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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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11-Reasons for Re-incarnation

November 1988

    There is a glory in the moon, a glory in the sun and there is also glory as light is reflected upon the glistening surfaces of water:  there is radiance as the beauty of light is disposed through the droplets of the airy world to break into myriad fragments which reflect the glory as a gleaming radiance and a gentleness of silvery light.  The eyes of men and women have beheld these glories throughout the immemorial days and months and years of earth’s history.  Such light, the beauty of such colour and the breaking forth of this radiance, brings the soul of man and woman to think of Thee, Oh Thou Great Master and Creator of all things.

            Oh Thou Spirit who art Light within Thyself and Who, in the purity of Your radiance, does set light into every place;  Oh Thou Spirit of Light, man is indeed the reflection of Thy beauty and holds within himself part of Your own glorious radiance.  The radiance in the soul of man surpasses the beauty of sunlight and moon and is beyond the beauty of light as it is reflected upon the still quiet surfaces of gleaming waters, for the soul of man is radiance and light in itself, it is indeed the beauty and light of Thy Spirit, Oh Thou Great Master Creator.

            We pray that man may shine with his own beautiful light, and that light will be wherever men and women dwell;  that the soul of man and woman may be as a lit candle of faith showing forth the gleaming radiance of their praise unto Thee who art the Master Creator of all.  When the soul of man and woman shines with purity and radiance, with an unclouded flame, then their life becomes a life of praise unto the Master Creator, and becomes a showing forth in every part and particle on their inward being of Thy Divine Light and Beauty.

            In Light, in Power and Peace, I set within this room the sign and seal of spirit in the form of a great gleaming circle of radiant light, that it may shine and gleam as the sign that herein spirit and earth have met together in beauty and unity.

    Beloved brothers and sisters, I come and speak with you through the voice of this medium, and as I come I bring some part of spirit power and spirit force;  I come to clothe in a raiment of spoken words the beautiful truths that are known unto us in spirit.  When you say to me: “What are the reasons and purposes that we as individuals become incarnate in this world of earthly matter?”  I must say to you beloved ones, There are many, many reasons, and many, many purposes.  But to those to whom I speak, the reasons why you are here are threefold.

            The first is that you may gain experience as you come into this heavy world of matter.  This is an experience which cannot be gained in any other way except by being immersed in the world of matter itself.  You feel upon your hands the heaviness of clay, and upon your soul the heaviness and weariness of the physical body;  as you move amid this earthly world, you feel in your soul’s self how immovable is the rock and how sticky the clay.  You experience and discover of what substance is the flesh, and you breathe and know of what nature is the air upon which your soul is dependent for life.  As you experience these things, you come to know something about the mortal world and the substances which compose it, for how else may you know of what nature is the matter of your earthly world?  Another spirit may speak to you for a thousand years and still you will not know how heavy is the water and how dense is the clay, because all descriptions and all explanations still defy the understanding:  understanding which can only be gained by experience, by feeling and testing, by knowing.  Only thus can you know the nature of substance, the nature of the earthly world.

            The first lesson and reason for the incarnation of spirit into the matter of the earthly world is for the purpose of gaining experience, gaining knowledge, for knowing of what nature is the substance of the earth.  The Master Creator has set upon the great string of existence a myriad of worlds and stars, innumerable states of existence - and the immortal spirit, the living soul, cannot know these by simply thinking about them.  The spirit learns about the great places of creation by experience and contact, and so gains knowledge of the creativeness which lies within himself.

            I say to you, As your hand rests upon the rough bark of a tree or fondles the silken substance of water, as you lift up your eyes and behold light within the heavens or cast down your sight and behold darkness in the valleys, you are still learning about the world, about creation and the nature of that creation in which you dwell.  Even when you create your little globes and send them rocketing forth into the outer firmament and men walk upon the moon or stars, are you not doing just this same thing?  Discovering for yourself of what substance is the moon and the stars?  As you learn this, you know for yourself something about the very world in which you dwell - this is the first reason for your incarnation.

            Your second reason for coming into the incarnation of the earthly world is to learn to master earth’s forces, which you do in the time of your infancy and the years of your growth.  Before you dwell as a man or woman in your earthly world you have to master the forces of heat and cold, and the great forces of attraction and repulsion.  You have to learn to keep your body upright upon its feet and not let it be drawn down by the forces of earth nor sucked up into the heavens by stellar forces which have their effect upon the earth itself. 

            So your lesson is the lesson of mastery.  You learn to master the forces which govern the body, the powers of the mighty winds which would blow you hither and thither as well as the heat of the sun which can scorch and wither so you no longer exist.  You master these forces that your existence may continue through the mortal and physical body.  As you master them, you come to master the instrument through which the will of your spirit is expressed;  your appetites and hungers - the desires which draw you hither and thither - these have to be mastered by the will of your spirit.  You give your physical body a correct sufficiency of food:  you do not allow your appetites to run away with you so that you give the body such an amount of food that it cannot digest this.  You master your hunger and your thirst, for this is the lesson of mastery.

