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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

16 - Forgiveness – What Is It?

 May Divine Love suffuse the atmosphere of this room;  may Heavenly Love flood and irradiate the hearts of these who are here in the silence of this moment.  May love - the love of spirit, the love of unity and joy - touch the souls of the beloveds who are here in the silence of this place:  feeling that touch and beauty of love within themselves, may they come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, to realise that without love no forgiveness becomes possible.

            I would say as I speak through the voice of this medium, The only fashion in which you in the earthly life can come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, is to come to the realisation that love itself is tested and strengthened by uncountable forgiveness;  until love has been tested and you learn to forgive you do not understand the meaning of love itself. 

            In the ways of earthly life you imagine that love consists of beautiful feelings, of kisses and fondlings, of caresses and flattering words:  it is not until you come to the time when you are wounded, when you are disappointed, that you come to a real testing and understanding of the strength of love.  The love which endures for a lifetime, the love which endures throughout centuries of lifetimes, such love is compounded of a great golden chain of forgiving moments, forgiving gestures, forgiving thoughts;  for the blossoming of love is in the blossoming of forgiveness. 

            You who are young in your ways of earthly life, you know nothing of the meaning of this word, for in your foolishness of thinking and your littleness of feeling you nurse your hurts within your heart and your grievances within your mind.  You hold the memory of the many little pricks and wounds you have sustained, and say:  “I try to forgive:  but I cannot forgive these things because people should not say these words, people should not do these things.  Therefore I cannot forgive them.”  When you cannot forgive, then know in yourself that as you cannot forgive so you do not love, for the measure of your lovingness lies in the breadth of your forgiveness and the measure of love is in the measure of the ability to forgive.

            It is hard for the loved ones of earthly life to understand this;  it is hard for you, bound in the bondage of your human personality, to come to realise the meaning of it.  You may say unto me:  “If we cannot forgive, how can we understand how to start the chain of forgiveness?”

            If you wish to forgive and feel your heart is not large enough to give forgiveness in the fullness of its meaning, then begin by making the little gestures of forgiveness:  express the inward and invisible desire of the soul in a physical and visible fashion.  If you cannot forget and cannot forgive with your deeper feelings, still you may make the gesture by holding out your hand, by offering a kiss as a symbol of your desire to forgive;  you may give a gift to the one who has wounded you and as you give that gift it is the outward and visible sign of your inward and invisible desire to forgive.  When you have offered the gift, after you have written the letter, when you have spoken the word and you have held out your hand, you will feel better within yourself.

            The person to whom it is offered may not accept your gift or respond to your gesture, may not reciprocate your kiss.  I would say, This is not important:  what matters is that you have made the gesture of forgiveness.  You have tried to express your desire and that which is within your soul because you know that you ought to forgive:  you are growing in your spiritual nature to the state in which you wish that person to know that you have forgiven them. 

            Forgiveness is not a virtue which you are able to develop in one great glorious moment of triumph, do not think it can be achieved so easily - know that the growth of forgiveness comes through slow and diligent preparation.  First, the soul must come to the realisation that forgiveness is required;  then there must come the desire to express forgiveness and the realisation within the inner being that some sign or signal of the forgiveness is required.  Eventually there must come within the inner consciousness that movement of compassion or love which brings you to make the token of forgiveness to the ones who have wounded you or the person who has harmed or destroyed something which to you is very very precious.

            When souls have been freed from the torments of their body, we in spirit have to teach them how to forgive.  We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in understanding the hardness and difficulty which the soul and spirit experience in learning this very essential virtue. 

            You who live in the gentleness of your English land in which tolerance flowers like a beautiful blossom - you understand so little of the sufferings of your brothers and sisters.  You do not see, as we of spirit sometimes see, men and women who have been starved or tormented and beaten because of their race, or because their skin differs from the race and skin of the people who ill use them;  you do not see the bitterness in the souls who come into spirit life smarting under the lashes of injustice.  We are familiar, as you are not, with those who are freed from their body after they have spent long years languishing in prison places where they were deprived of their freedom of speech and movement, deprived of their appreciation of beauty and the precious companionships of love which enriched their lives, because their actions have been contrary to the law of their land or the political opinions of the lands wherein they dwelt. 

            When released from the body, such souls come to spirit twisted by the bitterness of their torments, by the bitterness of their feeling against their tormentors.  And they cannot accept the compensations of spirit life until they learn to let go of some part of their bitterness in forgiveness.

            In your gentle land you are guarded against such sufferings.  You do not know the bitterness with which women may come into the life of spirit because their children, those near and dear, have been separated from them through the tumult of war, or the starvation which has come into their land through the greed of rulers or the greed with which selfish men and women take the land or water which would sustain their life.

            Women who have seen their children die from hunger come to the spirit life not with love and joy but with their souls stained by dark shadows and twisted by the bitterness of the sorrow and pain they endured as they saw the seed of their life wither and die.  They meet again with those who have died before them - their children live on in the life of spirit!  But the bitterness in their soul has to be eradicated;  some token of forgiveness has to blossom within their soul ere they may move out of the shadows of their sorrow into the regions of compensation and joy. 

            Within such souls we develop an understanding of the need to forgive by teaching them that bitterness begets bitterness and hatred begets hate - all they can do is try to understand, try to forgive.  We sow within their soul the understanding that because of their pain they must not bring greater pain and greater hurt;  they must try to forgive.  Out of the effort and trying there slowly blossoms the ability to let go, and as they let go of their bitterness they are able to emerge gradually from their sorrow into a state of peace;  then are they re-united with their loved ones.  As love grows within the soul, by love they are able to forgive the sorrow, the hurt, the injustice, the suffering, the unnecessary pain, the starvation, the torment – at last they are able to forgive and cultivate the blossom of love within the soul.

            It is so with you in your earthly life;  you are each living your life in this gentle land and feel something of the little pricks and small injustices, the little hurts which wound your soul.  You say:  “How can we forgive?”  I say to you, You forgive by first realising that it is necessary to forgive.  As you cultivate the desire to give that forgiveness, loving spirits, the understanding spirits, come near to cultivate the spirit of love within you.  And as love grows within your soul so does forgiveness become possible. 

            It is only those who are very small in themselves, those whose soul is shrivelled by lack of love who cannot forgive.  Those who receive love, who are bathed in streams of spiritual love and encircled by earthly love, these gradually learn to understand the true, beautiful and perfect blessing:  love itself is forgiveness, and the tokens of love are the tokens of forgiveness itself.

            We who serve from spirit and come back to teach through our mediums, to touch and love you through the influence of our mediums – why do we come?  Why do we leave the regions of light and enter into the heaviness of the mortal atmosphere?  Why do we come?  We come because we love you.  We come because our love is often the token of our forgiveness to a world which wounded us, to a world which hurt us, and sometimes crucified the soul and body with the heaviness of mortal experience.  We come because the only way in which we can forgive the mortal world is by loving it, and loving it by serving, by healing, by teaching it.

            So I say to you, Go forth in the ways of your mortal life and forgive, forgive and forgive again;  love and love and forgive again and again.  In this you show the fullness of your spiritual stature, you share with the peoples of your land the full radiant power of your beautiful soul and spirit.

            In love and light I place before you the emblem of forgiving love, which is the emblem of the cross raised on high, radiant with light, shedding its beams into every life and every place.  This symbol of the cross of Christly love is the emblem of beautiful forgiveness.

            May peace be with you and may peace be amongst you.