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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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18 - The Cultivation of Gratitude

Ramadahn Circle, August 1975

 Beloved ones, I would say that every emotion you experience in your life has a reflection in the auric body in the form of energy, in a radiant colour and outflowing of shape which is easily perceived by us of spirit and by means of which we are often able to judge the state of your own energy and health of body as you take your way through the many schools of earthly experience.

            Firstly I would say that gratitude is the emotion which is most important to the understanding of every human being.  When you are deeply and inwardly grateful to the Great Master Giver of all things for the experiences and riches, the friendships and the love, the beauty, the life, the light and the wonder which fills your world -  when you are sufficiently grateful for all these manifestations of eternal creativity, then indeed the blood dances through your veins and your heart beats with the rhythm of life. 

            But when ingratitude closes upon your soul, when you gaze with envy upon what others possess and are devoid of gratitude for that which is your birthright, then I would say that the aura (the soul body) contracts around the heart and then contracts around the inward part of your being.  In its contraction it has an effect upon the beat of the heart and the flow of the blood;  the circulation is slowed and in time you will say: “Why are my hands or my feet so cold?  Why does my brain not remember all I would desire?  Why should my body become subject to this weakening illness?”  I would answer you and say, It is because you have not realised that gratitude is the abounding energy force of the soul and reflected as energy to the mortal and physical body.

            How sad are we of spirit as we behold the brothers and sisters of earth sitting in their little places and mourning because they do not have as much worldly wealth as those who surround them;  mourning and sad because they cannot retain their possessions within their hands, depressed and unhappy because they feel they have less than the brothers and sisters around them.  Truly such men and women are poorer than the peasant who feels hunger and knows cold, who has to labour to grow his bread and cultivate his vines in the heat of the day and in the wintry season - yet in his heart he is grateful for the singing breath of the spring as it brings into bloom the blossoms which show that later he will have a harvesting.  The peasant who is grateful in his heart for the balmy days of spring and the glistening rain which brings fertility into his land is richer than you in your city places who sit and mourn because you do not have as much as the men and women surrounding you.

            Beloved ones, is it not true that you have many things for which to be glad and grateful?  Do you not have a bed upon which to sleep and warmth to maintain your body in comfort?  Are you not free to gaze through your window panes upon the twinkling sparks of light for you are not contained in the darkness of blindness?  Why then do you not cultivate gratitude as the virtue of the soul which keeps your blood flowing through your veins in a singing happiness?  Bless all the gifts you have, do not partake of the bitter bread of ungratefulness - and you shall remain well and happy in your body, able to work, able to labour and sustain your health. 

            How many of you are grateful for the work you can do?  How many of you bless your labour and how many give thanks that you have eyes with which to see the work you do, hands to earn your money and feet to walk forth upon your city streets?  How many of you give thanks that you have work that you may accomplish?  Very, very few of earth’s children have real gratitude within their hearts and souls!  When I look upon you I often behold only the grey coiling clouds of discontent moving within the aura and reflecting back again upon the body in sickness and disease. 

            Even more would I say to you, Gratitude is the great singing, influencing power which makes the blood flow and sing in joy through the veins and arteries.  What accompanies gratitude is joy and contentment - and where joy and contentment go hand in hand there can be seen in the living aura which surrounds each one the vibrations of rose-pink and gold;  in their turn these give a flow of energy to the living cell-matter of the mortal and physical body which means that the body is not only sustained by the life force of blood but each living cell is able to respond to the life vibration of joy and contentment.  It is true that those who cultivate the contented mind and have drunk deep of the cup of joy know much of gratitude and live long in the years of the earthly body - for these are the great sustainers of the health and energy which each one needs.

            When there is sorrow and joy departs from the soul, when there is bereavement and the soul is not able to know joy or laughter, then a greyness like a shadow closes around the aura of the living person.  It closes in like a shell closing itself together and brings an inhibition of the energy force to the lungs, the breathing part of the person.  Instead of song and laughter coming forth as the symbol of joy only a deep sigh of sorrow is breathed forth, the inward sign of unhappiness. 

            Sorrow needs to be healed in your world:  it needs to be healed by the ministry of mediums and through the understanding sympathy of persons such as yourselves, it needs the healing of the understanding mind, the friendly hand and sympathetic conversation.  Then the encroachment of sorrow can slowly give way to the simplicity of wisdom, healing will flow in and the iron grip of that closing shell begins to open and relaxation comes again to the lungs and throat.  The person will then breathe deeply of the life-giving forces of the air and begin to unfold once more into the inbreathing of joy and the cultivation of contentment.

