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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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17 - Life and After-Death States

SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) , 2 September 1992

 Oh Thou who art peace – may Thy peace be infused into the atmosphere of this room and penetrate deeply and inwardly into the recesses of the consciousness of these here, that they may be responsive to the tranquillity and power which You extend to them.  We know that Your power and blessing is forever outpoured upon Your beloveds, so may these in the earthly body learn to be receptive to Your influence, to inbreathe the beauty of Your power and take Your peace into the recesses of their consciousness.  In the years and days still to come may they shed Your light into all places where there is the shadow and darkness of despair:  as they walk forward in peace and harmony, may they shed and share into the atmosphere that peace and harmony which is needed for the furtherance of the work of spirit.       

            In Your peace and light and power, I place in the quietude of this room the sign and seal of spirit in the form of a shining cross, forever surrounded by a glowing, expanding, circle of perfect illumination and perfect love.  May it be a sign unto all who come and all who go, that herein earth and spirit meet together in harmony and peace.

Beloved ones, I take control of the being of this medium to talk with you for a while so that the things of spirit may become a little more understandable to your earthly minds.  When you ask me to talk to you about life as it is understood after the condition of death and dying,  I would say that before you understand this, you must have a little understanding of the process of death, the process of that condition which you know as dying but which we call re-birth or regeneration.  There are many differing conditions which govern the soul as it comes to the end of the mortal experience and leaves the body through the condition of dying:  there is a difference between the death of a young child leaving the physical body and the death of an aged or ill one who relinquishes its hold upon the mortal, physical body. 

            With the babe or young child, it is a simple process such as may take place when you strip a glove from your hand, because the young soul, the infant or child, has but newly gathered to itself the ethers of the ethereal world and formed around itself this which you will call the etheric body;  and it is the etheric body which wears this physical emblem that you call the bodily being.  The spirit who has newly gathered to itself these varying elements of the ethereal and physical bodies, lays them aside quickly and easily because it is not yet very firmly conjoined unto these bodies - it takes but a few moments for the child to relinquish its hold and continue its joyous existence in the regions of spirit life. 

            But with an aged person or one who has reached the years of maturity and passed through a long condition of illness, there is a certain amount of effort entailed when this one comes to the time of separation from the bodies.  There has to be a shaking or loosening ere the spirit may be freed from the ethereal body and the energies used in the physical body itself.  It may take a matter of hours or even days before the spirit is fully able to disentangle itself from the varied conditions which have gathered around the bodies it has inhabited. 

            If there are loved ones who do not desire this death to take place and extend their energies toward the ethereal body in what you may call healing, then it is harder for the spirit to relinquish its hold because the etheric body is being strengthened by the holding thoughts and energies of family and friends.  If a beloved is coming toward the closure of the lifetime experience, you should have the understanding to send forth light, saying to the soul:  “Go forward into the light – we bless you – we want you to find great peace.”  It is better to send thoughts such as these than the demanding, sorrowful thought which says:  “Do not leave me – do not go.”  The dying process can be influenced by you as well as by the desire of the departing spirit.

            Then there is a third condition which may often govern the manner of departure, and that is fear.  Within the recesses of the consciousness there may be a deep inner fear which holds the soul bodies together:  this one is afraid to die, frightened of what may come in the after-death state because they are haunted by guilt over what they feel has been wrong-doing, or they will have received religious teaching that says it will be hard in the great beyond if you do not do this or have not done that.  These varying conditions will affect the departure of the soul or spirit. 

            There is also the condition of the spirit who leaves the mortal body through the suddenness of shock or accident, or by the untimely deeds of those who have harmed or hurt the body.  Because there has been no time of preparation, no time for inner thought whereby the spirit may be prepared to understand that death is taking place, then the soul experiences a condition of great shock and confusion.  Sometimes the departed one does not realise that the physical body is dead because he or she knows they are still alive - in the ethereal body.  There will be fear, great fear, and such a one may be held close to the atmosphere of the earthly world because of this fear of departing into the spirit realms.

            Your thoughts and influence are needed to aid such a one;  you need to say in your prayerful thoughts:  “Go toward the light – we love you – look for those who are waiting to welcome you, the bright spirits who will aid you in your new condition.”  Receiving your thoughts, they will be able to move to the regions of spirit where those ministers of light will aid them to find the places of rest and renewal.

            I would say to you, Those who come to the closure of the earthly existence through war, through the suddenness of shock and accident, or through the intent of those who would bring harm – there are Watchers in the Spheres waiting for these.  Groups of spirits known as the Ministering Ones remain very close to the atmosphere of your earthly world;  from time to time they move in the near earth atmosphere and, seeing such accidental deaths, will draw near and say to that beloved:  “Come away with us, leave this body because you no longer need it;  come with us and sleep for a while.”            Such a one will be taken to what you may describe as a hospital place – we call it a place of rest - wherein the newly arrived soul or spirit will be taken to a room or couch which has the gentleness of colours, and sometimes healing blossoms will be gathered there that their perfume may aid the restoration of that one. 

            There they receive the ministry of the healers in spirit who will extend their hands and energies to bring about sleep and rest, healing the shock or injury which may show upon the etheric body because of the suddenness of the death of the physical body.  Such a one may rest or sleep for quite a long season of time;  or they go into sleep with the remembrance of a child or beloved one still in the earth and because this remembrance lingers in the consciousness they may bring themselves swiftly out of their sleep and demand to go back to earth’s atmosphere and see the condition of their beloved one in the earthly life.  And you will say you have had a visitation from that departed one, some sign or symbol of reassurance, saying:  ‘I still love you’.  Then the ministering ones will take that one again into the place of rest, that renewal and preparation for life in spirit life may begin to take place.

