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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
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 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health

 Beloved brothers and sisters I enfold you in arms of love and place around each one the quiet beautiful ray of spiritual renewal and spirit protection.  It is apparent that many of you have been wounded in the battle of life, for some of you bear the greyness of discouragement or burdens of weariness as you move through the heavy and difficult conditions of this mortal and physical world. 

            Each of you needs the enfoldment of heavenly love and the healing of spirit contact;  we would weave this around you as beautiful curves of radiant light and colour - the healing, the blessing and loving encirclement by means of which each of you may be healed and harmonised in your inward being.


Beloved ones, I would say that the seeds of thought and health firstly are to be found in a nourishing of yourself upon living seeds, the living seeds of your earthly world.  And when your body is correctly nourished, you may move on and nourish yourself further by right thought and the absorption of the correct forms of spiritual energy.  The human being, man and woman, brother and sister, you are not just body and flesh but you are spirit and soul and body and bone, woven together into a marvellous mysterious interblending of the whole.  In this interblending of the mysterious whole you become that beautiful healthy man or woman in your youth and maturity, and even in the days of your ancient age. 

            Good health is your birthright;  but the health of the body needs to be sustained upon the right foods.  The plants and seeds and fruits, these contain within themselves a richness of nourishment through which the correct interblending of spirit forces and spirit power may come into being for you all.  That which you call the health of the bodily being is the outward and visible sign of the inward and invisible blending of soul energies and spiritual life force with your physical body and being.  When you ask me about the sowing of seeds of good health, I would say that the first thing you should understand is the reaping of the seed rather than the sowing of it.

            Your mortal world is full with rich seeds of health and yet so very seldom do you take the trouble to garner to yourselves and partake of the rich seeds of your earth:  they are the healing, health-giving nourishments upon which your mortal body should be sustained.  But rather than partaking of these life-giving seeds, you try to nourish your bodies upon foods which are dead:  not the living substances but that which is the dead substance of the very earth itself.  When you come to think about the seeds filling your earth with their life, remember that the seed is the ripeness of the plant, it holds the very life of the tree within itself.

            When the living vegetation comes to its richness of fulfilment, the seed is that part which is a golden splendour of beauty, ripened by the sun, kissed by the beauty of the air and washed in the life-giving moistures of the rains.  Why do you not eat more of the seeds?  Why do you not nourish yourselves more completely upon the grains?  Why do you ignore the nuts? 

            In your ignorance you may say that eating seeds is not sufficient food for the human body, but I would say, Is it not true that birds both great and small are nourished upon the seeds of plants?  And monkeys, great and small are nourished upon nuts, the seeds of trees?  You human beings live in the midst of a world that is rich with the life-giving elements of all these plants;  you have but to stretch out your hands, to reach forth and nourish yourself upon that which is good.

            That which you call rice, that which is barley and wheat – is this not seed?  It is the seed of the plant.  From the great golden sunflower comes a seed rich in oil and charged with nourishing forces which the body may obtain to sustain itself in weariness and labour and health.  Is it not true that the little olive is also the seed of a tree, and is it not rich in the oil and food which gives health to those who partake of it?  Are not your trees rich with the nuts and seeds upon which your being may be nourished?  Even the little plants which grow in your English land have seeds, and each seed has its own particular form of richness in nourishment and healing property for those who partake of it.

            Further would I say, If you desire health, then you must know something of the very subtle interaction of the etheric forces of the soul upon the substance of your physical body.  This subtle interblending and interlinking comes from the centres of the soul through the glands of your physical being;  therefore it is necessary that you cultivate within yourself the habits of kindness and compassion, and it is essential that you cultivate the ability to enter into peace and silence within your soul-being.  As you cultivate these habits within your being, you make possible the flowing of spiritual energies through your soul-body in such force and harmony that they bring health to the physical body of which it is a part.  Every feeling of hatred brings something of destruction into your physical body;  every conscious thought of kindness brings into the texture of your physical body the energising forces of the soul which later result in health and joy. 

