sharing of radiance, because the Light Bringers have shed their radiance far and wide until it touches souls such as yourselves with silvery light.  Beloved ones, in your time of sleep or quiet meditation, when you sit and gaze into the stilly darkness of evening light and there comes a touch of silvery radiance - know that you are being touched by some part of the blessing being shed from on high to enhance and increase the work of earth’s dwellers as they seek to increase light and love and peace and truth amongst earth’s children everywhere.

        In this weaving of thought and words, I set before you that which is clear and understandable to us in spirit, and bring you to your little times of questioning and study.


Question:  In the spirit world do you have a preference:  orange, green, purple or silver or gold?

Ramadahn:  We do, beloved one.  In your earthly world you have a condition or season in which green is the predominating hue, or it may be the blue of atmosphere which seems strongest, and we have what can be called spheres or world-like places each of which has its own predominating hue or colour;  as you move from sphere to sphere there is always one colour which will dominate.  But within the ‘Summerland’, the land to which the beloveds finally go to find their renewal and peace and their loves, there is a blending of many colours so that it cannot be said it is the blue or golden sphere, it is just a sphere or place in which many colours are found. 

        Many of those working to bring healing and the energies of healing to earth’s dwellers move in what is known as the ‘blue’ sphere where they enfold themselves in the blueness of this atmosphere;  as they come close to the earthly world they will shed or share this blueness because the blue calms and quietens the fevered emotions of earth’s dwellers.  There are other healers who move easily from the blue sphere into the amethyst or purple:  in your world today the amethyst ray is the one most frequently used by the healers so they will move into that sphere to bathe themselves in that colour, absorb it into their robes or their soul.  And when they come close to your aura or your earth’s atmosphere, it will be the blue or mauve or purple hues which they radiate, according to the need at that especial time.

        But the sphere which we would think is most important for earth’s dwellers to understand is that known as the Christ sphere, because many dwellers of your English land come to this Christ-land when they leave the earthly body.  Within the Christly sphere is the love of the Master Jesus and all His followers, it is concentrated there and the land has a pearly radiance with a pink colour within it because this pink is the colour of spiritual love. 

        It is difficult to explain and for you to visualise such a state while you are bound by the earthly body and earthly conditions, unless you think that the heavens are similar to a rainbow and at the end of that rainbow is the beauty of the Christ sphere.