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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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22 - The Colour Red

Oh Great Spirit of Life!  Throw out the magnetic rays through which all the manifesting love of Thy Being doth function.  Bless Thy children that all may feel that magnetic attraction turning their lives toward Thee, and come to form more perfectly the pattern Thy power is creating through the truth they receive from Thy Great Spirit.  Fill them with Thy protection, bathe them with Thy Spirit in this quiet place that they may feel the attraction of Thy Being.  Thus bathed in Thy protection and power may they draw healing and understanding from Thee and go forth into the outer world with Thy peace, power and harmony.

        We place within this room the sign and symbol of spirit in the form of a cross enfolded in the circle of eternal love, and we pray that this sign may be a symbol to all who come and all who go.

 * * *

Beloved brothers and sisters, I have been asked to speak with you concerning this matter of the colour of red or rose-pink which we know as the colour of the stimulating and life-giving ray of power.  We have been asked what effect this colour has upon the being of the individual and we would say that without this manifestation of colour which is part of the whole radiance of light, you yourselves would not exist in the physical body as you do at this time.  The harmony and health of your physical body depends upon the action of this red ray which is largely emanated from the forces of earth.

        Rays of light regulate the living substance of earth, penetrating the ethers which surround your earth and the substance of the earth itself, to be stored and imparted in the grass.  This ray is then emanated outward from the body of earth in a life-giving force or stream of magnetism which men and women and living creatures absorb day by day as their feet walk upon the earth and their bodies are bathed in this stimulating and life-giving magnetism.  But when man lives in his mighty cities, creating streets on the living body of the earth and stratas of substances which do not allow the full force of this magnetic force to flow, then the dwellers in the city are depleted of some of that magnetic force which imparts a stimulating power to the living cells of the body. 

        You will discover that many who live in your mighty cities grow pale in the skin, weak in the muscles of the body and become subject to varying forms of disease which do not affect man when he lives in a more natural and congenial environment.  Diseases become active in man when the life-giving magnetic red force is not absorbed through the soles of the feet.  As it pours power throughout the whole living structure of the body it is an expanding and life-giving force which has its effect in the cells of the blood stream of the body. 

        If this stimulating force is absent, the cells which should be expanding and living become weakened and depleted and you will say that the tissue of the body has become diseased.  It would be well if all who dwelt in city places would take time to place their feet upon the living substance of the earth and stand with the realisation that by thought they may absorb that full power.  It is to our knowledge that those who become sick and lose strength as they lie on their couch of sickness unable to walk or move, when their feet are once more placed upon the earth the magnetic force rushing through their depleted structure will bring a state of unsteadiness.  They will say that they cannot stand, their head is dizzy – they are unable to adjust themselves to the magnetic life force which rushes through the body.

        Think upon these things, beloved ones:  those of you who dwell in city places need to realise the importance which this colour plays in your life.  When a weakness of life force begins to occur and by the weariness of your body you feel unwell, take the bright red flowers which have their roots in the earth and gaze upon them, or create some substance which emanates the rays of this colour in sufficient force to awaken a greater intensity in the vision of the eye and give the whole person a mental picture of the stimulating power of red magnetic force.  Men and women sometimes wish to have brilliant colours near their body and in their environment, but this colour of red should be used with understanding and care.

        Those who bring healing to others whose physical and etheric bodies have become sick and depleted will often use this colour with the understanding that its use will impart stimulation to the blood circulation and restoration to the weakened tissues through the etheric body.  To our knowledge all the healers we use as mediums have an abundance of this red magnetic life force within their aura;  for each healer must be a stimulator as well as one who can impart rays of soothing and renewing life.

        Do not say that this is an evil colour:  it is the colour of strength.  It is true that it is the colour of war-like temperament and a ray that will enflame the passions of men, but those of you growing in wisdom and searching for an understanding of truth will realise the importance of this colour.  Of what use will it be if you possess much knowledge but do not have the urge to share your wisdom or develop the strong and militant spirit which will cause you to impart your wisdom unto others?  It is the red stimulating magnetic ray which causes the prophet to set forth and share his knowledge with others, to fight for that which he believes to be true.  Of what use is the healer’s force unless he feels the stimulating urge to share this with those who are weaker and more sick than himself?  It is the red force surging through his being which gives him the urge and desire to heal those who are sick. 

        Deep within the basis of man’s nature lies this strengthening power;  deep within the aura of man lies a coil of red which is the substance of the life of man himself.  It is only when passion is not reigned by wisdom – when the red force is rampant – that it becomes an evil power.  Men and women who are filled with vitality will receive undue stimulation if they use this red power in their homes and surroundings.

