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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
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 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

12 - The Training of Spirit Guides

My beloved brothers and sisters, I see by your auras that many of you are expecting me to tell you how we learn to become guides and teachers, how we learn to become ministering spirits.  Beloved ones, firstly it would be good that you understand the difference in the works undertaken by the groups of spirits who come to serve and help, for to my knowledge you think all spirits who come to help in your mediumship are guiding spirits.  But I would say that there is only one guide given to each medium and each aspiring soul, and this guide is the one who goes before to prepare the pathway of individual spiritual progression.  This guide is the one who looks ever into the future, preparing conditions which are still to come, manipulating the great laws of cause and effect so that the beloved may meet the conditions and lessons and people who will advance the development within the inner soul of the person, deepening the understanding and increasing their spirituality. 

            So I would say, The guide, the personal guide, is but seldom seen;  seldom does he make himself known unto earth’s children.  Only in times of crisis when a particular work has to be accomplished does the bright and shining guide manifest to the one whom he or she is guiding.  Sometimes this guide is called ‘the guardian angel’, sometimes ‘the watcher in the spheres’.  This guide is not always at hand in earth’s conditions but works from a spiritual state through into the deeper and heavier conditions of the earth, leading forward in humility and love the one entrusted into his care.  This one is a guide in the full and beautiful meaning of the word.

            These whom you think of as guiding spirits we call ‘the ministering spirits’, and every medium and aspiring soul is surrounded by a group of ministering ones.  These minister to the needs of the medium in their care, sometimes giving them psychic strength or blending into their aura a vibration of peace and power as it may be needed, sometimes even standing so close to the medium that it may seem that the medium and ministering spirit have indeed become one. 

            In this great ministry of spirit there are many more needs than you on earth will understand.  It is our joy to give what we can to those of the earth, for we know that by the giving of ourselves to those who are in need we make possible the furtherance of our own progression.

            In addition to these ministering spirits there are others whom you also call guides;  these are the teachers and controllers of the mediumship of the individual.  You call us guides, but we call ourselves teachers and healers, spirits who have a particular task or work to do in the earthly world. 

            It is about the teachers and healers and the spirits who entrance their mediums that I will speak, for I know that it is these of whom you think when you speak of guides.  But change your words, beloveds, think of us not as guides but as the ministering and teaching and healing spirits - then your understanding will be more full and correct. 

            It is not always known to you in your earthly bodies that ere we may enter into this ministry of mediumship we have to undertake a long and arduous time of preparation, by means of which we continue in our ministry unto earth’s children.  Many spirits try to come into harmony with the mediums of earth but, because they have not gained a sufficiency of strength, they lose contact with the medium and do not continue in their ministry because in their training they did not learn how to grow strong.

            The first lesson we have to learn is to strengthen our power of persistence, for you are living in a state in which the powers of thought and emotion are very, very strong.  When we first try to come through the atmosphere which surrounds your earthly world it is like trying to swim through a sea in which strong and deep currents are flowing to and fro. If we are not strong in our power of persistence and strength of will, we become swept into these strong currents of thought which are flowing from the minds of many people in the world.  There are great currents of thought which are the thoughts of nations and there are currents of thought which are created by prejudice in the minds of groups of persons. 

            An inexperienced spirit, entering into a medium’s aura and becoming aware of these many changing currents of thought, may find himself or herself drawn into such a stream that he will begin to say and think that which is habitual to the thinkers of earth and not that which is of himself. 

            Before we begin our ministry we have to learn how to strengthen our will and hold one image of thought, one idea within our consciousness, so strongly and clearly that the concerted efforts of other groups trying to divert our mind from that upon which we are thinking will be fruitless.  We must learn to be so strong that the thoughts of others will not divert us from that which we wish to think.  If a group of spirits here in the school of learning can so impinge upon our own mind, how shall we be able to hold our thoughts when we enter into the harsher and harder conditions of the earth?  So within the spirit schools, concentration becomes the core of the lesson.  When we seek to train and develop younger spirits, those of lesser experience who wish to come back into the earthly world to render a particular service, we have to teach them how to develop concentration.

