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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

14 - Light and Death

 Oh Power of Light!  Be Thou present here in the quietness of this room, be Thou here to bring to the understanding of these in the mortal body that You are the Maker and Creator of all things, the Lord of light and darkness, the Lord of life and death;  indeed You are the Lord of power, the Lord of beauty, the Maker and Creator of all things.

            When Thy children bring their consciousness into attunement with Thee, they come to know that Your infinite power and infinite law is at work in and through all things of the immortal realm - of which the mortal life is but a part.  As they come here in this quietude of prayer and inwardness of communion, may they come to realise the immensity of the great stream of life which is flowing and flowing through all the manifestations of Thy creation – shaping and re-shaping, making and re-making all things into a pattern which is ever-renewing, ever more beautiful, ever more orderly, because it is the manifestation of Thy most holy law.

            Into the peace and power of Thy presence we bring these who are here.  We would encircle them in holy light, in simple love and quiet peace that they may learn to live through all the changing conditions of the mortal life in the realisation of the immortal and unchanging power.

            May peace, power and light be here.

 Beloved brothers and sisters, I come to talk with you through the voice of this medium and release into the quietness of this room some measure of spiritual power and unfoldment of spiritual knowledge. 

            As I bring you to think upon things which are infinite and eternal, I would say to you in the spoken words of your earthly understanding, There is no reason for you to fear death or dread the coming transition of spirit, there is only a need for you to understand that life is part of death, and death is intertwined in the great fabric of life.  Once you come to understand this, then much fear and dread can vanish silently away never to return, never to oppress the mortal mind of people again.  It is the dread of death, the fear which presses in upon the minds of people because they see the struggle of the mortal body, they see the changes taking place within the mortal self and do not yet understand that the immortal, spiritual part is but withdrawing from the mortal and visible body.  It is in the withdrawing and separating of the great forces of life from the structure and cells and organs of the mortal and physical body that there appears to be suffering and a horror in dying.

            Those who are growing in spiritual knowledge and look forward to the moment of death, you often say that you do not fear death and what will come after but fear the moment of dying because you do not know what it will hold nor how to help yourself:  unto such would I say, What is in the consciousness is deeply implanted in the understanding of the mind.  This endures, this is stronger than the movement and activity of the mortal body itself.  That which is implanted deep in the mortal imagery, the teaching which has influenced you during the many years of your mortal life, this is what you will remember when your mortal consciousness is separating from the brain and body it has used during the many years of life.

            The wise teachers of your land have taught their priests how to help the children of earth.  The priests who belong to the Christian religions seek to minister to the dying just before the time of death, to bring to the mortal mind the reassurance of life beyond the earthly plane.  Coming to the dying person, the priest will breathe forth familiar prayers and help that one to become free from all sense of guilt by bringing from the deeper memory the remembrance of sins and a recollection of things wrongly done;  thus the consciousness will be free from the oppression of guilt and regret.  And in that moment when the priest tends the departing soul, does he not also teach the soul where to look, where to seek for the light when the body and soul no longer hold together?  The Christian priest will say to the departing soul:  “Look in the land beyond death for the Master Teacher, the Master Jesus Who will lead you home.” 

            By imparting this thought into the spiritual consciousness of the one who is leaving the mortal body, the priest brings to the departing soul a recollection of the Leader, the Teacher, the Master who has been the focus of attention throughout all the years of mortal life.  When free of the body, instead of remaining in fear and confusion, that soul will look into the land around him, through all the shades and shadows of the near-earth world, searching for a light, seeking for a cross, searching for a spirit who will lead him out of fear and confusion into light and peace - the thought of Jesus, the thought of the Christian Master is a light to guide him upon the way.

            Those who followed the ancient religion in the mountains of Tibet, their priests were taught to go forth from their monastery places unto those who were coming to the closure of their lives.  They would sit beside the bed, breathe forth prayers, lay their hand upon the seat of consciousness which is the head and say to the departing one:  “Linger not within the land which is near to earth, look for the light, seek for the power which lies beyond - that you may pass safely through the nether regions into the great land of peace and joy.”  So the priests spoke to the dying soul, impressing deeply into the consciousness of that one the recollection of truths learned during the years of earthly life;  and within the confusion and fear which closes upon the mind at the moment of death, the dying one would remember:  “I must pass swiftly through the places of shades, pass swiftly through the places of shadows and look for the light, go to the light.”  Thus would he come into light and peace and meet again with the beloveds of his heart in the place of reunion.

            In the great religion of the East, those who learn the teaching of the Buddha have their priests and teachers who go forth in time of need to the household in which the dying lie;  sitting within the household they will turn the wheel of prayer and say to the dying one:  “Linger not close to the body.  Fear not the place of shades but pass swiftly, swiftly through the realms of illusion into the peace and light of the Great Nirvana of which the Blessed Buddha has spoken in His teachings unto His children.”  Entering deeply into the consciousness of the departing one, this thought can be retained through the moment of death when the brain dissolves and the spirit no longer holds the elements of the body.  Then would the spirit remember this and pass swiftly into the places of light.

            It is even so in this spiritualist truth to which peoples of your earth are slowly turning for new enlightenment and understanding from teachers such as we who speak through this medium.  Those who are learning these truths also learn from their spirit teachers that as the body weakens and the spirit begins to free itself from the body, they must look round for the teacher in the bright garments of spirit who will guide and lead him out of the place of shadows into the place of light, the land of eternal summer or radiant light, which is similar to the heaven of the Christian God and to the place of light to which the Tibetan may look.

            All revelation which is pure and all truth which is good leads people to the same state of understanding and illumination;  though it may be clothed in a different language and symbolism according to the place and teachings of the land wherein the people dwell, it brings to each the same fundamental truth.

