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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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Temples in the Spirit World

January 1989

In this quiet moment we draw a ray of peace from the Temple of Peace that it may flood the quietude of this room in a tenderness of silvery-white colour into which is woven the gentle hues of green and blue, so gentle and faint that the human eye can scarce discern them.  From the great Temple of Peace this ray streams forth to all the places that may receive it, to bathe all people who may be aware of its peace and beauty. 

            Extending from the Temple in the regions of spirit, may this great ray of peace concentrate its radiance into the quietude of this room and outspread from the thoughts and hearts and feelings of these who are here into all the places of poor planet earth where human consciousness has become subject to all the turbulence and disturbances which result in violence and hatred.

 You ask of me:  “Are there other temples?”  I would say, Yes, indeed - and the most precious one is a Temple of Tranquillity.  This does not lie in the plane near to your earthly world, nor the plane which you know as the plane of reunion or the place in which the beloveds find the guardians of peace.  The Temple of Tranquillity lies in what could be termed in earthly language as the seventh sphere, and it glows with a light which is similar to the opalescent light which you behold in your earthly world;  it is neither white nor coloured but has within it a tint of all the hues which are visible to your mortal eyes or the eyes of we in spirit.  This Temple is circular in shape and is above the regions of light, so that those who labour to come into earth and those who come into the places of spirit for renewal may find their way to the Temple of Tranquillity by simply looking upward from the plane where they are to see if they can behold this pearly light gleaming in the distance.  If they desire to turn toward the Temple of Tranquillity, automatically there will come about this flowing attraction and they will be drawn into the vicinity of this beautiful place, for all things in the life of spirit are governed by the will, the desire, and the thought. 

            If you can touch the outer circumference of this Temple you will discover no singing of songs, no speaking of words - there is only quietude, a great quietude, a great and simple atmosphere of tranquillity.  Into this a wearied one may come and rest for a time to absorb the atmosphere of tranquillity, that it may penetrate every part and every substance of the soul-being until, fully bathed in the atmosphere of tranquillity, they go forth to convey peace, peace, unto those who may need it. 

            Not all who come to the Temple of Tranquillity are those whom you call your high guides – some are beloveds such as your parents or friends.  Having left their mortal body and become aware of your distress and turbulence and cries for peace, they will go to the Temple of Tranquillity and absorb the atmosphere, and bring it back to you in radiations of peace and harmony.  In the quietude of your prayer you may say that you know not from whence this peace has come but you just know that it has come to your soul;  and if you have the inward vision you may behold near you a spirit robed in a beautiful pearly radiance who simply and quietly imparts to you what you call peace, peace, the peace of spirit.

            There are other temples, temples of healing and music:  and there are the places of knowledge and the schools to which child souls go to learn the lessons of spirit.   

            The Temples of Healing are filled with the glowing blue or purple colours which may be needed to recuperate the soul body which has been shattered or wounded from an accident or hurt which destroyed the mortal body.  Such souls lie within the atmosphere of healing and the colours which are there and the sounds which are created will restore harmony to the shattered soul-being.  But the Temples of Healing are familiar and known to many of you so it is not necessary that I tell you a great deal about these.

             In your earthly language you do not speak of ‘Temples of Music’ but places and halls and gathering places and we could name them similarly in the regions of light.  To these places of music will be drawn concourses of spirits who come to join the blending of sound which has been lovingly created by those who are the musicians, they draw near to this concordance of sound and blend their voices in great songs of praise.  The blending together of sound brings forth not only sound but also colour and sometimes scent – this is very beautiful and is the sharing of the music of the musicians with those who come to enjoy their music.

            From this great blending of colour and sound there is often created great pools of light and colour which become reservoirs of power, the reservoirs by which healing may be brought to the Temples of Healing.  Sometimes beloveds may be carried in their spirit selves to such a place that they may sit on the outer borders of this gathering and, listening to the sounds and being bathed in the colours, they may be restored in the whole of their being. 

            I would say to you, These places of spirit are not places of idleness, but places in which we who are dedicated to the helping of others do indeed lead very busy lives.  All who are willing to give of themselves and some part of their personal influence, each one will find some temple, some school, some place, in which they may indeed shed their influence in love and in light.

Question:  The wonderful temples of which you speak and the healing which is derived there – will there be the same thing here on earth?

Ramadahn:  Truly, beloved one;  this is coming into being in your earthly world because some - the visionaries, the healers and learners of the eternal truths - are beginning to bring to the purely earthly plane a replica of some of the temples of healing.  You will find little rooms or temples in which certain colours are concentrated, where sound is incorporated in simple music, and therein healers begin to extend their energies through their hands in flowing light in such a way that this is indeed a reflection of what is in the regions of light. 

            As years progress and your peoples become more aware of the power of colour and light, we foresee that in some places there will be small buildings with panels or windows in varying colours, and as light falls through those windows they can be adjusted so that the right colours are brought to play upon the being of a weary sufferer or one who needs to be re-harmonised - rather as we undertake it in the places of spirit. 

            In the temples of spirit we not only use colour but very often flowers or blossoms which have healing qualities.  If we know a beloved is coming from the earthly plane after a long season of wearisome illness in which the mortal body has been harmed and hurt and cut by the doctors of earth, then a healing bed will be prepared by those who have the understanding.  Blossoms of pink or mauve, purple or green will be laid upon a couch, the small room will be filled with the blossoms which will be needed by that one.  When what you call death has occurred - we would say life has been re-established – we take the wearied soul from its wearied body to the place of healing where it may rest upon the couch of flowers or blossoms, inbreathe the perfume and even listen to sound until the bodies are restored.  Beside them a dear beloved will sit in silence to reassure them that here all is right, they are at peace.  So a woman who dies in great sadness or suffering will find her dear companion waiting there for her saying:  “Just rest, be at peace.  Just rest and be at peace.”

            May peace and peace be here.