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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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25 - The Colour Green

April 1992

With quietude of spirit, beloved ones, I come and bring into this atmosphere some of the tranquillity of spirit that it may weave into your aura and flow around you in beautiful streams of healing and peace and light.  Whilst you are here in unity one with the other and in unity with we of spirit, we try to clothe our thoughts in the earthly language that we may cause the medium to utter in words the truths we try to bring to you.

        The work that we do, the work of spirit, is not always entirely contained in the spoken word but is in a subtle influence of soul and spirit which is radiated in a manner indefinable to you but which can touch your soul and interweave radiations of healing into your aura.  You will know you have been in contact with the spirit realms even if you are not able to understand the words by which we convey the things we would make understandable.

        As you move through your years of experience and join yourselves through the quietude of meditative thought with those spirits who are trying to guide you, do not always expect the influence to be revealed in spoken words.  As you enter into communication and communion with your meditative groups, your little circles, remember that the most important part of the development and influence which you receive is not in words but in the quiet influence which flows from soul to soul, person to person, from spirit to spirit.  Also remember that the quiet, silent influence of the soul is often conveyed in subtle radiations of light which are broken into radiations of colour:  as you sit in quietude of meditation, around you will come those flowing radiations of gentle colour which you say are colours of healing – the colours of spirit.

        In this moment, we outstream to you the gentle colour of spiritual peace in this subtle radiation which you call the colour green, but in the realms of spirit, we do not simply say, It is a radiation of green.  In your earthly realm, is it not true that there are a myriad variations of this green colour?  As you live your earthly life you are influenced by the many changing hues of green which surround you.  At this season of the year when you say your world is awakening from its winter sleep and nothing is moving, through the whole of nature there are quickening vibrations of red and gold or orange interblending with the blues and greens of your land.  Therefore you will behold a greenness in the world of nature which is tinted and tinged with the quickening hues of gold or orange. 

        Cast a glance over the beauty of that greenness, stand for a moment and look at it or even hold your hands toward the greenness of the herbage - and you may receive into yourself some part of that calming and quickening energy being shared with you through the whole of the joyous land in which you dwell.  You will say:  “Yes, this is the greenness of spring.  This is the greenness of the land.”  But we would say that it is the quickening, it is the unifying and harmonising healing vibration of the greenness of living things, showing forth the energy which rises from the bosom of Mother Earth herself!

        In your wisdom you should endeavour to receive these green radiations where and when you can - touch them with your hands, or take the greenness of the plants and let them be used as your food at this time of year.  The plants and leaves which are green and tender are filled with life-giving energies from the soil and soul of your planet;  as you take them into your teeth as food or infuse them in your waters to become a drink, be aware that you are absorbing life-energies from the soul of the planet itself.

        Do not have the idea that this is the only green which has importance to you:  from the spirit realm we always try to bring this vibrant energising green of your spring-time world, but we also try to weave into your aura or soul-body the more subtle shades of green which hold a gentle tinting of blue.  When you receive such a green with a gentle tint of blue you will say that you are receiving the green of peace.  As you enter your real quiet inwardness of meditation, when your thoughts are still and your soul is in attunement with the spirit powers, then within you and all around you will arise this subtle greenness which you may sense as a green which is almost white or almost blue – it is the greenness of the peace of the soul and although it is visible to we of spirit, it is so subtle that it may be invisible to your mortal eyes.

        When your eyes encompass your heavens and the sun is disappearing and the great arc of your sky is filled with colour which is slowly, slowly fading, sometimes you will see there this tender hue of delicate green.  When you see this, you may say;  “This is the peace vibration, working through the immensities of space and for a little time folding planet earth herself in a mantle of paling peace.”  It is the greenness of peace itself.

        As you live day by day often you will be aware of the confusion in the world around;  you will feel bombarded by many different colours and radiations from the personalities who surround you, and sometimes we see in your soul body or aura a greyness of despair.  But you can bring harmony if you are aware of the harmonising colour of green and the manner in which it can flow all about you to interblend with disturbing and disharmonising energies.  The green colour harmonises or unites – it is the harmonising power in the world of nature, and the power which can and does influence you in your subtle soul body.

        In your moments of quietude when you consider the needs of your world and say:  “The world needs peace,”  I would say, In what manner do you visualise this peace as you set forth your thoughts?  The simple word ‘peace’ has a psalm or gentle vibration, but it may be wasted effort and wasted prayer unless it is winged by your visualisation of the peace and harmony you desire.  Think of the need for peace in your world and send your thought upon the gentleness of a tender green colour.  That colour will flow from your soul like an emanation of healing, harmonising power, and as it goes it will begin to harmonise or heal some of the discordances in your world or your immediate life. 

        If you address the great Master Creator and pray:  “Give peace to our world” – then try to wing your prayer-thought with the beautiful greenness of peace, the greenness of nature.  The great Master Creator is forever bestowing peace upon His creation and trying to teach humankind and all things how to maintain this unity and harmony so that the discordances may fade away and not return.  Clothe your prayers for peace with the greenness of your peace, or wing them with your visualisation of the stronger greens in the world of nature that these may strengthen and energise the tired or weakened bodies of the beloveds who need your help in healing.

        Truly I say to you, Your thoughts become ever more creative as you grow in knowledge and your soul and spirit become more highly developed.  Your visualisation and use of colour can often bring the harmonising and healing which you need in your own self and the world surrounding you.  When we draw near from the regions of spirit we try to enfold you in a beautiful blueness, but often you may discover this blueness dissolves into a greenness;  and when you see the greenness and blueness, you may say that we are bringing you radiations of peace and healing from our own great places of peace and healing in the spirit realm.

        You may ask me:  “From where and how do you draw your blueness or greenness?”  In times of great peace some are able to see into the places of spirit with the inner vision, or you may leave your mortal body in a time of trance or dream to come with us into the places of peace.  It is in times like these that you may find yourself going through the gardens of healing or into the great mountains and valleys where the blueness of distant mists are contained within valleys which are clothed with the greenness of herbages, the greenness of the plants of spirit.  From such valleys and hillsides we draw toward you the colours and energies which may be good for you – but you could learn to attract and draw these to yourselves when you have the need.