            Sorrow is not easily healed in the being of the beloveds of earth and joy does not easily replace sorrow, but contentment which goes hand in hand with joy may come as an emotion of the soul.  When you know that your beloveds wait for you beyond the veil of death and you will meet again in the great singing land of light, then can you begin to school your impatient emotion into the way of contented peace in the certainty that they are with you and you are with them, and at the closure of your life you will meet again.  So does contentment and peace heal the hard experience of sorrow and pain.

            One of the greatest healing agents known within your earthly world is that of love:  such love as flows from the well deep within the heart in a tenderness of protection for the child, the husband or wife, toward brother and sister, friend and sweetheart - the love which flows from the heart in a tender understanding to those in spirit who make themselves known to you as teachers and guides and guardians, and the love which wells from your own heart in a secret outpouring unto the Great Master Giver of all in the ecstasy and inwardness of love.  It is these feelings of love which bring to the soul body a singing vibrancy of light and colour, a palpitant outpouring of radiant rays which is difficult for you to understand because you do not see it as we see it from spirit. 

            I would say that the true healing of love is not when you know that you are a beloved, but when you outpour yourself in love upon the beloveds of earth and unto the beloveds of spirit, and in a great outflowing unto the Great Master Giver of all.  From your heart showers of golden sparks go shooting out through the spiritual aura and these bring energy, not only to your own physical body, but to those who surround you.  The greatest healing known in your earthly world is when you outpour yourself in love unto your God, and as the great shower of light goes out through your aura it goes unto the Master Creator and stirs energy upon the higher spiritual planes of your being, which then outflows in healing and energy and power to those who are weak and sick and lonely in the world around you.

            It would seem to me that your idea of love in the earthly world is to be loved;  your desire is always to ask that God may love you, that spirit will love you, that the beloveds will love you.  Surely the beloveds may only love you when you have learned to give forth love in the fullness and beauty of your being?  Be not disappointed or angered when the love which you would give seems to be repudiated but be content to love, to give forth of your being.  Be a lover of humankind and the great harmonising forces of life and energy will flow through every cell of your heart, your brain, your living being, to re-create it in beauty and life and strength.  Instead of our beholding you do this, we see you holding round yourselves the dark shield of your fearfulness – you are fearful that she may not love you, you are afraid that he will not love you as you think that he should.  You fold around yourselves the dark cloak of fearfulness and as fear comes into your aura it closes you off from the great flow of Divine energy which is forever flowing toward you and through you from the source of Divine love - you do not receive this.

            Fear inhibits the flow of the great energy force of life;  it slows down the action of the cells of the body and creates blockages within the flow of energy force which goes through the veins and into the blood cells:  fear is the great inhibitor of life!  I would say to you, Cease to fear.  Do not fear the anger of your God;  do not fear the tongues of men and women near you.  Do not fear the loss of those whom you love, for no loss is possible unto those who truly love.  By letting go of fear you loosen the tensions of your soul body, and thereby you loosen the blockages which prevent energy reaching you – you may bring about your own healing in the perfection of healing which the Master Creator would desire for each one.

            Beloved ones, the important and essential emotions for you to understand lie in the reality of love, the cultivation of gratitude, in the elimination of fear and the sinking away of greed which accompanies fear:  I would say to you, By losing these you will grow into beauty, health and harmony – to maintain you for all the years of your mortal experiences.

 Oh Thou Spirit of Peace, may Thy peace and love move in the heart and soul of these beloved ones of the earthly life.  As Thy peace and love touch them may it bring about a relaxation and harmony of the ethereal soul-body, that healing, rest and renewal may come to the tested and strained physical body which continually out-patterns the harmony of the ethereal and ever-immortal self.  We bring these of earth unto a realisation of Your heavenly love that they may rest for a time, rest in peace in the flux and flow of Your great energy of love as it is kisses into beauty all things of the earthly world and brings forth manifestations of joy amongst all things that live – because You are the Spirit of life, the Giver of love and You are the Maker and Creator of all things.

            In the light of the great Giver of all good, in the peace of the great Maker of all things, I set within this room a gleaming cross which is the symbol of the soul incarnate in matter but forever surrounded by the gleaming, expanding circle of truth, realisation and ever-lasting life.  May this sign be here and shine within this place, a sign to all who shall come and all who shall go that herein earth and spirit have met together.

            In peace do I come and bless each one.