            In the schools of spirit we create a scene which may be very similar to those which you see in the earthly world where you have great rooms to which the artists come, men and women who desire to shape and mould marble and stone into the image which they hold within their minds.  In spirit we have such a place but here the trainee spirits have to mould the atmosphere to out-picture into the living element of spiritual matter the image which they hold within their mind. 

            In this school you may see a spirit trying to fashion the thought of a winging and singing bird:  if the imagery of thought is imperfect, the thinker may devise the shape of a bird but it will not be able to fly until the imagery of thought is so sustained and perfect that the bird is shaped in the beauty of its formation.  Or you may behold another spirit trying to develop the power of persistence and concentration to such a degree that he may evolve a musical bell from which he later hopes to bring forth little ringing sounds through his ministry and the mediumship of earth’s children;  but unless his concentration in the imagery of the bell he wishes to create is perfect, the bell itself will be imperfect.

            The first lesson of training for spirit ministry is to strengthen the will, to sharpen the power of perfect concentration and then, through the perfection of the concentrated will, to mould the spiritual atmosphere into a living image of what has been thought.  I say to you, When we come into earth’s atmosphere and seek to control the minds of our mediums or transmit ideas to their spiritual vision, we have to do this by visualising and out-picturing the images of thought which will convey to the medium that which we desire.

            In your clairvoyant vision, mediums such as yourselves may not see a spirit who once lived in Egypt but the thought which that Egyptian spirit is transmitting unto you, and his perfected thought may come in the picture of a pyramid or in symbols which relate to the temple of ancient time.  When you behold these out-pictured symbols you will know in your inward mind: ‘Here is a visitor from Egypt.’  Your thought will go out like a gentle tendril seeking to make contact with the spirit who has out-pictured to you the symbol of his presence. 

            Always I would say to you, The first communication which we are able to impart to earth’s children comes in this out-picturing of the thoughts which we have within our mind, for here in spirit we communicate by thought and it is in this way that we communicate with you who dwell upon the earthly plane.

            Not all spirits were of Egypt and not all will show the Egyptian symbols.  There are many holy men and women who lived within the sphere of Christian teaching and are ready to come swiftly into earth’s atmosphere by reason of their dedicated lives and the purification they gained through prayer.  These who led the monastic existence have strengthened their will in the earthly life, they have trained their minds to visualise, to think and pray.  Coming to the closure of their earthly life they pass into the schools in which such spirits are trained that they may go quickly back again to earth.  These may show to their mediums the out-picturing of their thought in their remembrance of the Christian symbol of the cross, or the windows and architecture which became so familiar to them during the time they led a life of prayer enclosed within their convents and monasteries.  Seeing such an out-picturing, the glowing colours of a religious window or the out-pictured cross, you will say:  ‘This is a symbol which says to my mind that here is the presence of one who was a monk.’  And from your mind a gentle seeking thought goes out, and through that thought such a spirit may be drawn closer to you.

            Beloved ones, when such ministering and communicating spirits have gained a link of unity and harmony with you, they return to the school of spirit and share the knowledge they have gained in their first contact with mediums such as yourselves. 

            But some spirits come with gleaming tears of sorrow in their heart, some come back into the schools with their garments grey and soiled with despair, and some spirits return from the beginning of their ministry with garments torn and wounds in their hands.  When they come so, we take them to the quiet, beautiful place of cleansing and renewal that we may teach them again the lesson of how to enter into earth’s conditions wearing the seamless garment of such beautiful love that they cannot be harmed or hurt by the lack of love and harshness of thought which is within the mind and being of their mediums, for some have been hurt by the sudden harsh swords of sceptical thought which pierce towards them from the medium whom they have tried to love and help. 

