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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
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 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

20 - The Colour Gold

Oh Great Star of Light, Thy children lift their vision unto the golden radiance, lift up their thoughts to the Star of Hope which is the symbol of love new-born and hope newly released in the world and heart of each one.  Does not love re-born contain the spiritual hope and regeneration of all the world? 

            We lift the hearts of these here upward into that glory of light, that for a little while they may be bathed in golden radiance and kissed by golden joy.  In the days still to come may each one go forth to scatter the gold of hope unto the minds of the beloveds, and bring joy and love new-born into manifestation in heart and mind and service in all the days which are to be.

            Unto the Great Golden Star, the symbol of the Christian Festival, we lift the minds of those who are here and pray that peace and light may be with each and every one. 

            May Peace and Power be here.


My brothers and sisters, I come to talk with you in this season of glowing light and brilliant colour which is the sign and symbol on earth of man’s inward consciousness of the increase of spiritual light and glory as it is released from the spheres of Light.  As you move forward to this coming Festival (Christmas), it would be good to dwell for a while in thought on the influence of golden radiance as it is released from spirit and touches the life and being of every soul upon earth. 

            This golden radiance which you call the yellow shades of colour as they are seen in the places of earth, this has a very definite and important kinship with the spirit of man.  Indeed, gold is the colour of spirit:  in essence it is the shade or colour in which the true garment of spirit is enfolded ere it comes to use the bodies of feeling and light.  Its golden shade is so delicate and ethereal that you in the earthly body can scarcely glimpse its beauty, you may say that it is a shade of primrose so delicate and fine that it can hardly be perceived by the eye of vision or the mind of understanding.  But woven into the spiritual aura this delicate shade of gold becomes intensified by the journey through earthly experiences.  As the spirit contacts the harsh and often difficult conditions which surround the mortal realm, it will find all things pertaining to itself become intensified and deepened, every shade of colour becomes more intense.  As it comes into manifestation in the being of man it shows itself as deep shades of golden yellow or pure shades of golden radiance.

            Often, you will say:  “This is the colour of the mind itself, the intellect.”  But we would say, How can there be mind or thought or intellect unless the spirit is active within its bodies and using them to the fullness of its intent?  The spirit in its pure state is intelligent as well as loving;  in its pure state it creates the intelligence which shows as golden radiance in the aura of man.  If that the golden colour is lacking in the being of a person, you will say:  “Here is one who has become like an idiot.”

            When the spirit can no longer retain its hold on the body of those who have grown old in their years of experience, there can only be seen the blue of feeling of the etheric self and the red of the body which is energetic and passionate.  This one becomes a living carcass because the gold of the intelligence has vanished or been withdrawn.  If man in his understanding would bathe the heads of these who have become like imbeciles with the concentrated golden colours of spirit, then often the faculties of the brain might be re-animated and fresh intelligence and new thought brought into the being of the one lacking in intelligence.

            This touch of the gold of spirit is woven into the whole of the world about you because it is the pure light which is woven through the ethers of earth by the action of the light of the sun touching of all that lives to bring forth within them a golden light. 

            You will say to me:  “This is not so, for the fruit of the grape is purple, and the apple is red as it hangs upon the tree.”  But I would say that when the golden radiance first touched these things into life, then the kiss of gold was upon the grape before it came to fruition, and the kiss of gold is seen on the apple ere it reaches its time of maturity.  As it rises from the ground the grass is kissed with golden light ere it comes to the fullness of its growth, and the leaf unfurling on the bough has the kiss of gold somewhere deep in its unfurling splendour.  Truly, the kiss of light brings a golden beauty, and he who has eyes to see may behold this golden splendour and understand it for what it is – the kiss of spirit upon the texture of the things of earth.

            As gold is seen in the living things of nature, all things which are spiritual and good for the spirit of man have this touch of gold upon them:  it is needed in the being of those who are rising to an understanding of things of the spirit.  The blue is good for it brings calmness and quietude but without gold to balance it there will be coldness and maybe depression.  Each one seeking knowledge should wear on their person either some metal which contains the golden radiance or some garment which will reflect the light in a golden gleam;  or meditate in quietness of thought upon golden manifestations of light for gold will balance, control, and in many cases transmute the baser elements which manifest themselves within the being which you call man – the spirit incarnate within matter.

