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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

21 - The Colour Blue

Beloved brothers and sisters, I come and bring you some touch of spirit, a blessing that you may absorb in purity and peace.  All the work we undertake in our ministry from spirit unto earth is done through colour radiations which touch the aura of earth’s children and bring forth from the inner soul a response to the colours we use.  Is it not true that the whole of your world is filled with a radiant beauty of light which you discern as colour?  Your eye separates the varying degrees of light and perceives it as a radiance and beauty of colour – it is even so in the world of spirit. 

        In this existence all is radiant, beautiful light which manifests to our consciousness as variations of colour according to our mood and need.  This which you call blue is a colour which is used most widely and understandingly by those who bring peace and harmony to your mortal existence.

        Blue is one of the colours of love in the spirit life;  it is the colour of love which is peaceful and healing, love which is most tender and gentle in its action.  In the first plane of spirit existence where we create our hospitals and homes of healing, we bring blue rays for the healing of many of earth’s souls who have passed through the experience of death into the re-birth of spirit life.  There are little rooms with couches upon which we lay the spirits of those newly separated from the earthly body who need healing and the peace of love here in the spirit existence.

        When you expect the birth of a soul or child in the earthly world, do you not lovingly prepare a little room and sleeping place and decorate this with the colour which you feel will be most good, most healing, most bright and cheerful for the soul who is coming into your care?  Even so in spirit:  we prepare resting rooms and places of peace into which earth’s sufferers are brought to be healed and restored and fitted for the continuance of their life in the many places of spirit experience.  We fill these rooms with blue, a gentle, beautiful shade of healing blue for those who have left earth’s experience feeling shocked and harmed by a lack of love - for many in the earthly life do not extend love toward their brothers and sisters. 

        Little children who are suddenly released from the body through accident or the violent actions of men and women, these feel unloved so we bring them into the love colour, which is blue.  Men and women taken as criminals and sentenced to death, and shaken suddenly from their body through earthly execution, as these die they feel they have been misjudged and unloved:  we come and take them into places of healing where they are bathed in healing love rays of a tender and beautiful blue.

        Even so is our ministry to you in the earthly body.  Many of you develop sicknesses of the soul and body:  weariness, illness, infections - which you say are a judgement upon yourself.  We would say that these often arise because of a lack of lovingness in your life or amongst the people who surround you.  When you come to us seeking healing, when you join yourselves to spirit circles and ask for help, we bring the blue rays through our own hands or direct them toward you through the hands or thoughts or auras of healing mediums on the earth.  When you who are clairvoyant behold these blue rays, you will say to yourselves:  “The healing rays are blue.”  Do not forget that healing rays are of many colours - but it is the blue ray which is most often needed because the most frequent sickness which we behold in the lives of earth’s children is sickness which arises from a lack of lovingness.

        Where there is love between individuals and groups of individuals then there is a great out-flowing of spiritual force which moves as a living river of light.  This river of blue light flows from person to person because of their lovingness and affection for each other, and there is renewal and interchange of force from soul to soul;  the blueness is established and shared between one and all.  But in your modern world people no longer live in harmonious groups, they cease to live as part of a loving family circle.  As we draw close to earth, we see earth’s children separated into little boxes (flats, apartments) one by himself and another by herself.  Sometimes there are two together, but even these two separate to become one, living in their little compartments of earthly existence where there is no flowing love force from heart to heart and soul to soul. 

        When they venture forth from these separated compartmental lives and enter into the great flowing life of the world around them, they do so without friendliness, without kindliness and lovingness:  they join with the crowd but keep themselves separate.  Each one begins to suffer from a lack of loving companionship, the lack of renewing love interchanged from the auras of groups of people who love one another.  I would say to you, Herein is the source of much sickness in your world today:  and because this is the source we bring the influence of the blue rays, sometimes when you sleep and sometimes when you meet together in circles seeking unfoldment.

        As I speak to you, beloved ones, and bring your minds to dwell upon this thought, does there not come the recollection of Mary who stands as the symbol of tenderness and love in your English world, known as the Holy Mother?  Is not your Mary symbolised in her blue, blue cloak, as the Mother in Egypt (Isis) was symbolised long ago arrayed in the blue robes of the great flowing waters of the River Nile?

        I would say to you, Understand and know:  as you think lovingly of each other with gentle kindliness and a tenderness of compassion, there begins to flow from your spiritual aura a blue which is tender and gentle.  As your healing thoughts go out in love to heal and bless earth’s sufferers, you weave a beautiful web of living influence with slender rays of blue light from soul unto soul, and individual to individual;  slowly but surely the whole of your earth becomes interwoven in a wonderful cloak of tender, radiant blue.  When you enter your times of prayer and peace, linking together soul to soul, group to group and church to church, then the blue rays go forth - like the strands sent from its body by the spider - until the earth is clothed in a mantle of gladness which is blue, beautiful gentle blue.  You of earth cannot behold this, but we of spirit rejoice because we know as we gaze upon it that many, many of earth’s children are loving each other in a tenderness of recollection and the quietness of their inward peace.

        A whole realm of infinite beauty becomes available to you once you learn how to stretch out of the limited circumference of your finite comprehension into the infinite.  The Master Creator has not set locks upon His universe, He has not closed the doors between the heavenly place and the earthly place nor has He sealed any knowledge so that it ceases to be available to earth’s seekers.  The secrets of the world of nature and the great spaces of air, the secrets of the harmony of the being of the human soul, these can be opened if you take the key of knowledge and seek;  for as you seek, so shall you find and discover for yourself the infinite truths of spirit.

        I would say to you, Seek, and find and ask and question, and thrust out the tentacles of your living thought into the spiritual universe which surrounds you;  become adventurers in this great search for truth and cease to shiver in the fear of your own little limited personalities.  Go forth and realise that you have within yourselves the infinite powers and capacities of the living spirit itself.

        Why do you not give yourselves more completely unto the search for truth?  Let go of your slothful concern with the limited comforts of your mortal and physical body, do not let yourself be bound by the comforts of your bed, your food and warmth.  Realise that your earthly life is a great opportunity in which you may learn to know yourselves as spirit, to heal and bless and understand in the fullness of your power:  and as you do, you will worship and praise and pray unto the Great Giver of life, the Master Creator, in the fullness of love and joy. 

        So I seek to lift you for a little moment out of your limited earthly comfort-loving selves – for one moment may you feel the great flow of illimitable love, become aware of the great beauty of limitless life and know yourselves as spirits:  beautiful, singing, joyful, vibrant with the life of the Eternal Giver of all life, from this moment unto all the times which are still to be.

        May peace and life and power be here and be with each one, always.  Peace and peace.