            As you master these forces, by the will of your spirit you inevitably come to the mastery of the emotions.  The feelings, angers and loves, the attractions and repulsions, affect you in the mental, emotional and spiritual states because you are a spirit trying to learn the lesson of mastery.  Would that you were taught this in your youth, beloved ones, so that you would not allow yourself to be tossed this way and that by your appetites and anxieties but would see and know that the great challenge of your life is to overcome;  to master and make good your will and your desire through the mind and the brain and through the heart and body during the few short years of your earthly experience.

            When you come to the realisation of your mastery then you fulfil the third great reason for your incarnation into the earthly world - the transmutation or cleansing of the soul of this earthly world in which you dwell by imparting into its aura or soul some quality of your own spirit which will cleanse, enrich and beautify this world in which you take your incarnation.  Your creative effort may be in the creation of a body through which another spirit becomes ensouled in the earthly world:  the process of birth enables you to give a soul of value and beauty to the world, who may be taught to live according to the Will of the Great Master Creator, and through whom light and love and beauty may enrich your world.

            The life and beauty of children who are properly taught and brought into the right state of spiritual understanding often brings a gaiety and beauty to the soul of the world, a cleansing and harmony which is not sufficiently understood by those who pass through the experience of parenthood.  I would say to you, Do not despise this action of the creativeness of life, but undertake it with reverence and an understanding of the privilege of creating a body through which a beautiful spirit may come into the ensoulment of the earthly world.

            Beloved ones, as you live your life of experience and dwell with your mortal and physical body, remember that the will and power of your spirit is expressed through your hands and fingers, so bless all as you take your way day by day.  Love - and leave the loving imprint of spirit on the seat wherein you sit, upon the substance that you touch, and upon the person whom you bless.  Let the will of your spirit go out in blessing through the touch of your hands and fingers upon earth’s living substances.  As you do this you leave the touch of the healer and life-giver, the touch of a spirit creator upon the very substance of the world around you.  You are spirit, incarnate in the living body of physical matter, and through your body the will of your spirit is being expressed.

            In your moments of prayerfulness and quiet meditation, sometimes let light go out from your mind and your aura, send out beams of spiritual light and radiance into the world surrounding you.  As it goes forth your light slowly interpenetrates the aura of the earthly world and helps to eradicate the impressions of darkness left over the many, many long years of earth’s past history, when men have wept tears of sorrow or in fear have impressed the soul of the world with depression and fearfulness.  In their lack of understanding, others have wrought vengeance and battle, cruelty and torment upon the creation that surrounds them and left an impression of suffering and tears upon the soul of the world.  But you who understand your purpose in the world can wipe clean this slate, you can wipe clean this aura.  You can replace these old impressions of dark with impressions of light and love and peace, and in its fashion this heals the soul of the world in which you dwell.

            As spirits coming into the earthly life, I would say that this is your threefold purpose.  Firstly, you come to learn;  secondly, you come to master;  and thirdly, you come to contribute something of love – a pattern of beauty, a restoration of harmony and bringing forth of healing.  It is a cleansing and a love and light to the world in which you find yourself.

            We who seek to teach you from the regions of light and speak to you through the voice of this medium, in the years still to come we plan that your young children and youths and maidens will be taught the purpose of their coming into the earthly life, that they may no longer be sucked into the whirlpools of negative thought and selfish desire created by those in the past who left wrong impressions upon the aura of your world.  Make sure you leave the right impressions.  Be certain that you give out light and love, that you radiate forgiveness and circulate healing in all your thoughts and words, your actions and prayers in this day and all the days that are still to come.

            In this little interweaving of the fabric of words, I weld you all together into one unity, and bring you into your little seasons of study, your little times of questioning.

 Question:  Ramadahn, I did not really understand about streams of light coming from us.

RamadahnBeloved one, this relates to the streams of life which meet here on your earthly world.  There are some spirits who come into earthly existence for the purpose of giving light and mastering earth’s forces, and these are spirits such as yourselves.  But there are others who come to earth on a different stream of existence, they come from another planet, and as they come into your earthly world they meet with you and your influences intermingle.  Then these of a lower vibration are lifted into a higher vibration through the love and understanding of souls such as yourselves.  As you give out light and patience to lift up this less developed wave of souls, so you are enlarged in your opportunity for sharing and giving of yourselves.

            Also entering into your earthly world there are specialised souls or spirits who have come from another degree of experience.  These have become known as mongol or idiot.  They are spirits of a special group who come into the earth life for their first incarnation and they come seeking love.  Often the brain is less developed and the use of the hands is less than that of more experienced souls in the earthly world.  But those who tend these little spirits, who lavish love on them, lift them into a higher vibration - and they themselves are lifted by their contact with these souls.

 Question:  Is there a particular area of the brain from which love thoughts should be sent?

RamadahnNo, beloved one:  love thoughts should be in the heart first and then the thought will go out as one whole pattern of love.  But the thought is invariably sent from the region which is level or just below the brow or eyebrows, because this is the region of the brain which is associated with the giving out of deliberate loving thoughts.


I bless you each one, and sign and seal you with the sign and seal of light.  I send you forth enrobed in the garments of knowledge, crowned with the crowns of peace, and bearing within yourselves the flame of love that you may become right royal servers and revealers to all earth dwellers of the real knowledge of life.