        I would say to you, Take it, blend it with other colours, use it with wisdom and it will bring much good to you:  when it is blended with the gold of aspiration it brings much good.  But you can never escape from the power of this magnetic ray because it is the very essence of the life force which affects the physical body as you are active in this world today.  There are other rays which affect the etheric body and other colours which affect the spiritual body, but the red magnetic force is the one which affects the physical body itself and whilst you are incarnate within that body then you are dependant upon the red force which governs the activity of the physical body itself.


Question:  Would it not be good for doctors and healers to work together in their efforts to alleviate the sufferings of humanity?

Ramadahn:  It would indeed, and I think you will find this comes to pass as the work of spirit to earth is fulfilled.  Attached to each hospital will be a group of chosen healers whose task will be to supply magnetism to the body of others so that broken bones can be rapidly knitted together and torn flesh may swiftly heal.  But this will come in the future when more doctors of earth come to see that disease lies deeper than the physical body.  Then your hospitals will only be for those suffering from accident, or that which has occurred when the physical body is temporarily broken. 

        As this knowledge of spirit increases and grows amongst men and women and they come to know themselves as spirits possessed of various bodies, then man will learn to live in harmony with himself and there will be no disease such as there is now.  Know yourselves for what you are – spirits possessed of bodies:  bodies of mind, emotion, ether and finally of flesh. 

        Live in such a fashion that when the body of flesh is diseased you understand that its source must lie in the body of ethers, so say to yourself:  “I must go and breathe greater power from the ethers of life;  go and dance in the open upon the grass or stay in quietness in the woodland where the ethers of life may reinforce my body.”  Then you will be filled with harmony;  and the hurt or thought of fear will become changed to thoughts of tranquillity and understanding. 

        The emotional body should not be tossed from side to side by desires and appetites which carry the physical body with it;  the controlling spirit should stand firm and say:  “I will not allow this desire to toss my body because I know it will bring depletion to my vital forces, and I need these vital forces for the work I do.”  Or the spirit may say:  “I will not indulge this appetite for tasty food and overload my body with food it cannot completely assimilate, because I have work to do.”  In these things you see the sign of a spirit controlling its bodies.

        Realise yourselves as spirits incarnating as bodies and live as you really are - spirits using bodies - and what a glorious life you will lead during this incarnation on earth!  Teach other beloved ones to live in a like fashion that the body may be in harmony with the mind and the mind in harmony with the emotions.  Thus you will find that the body grows strong and learns to live as a tool of the spirit.  Through these bodies your spirit will be able to manifest its own characteristics of gentleness, strength, love, beauty, self-expression, power and joy abundant.  Men and women will see you living in this fashion and envy your heritage of joy, they will seek to follow your way of living that they too may have the same harmony and happiness as you are expressing. 

        From soul to soul and from life to life the lesson shall be passed:  and as the good tidings are carried from one to another, as souls learn to use their bodies with harmony and joy, then shall man turn and look in the face of fellow man and see there the face of his brother;  and woman shall turn and look into the face of woman and see the light of a sister soul.  As they look and recognise each other there will be no black and no white, no red or yellow races, there shall be no rich and no poor, none who are high or low - but only souls incarnating and expressing themselves in this journey of earthly life.  And there will be great peace as they recognise and speak to each other.

        As you send forth your rays in thought and interblend your auras with each other, a sharing of your magnetic forces takes place.  This is something you should remember.  The healer not only applies the hands in healing but heals with the whole personality of his or her being, emanating a magnetic stimulating love force through every cell of the physical body and every part of the spiritual personality too.

        Remember there is always a great fan of palpitant colour around yourself – a great radiating light streams from the centre of your being.  Do not close it to yourself with fear, do not shut it down through despondency nor hold it to yourself to use in selfish endeavour:  remember you are a centre, and power must for ever stream forth from that centre.  If you desire to give words of counsel or thoughts of wisdom, if you desire to give gifts to those near you – then do so, beloved ones, that you may fulfil your spiritual destiny and bring forth the true healing of spirit.  Your light shines forth when your aura is open and the quickening, gleaming magnetism streams from you to the auras of people whom you contact. 

        The one who learns to live in the knowledge that he or she is a centre of power brings great blessing and peace to all around.  The whole of earth should be clothed with the beauty of such personalities so that life-giving force may stream through the ethers from the awakened hearts of those who know themselves to be mediums;  healing, quickening force will stream from their feet to the earth and from their hands to stimulate the animal creation, and greater power shall stream from their thoughts in wisdom and peace.

        Beloved ones, set before yourselves the desire to become lights to the world;  desire to become centres of power and healers of the beloveds and you shall indeed fulfil your spiritual destiny in the sense that you are living in the realisation that you are centres of power, centres of light, living souls who are part of the Great Master Creator whose power is sent forth through you.

        We lift you unto the Master Creator of All:  may the Radiant Centre be opened and light stream forth that the Glory of the Lord of Light may be manifest upon the earth itself.  May there be light from every opened heart and radiance from every opened mind, may there be life force from every living spirit each serving in their own place.

        May peace and power be here.