            With a child or infant, I would say that the child is already partly spirit even when it is in the physical body of the earthly world, and when the physical body dies the child will move quickly away from the region of earth into the great regions of light and love and beauty in spirit.  But if a child comes to a sudden death through accident, or through war or fear, then the ministering ones will gather such a child soul and take it to the great meadowlands of healing.  In the colourations of the great open lands and the gentleness of flowers the young child will be slowly loosened from its fear or sadness and enter into the joy of childhood by dancing and singing in the great meadowlands where grow a myriad of tiny blossoms.

            Then again, what of the aged ones, those who have grown old in years and lonely in their hearts because there are few in the earthly world who still love and remember them – what of these?  I would say that very gentle and loving preparation is created for the lonely and aged.  Firstly, we loosen the connections between the various bodies;  for a while before the death is complete the aged one may wander to see friends still in the earthly life, or may come into the regions of spirit to become familiar with the new conditions there.  As the loosening of the connections between the bodies is slowly accomplished, so eventually such a one passes into the sleep, sometimes called the state of ‘no consciousness’ in which the body no longer responds to the soul. 

            These come in great peace and are welcomed by those who have loved or known him or her;  slowly but surely the soul will be drawn away from earthly conditions into the place where the welcome has been created.  The place of welcome will often be in the semblance of a well-loved room or well-remembered home;  there will be the semblance of a chair in which the aged one delighted to sit, and sometimes the blossoms or flowers sent in remembrance from earth.  In such a place there will always be one or two who were the beloveds of the aged one – parents, or wife or husband, sometimes even children waiting there, quietly waiting for the new-born soul to realise that it is awake.  Here amongst the familiar things which were loved and blessed long ago by such an aged one is a tenderness of joy in the peace of spirit.

            There are also those known to you whose bodies succumb to destructive diseases and have been brought into a state of lack of consciousness through the ministry of your doctors.  These come slowly from the body because your doctors do not allow the etheric body to disentangle from the physical body, they bring it back through their own particular skills.  Often we have to wait and watch for a long time before we can aid such a one to leave the body and come into the peace of spirit.  When they come they are invariably in a state of sleep;  so we take them as sleepers into the places of healing that they may continue their sleep until they are ready to awaken from their slumber and realise they have left the pain and hurt of the physical body:  they are re-born into the life of spirit!

            Could I tell you - with what words could we clothe our knowledge to describe to you the joy of the awakening souls!  The sudden recognition when they see a beloved who died long ago waiting quietly for recognition and reunion!  How can such a scene be described in the semblance of words?  How can the simplicity of words describe the joy of a child suddenly realising it is free from the hurt or fear or whatever disaster destroyed the physical body - suddenly it is light as a butterfly, able to dance in the joy and light of spirit.  How indeed can I describe in earthly words the great music and colours of the spirit spheres and the wondrous way in which the newly-born gaze upon these things, how they laugh with joy or sing with happiness in their reunions with those who have awaited them so patiently, quietly waiting for them to awaken into the ways of spirit?

            In these little words, in this effort to clothe in language things which are very understandable to us in the regions of spirit, I set before you a few thoughts concerning this subject and bring you to your little times of questioning and study.

 Question:  After a period of rest in the spirit world and a person returns, do they have the power to help children and loved ones?

RamadahnThey may have the power to help if they have gained knowledge in the regions of spirit and have a sufficiency of love to make them wish to move into the earthly region either to protect or guide a beloved one in the earth.  A parent separated from the physical body may move into the regions of spirit yet have an awareness that a child living in the earthly world is in difficult circumstances and without protection.  Therefore they may choose to draw near to the child and weave around it protective light and healing colours – they cannot always alter the pattern of earthly life, but can soften the blows.

 Question:  Sleep is usually considered a condition of the body, not of spirit.  How can spiritual or mental energy sleep in the accepted sense?

Ramadahn:  It does not sleep, beloved one, it is moving in what you will term a dreaming condition.  If you have a spirit awareness, if you know you are spirit, then you may control the dreaming in your sleep by telling your consciousness or mind to find an answer, or convey other information to your brain;  therefore you are conscious of yourself even in your sleeping time.  But when most of earth’s people lay the body down in slumber, they simply slumber and renew the energies of the ethereal and physical bodies;  the consciousness simply turns this way and that in a state of dreaming.

 So we come to the closure of this meeting and I would say that it has been good, beloved ones.  In this room has been generated a degree of golden colour and the green colours of peace - and it is good that this is so.  As your earthly minds have blended with our spiritual minds, so you have created what I would call a ‘canopy of power’:  from time to time turn your thoughts back and reinforce that canopy of spiritual power so this beloved house may be charged through and through with spiritual harmony and peace.  It is for you who have knowledge and understanding to concentrate into this room your thoughts of harmony and peace in golden light and greenness of peace - so that we of spirit may slowly use those energies in the harmony and unity of your house.

            Now I pray the great Giver of all good things to bless each one.  As you go forth into your outer world take the remembrance of the canopy of power:  link yourselves with golden threads of ethereal love unto those who love and care for you in the regions of spirit. 

            In the harmony and peace of spirit, may the will of the Great One be done through you in the fullness His time.  May light be here and abide to the days which are still to come.