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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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23 - The Colour Purple

May 1992 (extract)

Oh Thou Who art the source of light which illuminates the shadows so that people become aware of radiance, Thou whose light is hidden within the darkness because the darkness and light are part of each other;  Thou whose light is sought by your children in the mortal body, they seek to understand Your radiance and shed Your light through the ways of the earthly existence.

        As they turn their thoughts toward the Source of light, may we be able to extract from that glorious radiance those purple hues:  coming to the awareness of the children of earth, may these stir and stimulate within them an understanding of Your power and majesty, and the knowledge in the deep inward consciousness that they are part of Your light - for You are light and illumine them.

 * * *

As you develop and grow, slowly but surely you begin to develop the amethystine and purple hues within your aura, and you may say:  “How comes this into being?” 

        Firstly you should know that within your spiritual body, your auric self, you have the red hues which are the sign and symbol of your more worldly being.  When you have a staining of dark red within your aura, then we know you are subject to the passions of earth and your sexual and other appetites are strong.  But always, as you live your earthly life, you come to the time when you are touched in your heart, in your emotions.  As your emotions unfold and grow strong, a blueness is to be seen, the blueness of lovingness and your emotional self, sometimes outstreaming in love to another or sometimes when you enfold another beloved within your arms or hands - because it is the blueness of emotion. 

        There is a blending of the blue and red when your emotions begin to control and transmute your appetites;  as these two colours blend together there begins to unfold in the radiance of your aura these beautiful hues which are may be light, sometimes dark - according to the particular degree of response you have to the circumstances of your earthly life.  When the mauve or purple unfolds we know that you, the beloved on the earthly side, are beginning to develop spiritually, that out of the mauve and purple rays is evolving the being who is a harmoniser, the one who becomes a healer in the ways of earthly life.

        When this purple colour is fully developed within you, it becomes that which we call the symbol and colour of spiritual responsibility;  as you develop power – and purple is one of the colours of power – you have to be prepared to carry some responsibility for the people who surround you, for the work you undertake, and even responsibility for the manner in which you live your life.  Often we show you a purple or mauve cloak and when you behold this in your inner vision you will know it as a symbol of the cloak of responsibility. 

        In the regions of spirit, we who are your guides and helpers often have to earn that purple cloak ere we draw near to earth conditions to fulfil our tasks of uplifting the souls of humankind and bringing about a change in world consciousness - it is our protection and a sign of our power.  Our purple cloaks have to be earned by service and the understanding and control of our emotions - all becomes transmuted into the purpleness of power!

        If you think upon past seasons of your earth’s history you will remember how the rulers and power-bringers of your world used to wear purple capes and purple clothing.  In years gone by it was only such as these who had power over the ordinary people and power over the minds of the community;  therefore purple clothing was the sign of their power.  But not all of them used their power wisely and well, so it has changed and now not all rulers in the earthly world wear the purple hues.  Some wear cloaks of green or ruby or blue, for only those who are strongly endowed are fitted to go clothed in purple.

        Those in spirit who are learning the spiritual truths, learning to co-operate properly with the regions of light, they slowly become enveloped in an outer aura which holds within it the purple hues of power;  it also holds strength within it, for only those who have earned the purple cloaks are strong within themselves.  As a ruler needs to be strong ere he may wield his power, so the beloveds of earth have to be tested to see how they will use power before the purple aura may be given to them.  I would say that power is one of the most important tests in the growth of the soul;  it is a test which is failed by many earth rulers and seekers after truth, for when they have power over others the weakness of the person may assert itself and they become dominant or domineering rather than spiritually powerful. 

        Ere you may attain to the purple you have to be tested, beloved ones, and as you are tested you sometimes cry aloud, saying:  “Why do I have to pass through these times of loss and sorrow?”  You forget that these are tests of your strength and forbearance, the tests of your understanding.  So I say to you, Go forward gently, go forward with understanding, go forward with the sureness that as you develop and unfold and behold the purple hues, then you are beginning to attain to the real power and healing and certainty of spirit.

        May peace be here.