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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 Introduction  7-Animal Comforters  15-Forgiveness - What is It?  23-The Colour Purple
 Ramadahn's Prayer  8-The Responsibilities of Mediumship  16-The Ministry of Spirits  24-The Colour Orange
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 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

13 - The Summerland

 In the spirit and power of Infinite Love we enter these conditions and bring to those still in the mortal body a feeling of the softness, the radiance and beauty of Infinite Love as it streams out from the Eternal Heart, investing each one in healing, in radiance and heavenly joy.  Each one here has received wounds within the heart from the harsh conditions of earthly life.  Some have been deeply wounded in their spirit because they wander to and fro and lose the sense of infinite peace which comes when they know they are in a unity with Thee;  and some have become dragged down into the conditions of fear and frustration which belong to the earthly realm. 

            Each of them needs the peace of Thy healing and the radiance of Thy love, and they need the enfoldment of Thy Spirit.  We would encircle them all in the spirit of love and radiance of healing that for a while they may be loosened from the sorrows of earth and brought into a harmony with the peace and love of spirit - and through this come back to the realisation that they belong to Thee even as Thou dost belong to them.  In this state of unity and belonging all things are well, for this is indeed Thy law and the symbol of Thy love.

            In the power of spirit we would sign and seal the conditions of this room by placing here the symbol of the cross which is the sign of the human soul, encircled by the ever-flowing, ever-growing and ever-shining circle of Eternal Life, Eternal Love, and Eternal Light.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I come in these somewhat disturbed and harsh conditions of your mortal realm from planes wherein all is peace, all is harmony and beautiful colour, for this is the law and light which pervades the Summerland of Joy. I would say that even as the astral realm is a reflection of the discordant conditions of the earthly life, so the harmonious conditions of the earthly life are a reflection of the conditions in the true spiritual plane, which is sometimes called the Summerland, sometimes called Heavenland, and sometimes named the Life Elysian. 

            In your earthly time of experience when you are conscious of calmness and feel aware of the great beauty surrounding you, when there is an inner comprehension of your unity with the great Giver of all Life, this is a dim reflection of the state which you will one day experience when you pass from the confines of your mortal body into the freedom and light of the Summerland of Joy.  Within this realm there is harmony – not a cessation of sound or movement, but a harmonisation between all the component parts, between all the forms of existence which are to be found within this beautiful place.  Because the law relating to this life is a law of construction and harmony there is no death, no discord and no decay;  instead there is a perfect manifestation of the laws of love and life, bringing into fruition and into being the varying changes and seasons which are to be found.

            In this Summerland there is no season of winter, neither is there a season of summer;  but there is a season in which life-waves of varying activity come to their fullness and die silently and quietly away.  We could bring this to your understanding by saying that for a season there is a golden life-wave which brings into manifestation a golden radiance in all things which are.  As this dies away, it is replaced by the green life-wave, and for a while there is a manifestation of greenness within all things.

            There are also life-waves of other colours:  varying shades and colours which you know upon the earth come into their manifestation and die silently away;  but when they come into the fullness of their power, they bring into being blossoms which belong to this particular colour strata.  The colour wave touches all things, either with a golden radiance or a green or pink radiance and all is transformed, changed and beautified.  Then that life wave dies away as another comes into its transforming activity and this too brings a changing season into manifestation, until that also has completed its course.

            I would say that the best way in which you may understand this would be to visualise that you are standing in some great valley filled with peace, with gentle waters flowing through.  See there a mighty rainbow, or a lamp with rainbow colours which turns very slowly and as it turns it floods the valley and touches the grassy hillsides and transforms the calmness of the water with the differing shades which are reflected as it slowly, very slowly turns within its orbit.  If you visualise this, you will have some faint and dim idea of the beauty of the changing seasons to be found within the Summerland of Joy.

            Because there is no season of cold and no season of heat, we do not have any need for dwelling places which are enclosed and roofed;  therefore we erect for our use dwelling places which are similar to ancient temples with pillars though which foliage may be trained or curtains can be hung to create privacy if this is desired by those who use these dwelling places.  The habit and need to withdraw is found just as much amongst those who live within the Summerland as it is found amongst those who live upon the earthly plane.  These temples may be roofed, or left open that the light from another and higher realm may stream into them and bring a concentrated blessing to those who enter into the quietness of communion within these enclosed places.  In such dwelling places are to be found family groups, groups who have loved each other very greatly and continue in love and unity here within the Summerland. 