            I would say to you who are here and those who will later read or listen to these words, Do not fear death!  As you come to the dissolution of the body, open your heart, open your mind, open your awareness to the light and thought of the glory which lies beyond.  Remember that fear causes the consciousness to close in around the mortal brain, but joy and understanding cause the consciousness to rise into a great expansion of light and lightness.  Fear closes in the thought of the soul and makes it cling more closely to the body - love and understanding and joy expand the consciousness so that it may more easily separate from the cells of the brain and body itself.

            Death should be a thing approached with quiet resignation and simple expectancy, in the quiet hoping and remembering of ancient truths.  It is to us a sad and fearful thing that so many of earth’s children cling to their body as it dissolves through disease and age, the consciousness closes in and clings to the brain instead of opening to the beauty of the eternal truths like a flower to the sunlight.  You may say unto me:  “How and what is it that causes many to die slowly and in fearful illness?”  Beloveds, I would say that this is a sorrow to us.  The fear of separation of spirit and body is largely because of wrong teaching and the lack of understanding which has been implanted in the minds of people through ignorance.

            But where the laws of spirit are understood and rightly applied unto the living of mortal life, where men and women use their body in wisdom and understanding and maintain within the mortal mind the realisation of immortal truths, then the body is lightly held by the spirit.  The body is maintained in harmony and kept in health by the spirit until the term of earthly experience is ended and the soul and spirit loosen the link with the heart and brain.  Swiftly and easily does such a one separate from the body through a fault in the mechanism of the heart, and the soul moves swiftly into the realms of light.

 Question:  I would like to know the difference between the soul and the spirit.

Ramadahn:  I would say to you, Spirit is divine energy, the indestructible divine manifestation:  the soul is part of the spirit, it is the inner ruler, the consciousness using the physical, emotional and mental bodies which comprise the earthly personality.  Beloved ones, it should not be a sorrow or thing of mourning when your beloveds die swiftly because the heart no longer holds the spirit.  It should be a matter of great joy, a thing for which you give praise to the Master Creator of the days and nights.

 Question:  What happens to those who die through accident, war or the hand of other men and women?

Ramamdahn:  When this happens, fear closes in upon the consciousness and the spirit is held within the near-earth region.  But if they have been made aware of the teaching to look for the light at the time of death, look for the guide, for the region which is beyond earth, then this recollection will begin to come forward as they realise they are dying.  They will begin to look away from the place of terror, away from the horror which has held their awareness, and slowly come toward the region of peace. 

            Many in your earthly world today do not understand the laws of spirit and do not study the truths which are within their own religions.  Many men and women live only for the things of the body so we behold many spirits held close to the earth:  confused and frightened and lost they hover around their place of dying and seek to come back again into familiar places.  But let this teaching be made widely known and then even those who die through tragedy shall find their way out of the places of sorrow into the places of peace.

            I would say to you, beloved ones, You should always send forth your prayer of light unto those whose plight is made known to you.  When you hear of one who has experienced murder, when you know men and women whose bodies are destroyed through accident, when you know of those who died in war, send out your prayer and light to them, saying:  “Be at peace, look for the Light, seek for one who will lead you out of fear into truth.”  Your thought sent forth in love and enlightenment will reach these souls.  Your speaking comes to them as the speaking of a priest comes into the consciousness of those who hear his voice upon their deathbeds.  Those who have died without the speaking of a priest and the reassurance which should come to them through their religion, these can be reassured.  They hear your thoughts and can be guided by the prayers which go forth from your mind into the region that surrounds your earth - they will be led out of their darkness and confusion into light and harmony and order.

     So we come to the ceasing of our time together and I would say to you, beloved ones, It is good to blend our thoughts in this way, to share the pondering of the mind of one with the mind of the other.  In this there is an exchange of spiritual force which enriches and enlarges the consciousness, each one develops just a slightly greater degree of individuality than was there before.  As you go from this meeting, go forth with the knowledge that what has been shared, what has been interblended, is something which you can retain and will remain and enrich you in the weeks and months that are still to come. 

            The knowledge you have gained becomes a golden key within your hand, a golden key which lies deep within your awareness;  you may bring it out in your conversation and use this key to unlock the door of ignorance within the brain of your brothers and sisters.  By love you may sometimes unfasten a door, bring out a golden key and open the inward sanctuary and look into the consciousness of the people around you.  As you look into the inward consciousness, softly and with slow reverent hands take out the untrue and replace it with truth.  This need not mean a laborious process - but it is something to be undertaken with reverence and love.  As you meet people, encourage them to bring forth their prejudices, and as you look upon these give the opposite to them, give Truth.  From within the inward citadel of the soul draw out the darksome forces of ignorance, and with a soft and gentle touch put in the things of light, the things of truth and understanding.  Thus do the doors of ignorance become easier to unfasten and the gates of love become wide open to the rays of truth.

            I send you forth clasping the soft and silent gloves of reverence in your hands, that you may revitalise the thoughts of your brothers and sisters and gently impart to them the healing of spirit, the knowledge and love of spirit, the light of spirit, that men and women everywhere may at last come in simplicity and joy to worship and praise their relationship with their great Heavenly Father whom you call your God.  And in peace and harmony lie down to sleep without fear, and rise up from sleep in joy to greet each coming day in the knowledge that they are indeed spirits sojourning for a while in the places of earth before they go on to other places of greater experiences, greater knowledge and fuller fruition.

            In this thought and with this blessing, I sign and seal each one with the sign and seal of spirit - the cross which is the symbol of man incarnate in matter surrounded by the great golden circle of ever-increasing light, ever-increasing knowledge, ever-increasing love and ever-increasing joy.

            Peace and light and love be here, and remain with you for all the days that are still to be.