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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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16 - The Ministry of Spirits

SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain), August 1992

 Beloved ones, as I take control of the being of this medium, I look toward you and around you and see that many of you come here companioned by the white-robed ones of spirit.  If you are sensitive within your soul and able to feel the influence of those who are trying to guide you, sometimes you may be aware of a white-robed being, either on the edge of your aura or standing behind you, or in your inner vision you may see some part of this whiteness of the spirit. 

            I would say that these ‘white-robed ones’ are those who have joined very closely to your world in this present time to impinge upon the minds of earth’s dwellers the understanding that their purpose is the living of the earthly life, and that inner wisdom, the wisdom of the soul, has to be understood in quietness and peace.  The white-robed ones come close so that earth’s dwellers may begin to understand and accept some part of the discipline of daily life, the understanding that discipline in the daily life develops the qualities of patience and forgiveness within the soul and, above all, the qualities of strength and tranquillity. 

            Many of these who draw near in their white robes are those who, during the time of their earthly experience, lived through disciplines of the daily life which developed within them this purity and strength of soul.  Many of the white-robed ones who draw near to you are those who were accustomed to live in the discipline of a group:  some lived in a large family or within the discipline of a religious order wherein they had to maintain the weak or poor with their patience and love, developing a spirit of prayerfulness because of their love for members of the family;  or they belonged to closely knit tribal groups in which they had to accept the laws and disciplines of the whole that it might develop inner qualities within themselves. 

            In your ways of earthly life and earthly experience, it would now seem that most of earth’s dwellers leave the group:  they leave the discipline of the family and many, many live, not perhaps in a solitary state but in a condition where each one is alone and therefore not subjected to the discipline of a group.  In this aloneness there begins to develop the desire for a greater degree of spiritual unfoldment, a fuller degree of spiritual development.  The individual, growing and attaining peace in their somewhat solitary life experience, is aided and helped by the white-robed ones who learned the need for discipline in a group when they were in the earth life, and they impart this understanding of the need for some discipline unto the souls of such ones as yourselves.

            The manner in which they may impart this knowledge is by seeking to impress into your mortal understanding the thought that a regular time for the quietness of meditation, for the quietness of prayerfulness, should become part of the discipline of your daily life.  They also try to impart to your mind the understanding that when you venture forth from your aloneness and are absorbed into the community of your town or living space where there are many many people, then you have to understand how to develop peace and patience in the midst of turmoil, and how to control your own impulses when there are those in the crowd who do not conform to what you would desire. 

            In this you meet the discipline of the group, not in the close confined atmosphere of an order or family but more in a looser discipline wherein you are able to retreat into your own comfort and silence:  meeting the turmoil, you have to overcome it by the peace and control within your own consciousness.  It is in this that the bringers of peace, the white-robed ones, come to stand very close to you.

            Beloved ones, do not be dismayed nor disappointed when you come to know that there are such helping spirits in your group;  there may be a nun, a monk or even a preacher, or an ancient grandfather or old grandmother standing close to you to impart some quality of their soul and understanding - because this is their ministry of love.

            I would say to you that when you leave your mortal body and venture into the higher places of spirit experience, you must eventually come to understand that you may only progress further into the light when you learn to serve or to give away some part of your soul quality to those who need it.  The ministry of spirits may be carried forth in the first plane of spirit experience to which the newly dead come, confused and lost and needing the guidance and understanding of compassionate spirits;  or the ministering ones may come back into earth’s atmosphere because they are attracted by a particular light or vibration which is being emitted by souls such as yourselves.

            Those who are immersed in their purely material pursuits, whose only thought is the attainment of earthly substances, when such a one pauses and becomes aware of the things of spirit or has a desire to understand a little more about the things of godliness - when there is that inner change within the soul consciousness - then a little spark of bright light or a singing note is emitted from that one.  It goes forth into the atmosphere and attracts the attention of those who are watching, who are serving and desiring to help. 

            Each one of you has emitted your little spark of light, has sent forth your little singing note of desire and praise which is heard like the sound of a bell or the note from a violin.  As this is registered in the regions of spirit, automatically there will be turned toward you the attention of spirits who understand your desire, who will draw near to weave into your aura some quality of their soul that your desire may be enhanced and your discipline may be strengthened:  your desire for peacefulness may become enhanced because this is the quality that the ministering or the serving ones bring unto you.

            It is indeed a joy to us:  it gives us joy to come close to earth’s dwellers to stir and stimulate within them a greater degree of godliness – but how may you interpret the word ‘Godliness’?  In its essence does it not mean an awareness within the inner soul of its link and affinity with the great Spirit, the great Master Creator whom you call God?  Godliness, therefore, cannot always be described simply as generosity, or lovingness, or kindness, or peacefulness – it is a combination of all these things – it is an awareness within the inner soul that there is something more, something greater, an awareness of the power and glory of the great Master Creator working in and through all things.  This is what lights the flame of godliness within the inner soul. 

