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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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24 - The Colour Orange

March 1992 - SAGB

Beloved ones, I greet you with the greeting of spirit and the power of this beauteous time when you come with your bodies somewhat wearied from their struggle to withstand the chill of the wintry season, and grey because you are aware of the lack of that pure and brilliant light which nourishes your soul and body.  As you come in the quietude we draw around you some of the beautiful golden light of spirit that it may bring you that energy and renewal of life and power which you need at this season of your earthly growth.

        When you talk about this colour which is orange in its hue, I would say, In what degree is this to be understood?  For it is a blending of the hues of gold and pink or red which brings forth your orange glow. 

        As your beautiful English land wakes from its wintry sleep, is it not true that this little gleam of orange coloured light is to be discerned in all things which are awakening?  If you gaze into your blossoms you will see in the heart or some part of each one a little spot or touch or glow of orange coloured light.  As you look into your growing herbage, although it may appear to be green, somewhere in the intricacy of the leaves themselves you will see this little thread of red or gold or orange colour.  This is the hue of the energy force which moves through your earth and the world of nature, awakening all things into new strength, energy and life.  So we say that it is indeed one of the colours of renewing energy.

        It would be good if you could make use of this renewing colour in your lives and your earthly body.  From time to time pause in the busyness of your activities and by an effort of creative thought draw to yourselves this beautiful golden hue;  draw it in as an activity of your imagination not of your mentality, so that it is not focussed in your mind or before your eyes, but focussed in the centre of your body.  It is in this central part of your bodily being that the blending of gold and red takes place and gives you the energy of life.

        Is there not this blending of red and gold within the physical body which is the tool of your spirit?  Red is the basic colour of your living blood and yellow or gold is the basic colour of the great energy centre you call your liver which gives forth certain elements of a yellow or golden colour.  These need to be blended in harmony if you are to have the health and life and energy you need throughout the structure of your physical body.

        In the quietude of your meditation focus occasionally on the manner in which the red and gold need to be concentrated in the abdominal region of your physical being;  thus it may stir into new activity and new energy this very important living part of your person.  In this way, by the effort of your thought and your breath, you breathe into yourself this particular renewing energy after the body has been through the slothful period of winter rest which affects the world of nature - and affects your physical body because it is attuned unto the natural world of which you are a part.

        If you so desired, you could sometimes use some of the orange coloured herbage which grows in your midst to bring about a stimulation and cleansing in the inner cell structure of your physical body.  The living physical body, the cells of your body, are intended to move in attunement with the actual rhythms of the natural world of which you are a part:  there is a rising and falling of energies, there is a changing in the colour and structures of the energies throughout the seasons.  Whether you know this or not, your body is attuned to those changes.  If you do not allow the body the opportunity to come into tune with those changes, then the energies become slowed through your structure and the cells of the body are not nourished or changed as they would desire;  then you will say that there is a form of illness or dis-ease taking place in the physical structure itself.

        Spiritual understanding and knowledge of the laws of spirit do not relate entirely to the world which you will inhabit when you leave your physical body:  they also relate very much to the spiritual structure of the world of which you are a part and the manner in which you may use your body and soul to be in attunement with that particular structure.

        Beloved ones, when you speak about spiritual development, do not think that this relates only to the development of your spiritual mind and spiritual consciousness;  it also relates to the health and harmony of your physical body.   While you are taking your incarnation through these years of experience your spiritual will, your spiritual understanding, has to be expressed through your physical body which is your tool in this mortal world.  True spiritual development should be a balance between understanding the things of spirit and the manner in which you use your body, wisely and well, in the years of your mortal experience.  Therefore an understanding of the energising power of the orange colour, and of the blending, is of great importance to you and those whom you meet or know.

        When you come and talk about healing for one another and try to send your thoughts unto those who are near and dear to you, then it would be good if you considered from time to time whether the person whom you wish to help or heal is in need of quickening energy.  If that is so, in your thoughts you may bathe that individual in orange hues which are a blend of pink and golden colours, see this circulating around the central part of their being that the basic natural energies may be stimulated and brought back into essential strength and harmony.

        At this season of the year, it would be good if you nourished the body occasionally on fruits that have an orange-coloured covering or partake of vegetables of this colour.  Because they have this colour within them, it shows they have a surplus of the life-giving energies which move through the earth or the tree or blossom.  Each part of the world of nature is absorbing that which is needful for its life and purpose at that special place and season - for those who will partake of its flesh or nature, or to share with that which surrounds it in the world of nature itself.

        You are surrounded, beloved ones, you are surrounded by beautiful healing aspects of light and colour, by the bountifulness of the world of nature, and yet it seems that you often walk blindly with your eyes fixed upon some small problem - you do not see the glory of the world around you.

        In this little moment of speaking when I am able to use words through the voice of this medium, I try to set before you the thought and vision of the greatness of life which surrounds you, the bounteous beauty which the Great Master Creator has invested in the world of nature for the use of its creatures and souls such as yourselves.  From time to time feast your eyes upon the beauty of the colours you see emerging from the soil, and draw some of that vibrant life-energy into yourself - but think as you do so:  “What marvel and mystery is this.”  

        If you gaze upon leaves or blossoms when there is an absence of light you will not behold the glory of colour, you will see only something which is pale and glimmering in that paleness of night.  But when the sun rises and light floods your land again, then you will see the gold and red and orange hues, all there for the sighting of your eyes and feasting of your soul.

        It would seem that light is needed before you may comprehend these things.  From time to time lift your eyes into the glory of the skies and contemplate the great light-giver which you call the sun, think how that light brings forth the colours which you behold for your comprehension.  But if there is no light, is there is no colour?  If there is no light do the colours cease to vibrate?  Not so!  The colour is there, it is only that the vision of humankind needs light for its comprehension. 

        Light – spiritual light – is needed in the consciousness ere you become aware of the great and wonderful truths of spirit.  This is the reason we say to you continuously, Think about the light, radiate light, let your light shine!  As you begin to emit your own beautiful light your inner consciousness becomes quickened and you see with a greater comprehension the colours and glories, energies and powers which are in the world around you.

        Beloved ones, I bring you the thought that it is light, perfect light, which is most urgently needed!