            Is it not true that the Master Creator has scattered His golden kiss upon the great world which surrounds you?  When the sunlight breaks through the imprisoned clouds do you not behold gold upon the earth?  And is it not also true that things which do not contain the splendid touch of gold have no value to the spirit of man?  Metals which are heavy and pertain to the heavy elements of earth do not reflect golden light;  the poisons within plants that do not help man or beast but destroy and hinder, these too are bereft of golden touch in leaf or berry. 

            I say to you, The golden colour and golden light is something to which you should upraise your thought and your vision from time to time:  try to absorb it in all its splendour of being.  Do not regard it as merely the sun or a crown for kings but as the crown of spiritual life.  When the gold of spirit intellect dawns within the aura of a person, then we say that they are wearing the crown of spirit, the golden light of truth.

            So with these thoughts we leave you unto your questioning and studies.

Question:  I work to bring colour into people’s houses, you said wearing gold is helpful so would using gold in rooms be of service?

Ramadahn:  That is true.  A small amount of gold as embellishment or decoration will have an effect upon the consciousness by stimulating the spirit mind to a realisation of the things of spirit.  This has been understood by the priests and searchers after wisdom through all the centuries of man’s growth for many of the ritual vessels of the priesthoods are made of golden metal;  the crowns of kings and rulers are composed of this same metal in an endeavour to bring them wisdom.  It has also long been the fashion to wear golden ornaments even among peoples of primitive tribes who have little understanding of your Christian ideals and yet by the light of the spirit within them they recognise the important influence of golden light.

Question:  Would yellow be almost as effective in that connection?

Ramadahn:  It is, indeed.  Yellow itself is only a degree of gold, but gold itself is the purer radiance.

Question:  Would you agree that yellow is the colour of jealousy?

Ramadahn:  This thought of yellow being associated with jealousy comes because of the colour which shows in the spiritual aura when a person allows jealousy to affect them.  But this is not a golden yellow, it is a dark dirty shade which is slightly tinged with brown.  Where this dark, yellow-brown colour is seen in the aura for any length of time, it may have a reflection back upon the body, the person may develop some diseased condition of either spleen or liver, the fluids of the chemical processes become disorganised and the skin or eye may take a yellow discolouration.  It is often said that jaundice is caused by jealousy.

Question:  What would be the difference in effect between gold and silver if you concentrate upon them?

Ramadahn:  Silver is more the pure shade of white which has become expressed in the form of metal or a colour vibration.  It is not of the sun radiation but more highly governed by the radiance of the moon.  If it is used upon a person in the wearing of silver metal – it would have a softening effect upon the affections because it is mostly aligned to the blue radiation.

Question:  In upliftment, what would be the difference between starlight as opposed to the sun?

Ramadahn:  I think the light of stars is not silver but rather a white radiance.  You cannot say that silver is one of the pure colours of the Master Creator - it is more a combination of white and blue.

Question:  Is it possible to heal by colour if you do not understand the significance of each individual colour itself?

Ramadahn:  It is possible;  but I do not think it is the colour which conveys the healing to the person.  It is your concentrated thought of pure colour directed to the person which becomes the channel through which your own spiritual influence or magnetic force is transmuted and transmitted to the person who is sick or needy. 

            To have a perfect effect upon a person, it must be a true colour and directly transmitted to them.  To endeavour to bathe the person in desired colours is good because it creates a channel of concentration and spirit guardians will follow your telepathic thought waves to the person of whom you are thinking and concentrate the pure colour rays which are needed for their particular state.

Question:  Does one’s own colour alter according to evolution?

Ramadahn:  Truly, for the shades of the garment of the soul tend to intensify or alter according to the varying conditions through which the person passes during the course of even one lifetime.  Basically the garments of the soul which the spirit uses in its endeavour to incarnate are of red, blue and golden colour and they create many different shades in their blending.  If the endeavour of the life is towards refinement – spiritualisation – then the colours will become a dazzling and delicate splendour;  but if the earth life is to develop endurance or strength or perseverance, then the colours tend to become strong and sometimes rather heavy.

Question:  When you spoke of people wearing gold, does that apply to everyone?

Ramadahn:  It applies unto those who are aspiring towards spiritual development and an understanding of spiritual matters.  There are many taking the earthly journey who are content merely to satisfy the needs of the body and feel comfortable within their particular environment, and the wearing of gold will make but little difference to them.  But those who earnestly desire to meditate in peace and use their minds to understand the laws by which life is governed by the Great Master Creator, for these the golden garments would be good indeed. 

            Also those who try to express their understanding on rays of inspiration, whether spoken or in music or art, for them too, the golden light is needed and will replenish or quicken the faculties of the brain cells when the brain appears to be tiring under a period of prolonged strain.