            Or they may desire more to enter into the mighty temples.  These temples are pillared and beautiful in their structure because they are reflections of the thought of those who desire to visualise and create dwellings and temples which are noble and beautiful in their shape.  The temples are designed so that spirits may gather into congregations within them, and upon the altar places there is set – not symbols of religion as you know them on earth – but vessels of transparent light such as you may call mirrors, which capture and reflect the concentrated light as it falls from higher planes.  Through these pure mirrored surfaces the light may shine to bless and illumine those who come into these temples to commune, worship and uplift their thoughts in the desire that they may rise higher from this beautiful plane and gain experience in other realms of beauty, drawing forever nearer to the pure great Light.  This is beyond the comprehension of man in his present state but can be seen by him when he is within the spiritual state, dwelling within the purity of the Summerland of perfect joy and perfect peace.

            Within this realm there is no age and there is, in reality, no youth.  There is maturity of soul for those who enter into this realm, those who carry their burden of the mature experiences they garnered during many years of earthly understanding.  This maturity shines within them;  but the body they use is free from age and simply stands in the beauty of its maturity.  Those who come in bodies which are as yet untouched by the wide experiences of earthly life, those who grow to their maturity from childhood or infancy within the spirit realm, these too mature slowly into the adult form but they retain within the inner spirit that radiance, purity and joy which belongs to them by right of the joy of their childhood.  Therefore I say to you, There can be no sorrow and no sighing for all is harmony and understanding, all takes place in a happy interchange of joyous companionship and loving thought.

            I would say, beloved ones, as I try to lay before your consciousness the vision of this beautiful place, Can you not think how good it would be to order your life in such a fashion in the few seasons of your mortal years that when you come to the end of your earthly journey you pass swiftly into this beautiful place?  Is it not worth your while to order your lives so that you are free from greed and possessiveness, free from hatefulness?  Is it not worth planning your lives so that your hearts are filled with love and compassion for the weakness of your brethren, forgiving them for they know not what they do?  Is it not good for you to live in such a fashion that you regard but lightly the possessions of the earth?  When you so live, then you rise swiftly and easily from the body into the places of joy and of spirit. 

            If you come to the closing of your earth life and your consciousness is still held by the things of earth, filled with a bitterness towards your brothers and sisters because of their actions or because of the things you feel you should have and do not - then this is the burden and weight which will hold you down.  Instead of drawing you into the Summerland, it will draw you into the near earth world wherein is greyness and discord and often fear.

            Day by day, think not to yourself that what happens to you is of importance:  think not so.  Grieve not over the actions which other people extend to you, but think unto yourself:  “The wisdom of spirit lies not in what others do but in how I shall react to what others may do.”  Order your life so that your reaction is always one of forgiveness, politeness, gentleness, peacefulness, lovingness.  When your reactions are so throughout all the many years of your earthly experiences, then the spirit becomes lightened and brightened.  At the end of the journey the spirit is ready to be released from the body and rise into the realm of light;  there to enjoy in all happiness the harmony, the peace and the beauty which I strive so inadequately to clothe in the words of earth that you may gain some faint understanding of the beauty which you may see.

            In peace and love, I leave you to your further questioning and your further desires.

Question:  Can you speak about the states of ecstasy experienced by people like St Theresa.  What exactly is it?

Ramadahn:  I think it is the cleansing of the whole consciousness so that it comes into a state of complete unity.  In seeking after the things of spirit, too often the spiritual consciousness is cleansed but the mortal or memory consciousness is still filled with fears and discords of the past.  These of whom you are speaking may spend long seasons in prayer and meditation, seeking to purify the deep hidden consciousness.  When the spiritual consciousness reaches a condition of awareness in which they attain to a unity with the power of the great Giver of all Love and all Good then the joy which comes with such a union is translated not only to the spiritual mind but also to the deeper subconscious mind of the individual.  Thus the whole person becomes irradiated with the joy of the great Master Creator of All. 

            Often I say to you, Think and attune yourselves:  I try to uplift you into a unity with that great Spirit of all joy and love, and bring into the finite consciousness a momentary feeling of the tremendous joy and love which is contained therein, that in feeling it momentarily you may desire to prepare yourselves for a more complete reception of that perfect power.  Those of whom you speak – the saints, the seers and yogis, have purified the consciousness – have attuned themselves to the great Central Source and become aware of the great joy which is moving through all the universe, and the great love which is the essence of that joy.

Question:  Would this spiritual cleansing account for the ‘stigmata’ phenomenon experienced by some saints?

Ramadahn:  That is true:  the individuals have dwelled in deep thought upon aspects of the crucifixion and in meditation tried to visualise what this has meant.  The subconscious becomes very deeply impressed with these images and in times of purification the subconscious images must be cleansed and brought to the surface and may be reflected in just this fashion (the stigmata).  Any sincere individual, having a reverence for a particular symbol, may dwell upon it in thought and then show a sign of this symbol upon their living flesh in a time of complete unity within the consciousness.