            Some who come in the grey garments of despair have been drawn into the earth conditions by a lack of understanding in the developing medium, they have been sucked into a whirlpool of materialistic thought, impure desires and unhealthy appetites and have not been able to control their medium or impart ideas of holiness and joy.  Those who come with tears of sorrow in their eyes and their heart are ones who have undertaken a mission but realise it is of such magnitude that they are only beating upon the door of earth’s harsh vibrations, they feel they have undertaken something which is too great for their fulfilment.  So we take them to the place of healing and teach them again the lesson of love. 

            We take them into the sphere which is known as the ‘Christ Sphere’ that they may inbreathe love, pure love, in its tenderness and strength;  and as they inbreathe this atmosphere of pure love they slowly form for themselves a garment which is encircling and completely protective.  Clothed in love they enter again into earth conditions and once more come into a unity with their mediums.  Because of the outflow of love from their hearts, their hands and minds, they are slowly able to soften the harshness of mind of the people of earth, slowly enabling their chosen medium to uplift and transmute the harmful desires of the lower self, the harshness of scepticism and coldness of selfishness.  Slowly but surely the medium becomes infused with the tenderness of spirit, and the spirit may continue in his or her ministry to the earth wearing the seamless garment of beautiful love.

            When such a spirit has gained the necessary control and contact with the mind and being of the medium, then other spirits can begin to join themselves in unity unto this particular ministering soul.  The teaching spirits, the healing and loving spirits will begin to blend themselves with this first strong controlling spirit, that with and through that one the great work of mediumship may begin to unfold;  healing and beauty and cleansing may begin to unfold and outflow through such a medium to bless and heal, to soften and warm the conditions and hearts of the people of earth.

            There are many other things I could tell you, beloved ones, but such things would be difficult for the understanding of your minds so I give you just these pictures of spirits preparing themselves for earth’s ministry.

            We come to the cessation of our time of communing and talking with you through the brain and voice and being of this medium.  I would that you knew with what joy we come;  I would that you knew the joy with which we behold the slender flames of your thoughts lightening the atmosphere of this room.  As I spoke to you of the spirits who know sorrow and become wounded by their contact with earth’s mediums, there arose from the heart of many of you the pure flame of dedication and love. 

            Beloved ones, remember that scepticism is like a cold wind which blows from your mind and moves like a gale within the atmosphere of earth, but love is like a warmth which comes forth from your soul and makes easy the work of spirit.  Selfish desire is like a grey hard coil which encircles the spiritual being and hampers the work of spirit, and materialistic desires and thoughts enfold earth’s children in a tenuous armour which again makes difficult the work of those spirits who would bring their influence to you. 

            Remember that prayer is a purification of the inward being.  As you pray unto the God who you call your Father, the Master Creator of the nights and days, as you lift up your thought in prayer unto this great creative spirit, so is your own spiritual being warmed and purified - it is as if steps of light are built by your continuing endeavour in prayer.

            Pray often and love much, beloved ones.  Pray often and love much, you who would be mediums:  pray often and love very greatly, you who are mediums.  Prayer becomes your armour and love becomes your cloak, and when you are cloaked in love and armoured in prayer you make easy and light the work of those whom you call the keepers of the door, the guardians of your soul.  We would wish to see these great steps of prayer rising and rising in steps of light, ladders of radiance, stairways of prayer rising from earth unto the very highest places of the spirit.  For we are able to come downward on such ladders of light with healing and beauty, with teaching, with joy, with peace and love unto all earth’s children. 

            Most surely do I say to you, Where such ladders of prayer are raised there is no soul on earth who is a lost soul, no soul on earth who cannot be helped and redeemed;  for ministering spirits come on those ladders of light and through you, their mediums, they uplift, heal, strengthen and touch with radiance these of earth who so sadly need the blessing of the great Christ love, the light and peace of the spirit. 

            I bless you all and bring this ladder of light which we have created in quietness of thought this eventide.  Oh Thou Great Spirit, send forth Thy ministering ones with such power and blessing, such healing and such love to these who are here that they may build their own shining ladders of prayer in the very place in which they live, and may their altars of prayer shine and gleam with the light of Your blessing and the mystic radiance of holy love. 

            Peace, peace and peace be here.