            The inner soul begins to shine like a little flame which has been lit, and as it shines it reflects some of the greater light and greater glory which is all around in the manifestations of the Master Creator through the realm of nature, as it is inherent within the soul of mankind and as it is manifesting through the ministry of spirit.

            It is true that you do not walk by yourself in the ways of earthly experience, you are always companioned and watched by at least one ministering spirit.  But if you give yourself to the greater work of serving and aiding and helping that which is around you, then you will draw other spirits who will strengthen you in your ministry of love, your ministry of teaching or your ministry of healing.  These come with differing radiances, with differing colour vibrations, to strengthen and enhance the quality which belongs to you yourself.

            As you are here in this quiet moment, the white-robed ones stand quietly and silently smiling at you, and smiling as they hear the manner in which I try to describe them to you!  Also they ask me to make apparent to your understanding that many of the white-robed ones are those who have become Christ-oriented:  in their earthly life they focussed their mind or attention upon the inner meaning of the Christ-life as revealed by the Master Jesu, therefore, when they came into the regions of the spirit, they were attracted to that white radiance which is known as the ‘Christ light’, or the ‘Christly influence’. 

            It is because you dwell in this English land where the Christ influence has been so strongly maintained that you draw to yourself so many of the white-robed spirits.  They are trying to strengthen within the consciousness of individuals such as yourselves a true understanding of the Christly influence, the influence of compassionate love, of healing, of peacefulness, and of love which is an expression of compassion - and self-forgetfulness, that the inner desire of self may be outwardly turned into a desire for the good of the whole.  Like a little blossom which has the petals inwardly turned in its beginning then, with development and growth, the petals of the soul outwardly turn - light and love and healing and truth are outspread around each individual in great streams of light and blessing and love.  This is the aim of the Christly ones, to develop this within the souls of those whom they love who are still bound to the use of the mortal and physical body, that you may serve and grow and develop for all the years which are granted to you.

            Beloved ones, with these few words I set before you some thoughts about these ministering ones, and bring to you also some little understanding of the manner in which we of spirit try to aid and help you to progress step by step in all the ways of your earthly experience, from the simple desire of holding yourself and holding to yourself the things of the earth - to the time when you become a true giver, sharing and giving in the true power of lovely loveliness.


We come to the closure of our talking together in this fashion, but I would say that it has been good.  It is good that you can share some of your thoughts and searchings with each other, and it is good that you make them known to us in the spirit group as we hear the words you speak which are a crystallisation of the thoughts within your inner mind. 

            All these changes which are coming into being in your earthly world are a gradual process beloved ones – no man, no woman, becomes aware suddenly of the total truths of the spirit.  No man, no woman suddenly receives a total comprehension of truth in an instant of time, or suddenly and completely becomes a channel for the powerful energies of healing.  The power of the spirit works gradually, slowly, tranquilly - the law of the great Master Spirit works slowly, beautifully, tranquilly.  The law of the great Maker is at work through the crystals, through earth and rock, through the tree, the plant, the water and the air, through all things, weaving them together into one whole, one beauty which is the manifestation of the law and life of the one great Creative Spirit.

            Sometimes, in the quietness of your thought, contemplate the majesty and beauty of the Most High, inherent within all things.

            Let your meditation go from contemplation of a minute cell of life into the thought of the greatness of the burning sun within the heavens.  In your quietness of meditation, sometimes hold in your hand a little grain of sand and see the light reflecting on its surface, then consider how that small grain of sand becomes incorporated into the great rocky mountain or becomes absorbed into the being of a tree which takes the little piece of sand or earth into itself and changes it into bark and leaf and blossom.  This is the beauty of your natural world, these are the manifestations of life.  Think about life, think about the great creative life and try to become one in an attunement with it;  so shall you progress and grow and become the glorious light-lit spirit you are seeking to become in the vision of those who are guiding you, those who are calling you, those who are helping you.

            In this quiet moment I would bring these beloveds in the earthly body into an attunement with Thee, oh Thou great Master Giver of all things.   May they be still for a little moment, and in the stillness attune their hearts to Your life as it stirs and sings within the distant heavens, as it stirs and moves within the heart of planet earth, as it sings in the burning fire and creates a melody in the flowing waters.  Be still, oh soul, be still and hear the voice of the great Master Creator speaking to you in the silence of the living things of which you are a part.

            In peace, in light and in love, I bless you, each and every one.