Question:  Is it possible to induce that by self-hypnosis?

Ramadahn:  I would say that you do this consciously or unconsciously in your daily life.  Each of you is filled with the image of age and weakness:  this thought sinks deep into the inward consciousness and one day it impresses the living flesh as age and the body begins to change its form.  Those who visualise health and youth and those who visualise the influence of spirit have this image deeply impressed within the consciousness and so the bodily form comes to reflect the youthfulness of the spirit.

Question:  Can you give us a description of the part of the Summerland in which you live, Ramadahn?

Ramadahn:  In the part in which I live now, there is a temple at the foot of a mountain, and running through the centre of this temple is a stream of pure water.  Upon the sides of this stream are mossy banks and little grottoes in which the Indian spirits come to rest and meditate, and draw fresh power ere some new ministry is undertaken within the earth’s atmosphere.  This stream of water or power running through the centre of the temple is directed into this room or house because the work of preparation takes place here, and from this place many of us radiate our influence into the outer world.

            This stream is of power, of healing, it is of purification;  it is from this stream that the spirit known as ‘Rushing River’ (who also worked with Ursula and Ramadahn, particularly in response to specific questions on healing), draws the influence which he endeavours to impart through his medium, for the stream can be drawn upon by any individual spirit who may desire to use it.

            We also keep within this temple the scrolls which relate to further work which we desire to do, and the special scrolls or books to which I myself refer if I am to give a teaching on a subject unfamiliar to me but which would be good for the understanding of those upon earth.  This corresponds to a library or study;  it is my place of study and meditation.  Also within this temple is the hall of rest wherein many spirits, still joined to their earthly bodies, can come during their time of sleep or entrancement to absorb the atmosphere of peace, of inspiration, which may help their further progression.

            At the far end of this temple is a gateway of silver filigree.  We only open this at special times of festivals or recreation;  and when we open the gates, before us is a shining pathway by which we may go upward upon the mountain side to attend some of the festivals of reunion in which we commune with those who are of a more advanced nature, or will give us a fresh baptism of power through which we may bring a fresh and blessed power to cleanse and harmonise the conditions wherein we work upon the earthly plane itself.

            Around this temple there is rolling grassland;  trees stand, children come and go, and weary souls come to rest.  It is not a permanent structure, it is one we have raised for our special work, and when our time of service unto earth is completed, then the temple will dissolve silently away.

Question:  You have mentioned others who gave you a baptism of power;  were they similar in form to yourself or to us?

Ramadahn:  As we are spirits using bodies which you will call spiritual bodies, there are others who are in more etherealised bodies and who use a purer form of power.  When we ascend to the mountain top we hold a time of quietness and meditation, of song and prayer, waiting in silence for those to come to us in a spiritual sťance even as you upon earth have a sťance, waiting in silence for the spirit to draw near to bless you.  This goes on and on through the near astral realms, upward and upwards as far as the seventh sphere, but beyond the radius of the seventh sphere there is no need for sťances of such a nature to take place.

            As far as I am able to tell you, each spirit retains an individuality which is contained within form, although it is perhaps not form as you may understand it.  Those whom I have met in the seventh garden of the Summerland are in auras which are spiritual in form and more completely circular as compared to the oval aura of the human beings whilst in the human stage.

Many thoughts have been evoked within your minds and many thought creations lie within the atmosphere, but most of the thought creations are of light, love and beauty.  I would say to each one, As you go forward on your various ways, take with you the knowledge that as you think so you create above and around yourselves thought creations which are sometimes like glowing flowers or shining stars or glittering stardust. 

            As you try to give right reactions amidst the harsh and difficult experiences of your daily life, know that as you give forth gentleness for harshness your gentleness can be seen by us as a gentle shower of silvery rain which falls around you like heavenly dew.  As you deliberately try to give forth a thought of kindness for the harshness which you have received, sometimes it goes forth like a shining star that hovers for a while in the spiritual atmosphere and falls to the earthly atmosphere in a glittering blueness of beauty.  It is so true that these things which emanate from the inner soul at the direction of the will of spirit are creative and spiritual;  they spiritualise the atmosphere of your earth even as they spiritualise your own aura and your mortal body.

            Truly, beloved ones, the spirit of man is creative, and if you cannot create mighty and beautiful gardens in your seasons of earthly years, if you cannot create beautiful pictures or music, nevertheless, you are able to create quiet beauty from the deep inward places of the spirit wherever you walk.  Therefore I would say to you, Let your life become the creative life:  create beauty wherever you go and lighten some of earth’s darkness with the golden radiance which flows from your own soul in laughter and joy.