            This health is attendant upon a mind which is at peace and a heart filled with kindness, and the joy which comes from the marriage of these forces.  This joy stimulates the glands:  in your physical being you will have the right vibration given forth from the glands within the head because they are answering to the soul vibration of joy, and the glands in the throat region become stimulated by your actions of kindliness and love.  This kindly action upon gland centres shapes and harmonises the physical body because it is governed in its health by the secretions given out by the glands in the secret centres of the physical body.

            You need to understand this beloved ones:  know that each time you hold the unrest of resentfulness within yourself or the desire for revenge which is the inward symbolism of hatred - each time you hold such thoughts and feelings to yourself you bring about a momentary inhibition of the action of the glands.  As the action of the glands is altered, so your body will grow into a grossness of excess flesh or else show in itself an extremity of thin-ness.  This is the symbol of a lack of interaction between the soul’s being and the being of the body itself.  The flowing energy of the soul-body interacting through the gland centres of the physical being will bring health in the years to come;  or else it will sow the seeds of disharmony to bring lack of health as you advance into the years which lie ahead.

            Every human person living the mortal experience day by day is sowing seeds of the health or disease they will inherit in the years which are still to come.  The mortal or physical body in its years of aged-ness will show the feelings and thoughts that have been entertained in the years of youth and maturity.  Kindness and forgiveness are the softening elements which allow an interplay of the soul on the body so that the body’s circulation may be maintained in harmony, and even into old age the arteries may be maintained in the flexibility of youthfulness.

            The seed which needs to be sown is the seed of gentleness and kindness in thought, in word and deed.  But how few of earth’s children sow with such seeds! 

            As you have listened to these words, you have listened to words that have been spoken by teachers in years gone by.  Yet still, beloved ones, you mete your harshness of judgement upon your brothers and sisters, you look on them and give the hardness of your thought to them:  you talk about love yet you do not forgive or understand the meaning of forgiveness.  Therefore your bodies become ill, your arterial circulations harden and your physical bodies show the breakdowns in health which are the result of the tensions you have entertained within yourselves in the years of your lesser understanding.

            So I say to you, Garner now the seed of wisdom;  take the seeds of golden understanding and store them deep within your mind.  Store deep in your heart the golden store of wisdom that you may nourish yourselves upon this golden grain.  In the years which are to come when you wonder how to live and order your lives, take the seeds of wisdom from your golden store and say to yourself:  “The Golden Word of Wisdom says that all things pass!  Why then should I strain in the acquisition of wealth and gathering of possessions that I will not be able to retain in the passing of the few years before death intervenes?”  Use the Golden Grain of Wisdom to order your life in a simplicity of living to lessen the strain which comes as you gather experience unto yourselves.

            Take from your hidden store the Golden Grains of Wisdom, and say to yourself:  “Why do I torment myself in my emotional being because I feel that this man or woman does not return the love I lavish upon them?   Why do I exhaust my energies in this emotional fret and sorrow?”  Use the Golden Grain of Wisdom and nourish your spiritual being on the wisdom of acceptance and relinquishment:  know that all you need of love is to continue to hold your feeling of love for your beloveds.  Whether they love you in return is their responsibility, it is their joy or sorrow.  Do not destroy yourself by restlessness within your own emotions and thought but nourish yourself upon the Golden Grain of Wisdom and know that love will come to its fulfilment with the passing of years and the fullness of time.

            We do not see you doing this, beloved ones.  We see you hugging to your heart your hurt feelings, your worry and torment over what others have done or failed to do;  as you hold this torment to yourself so a reaction comes upon these delicate glandular centres where you sow for yourself the seeds of bodily disharmony in the years which are still to come. 

            As you live this mortal life, take the Golden Grain and cease this fretting and flailing of yourselves because you feel that time is passing and there is none in which to do what you desire or wish.  You destroy yourselves by your fruitless thrashing at the great stream of passing time.  You have time, beloveds, to do all you really desire;  there is an infinity of time before you.  Do we not teach you that life is continuous and your activities are not confined to the few months or little years of your earthly experience?  What you are doing and what you are desiring to do is but the sowing of seed to the future and when you pass from this mortal life into the life of spirit you will fulfil and continue what you have begun in the years of your earthly experience. 

            Take unto yourself the knowledge and realisation that a little work well done in the few years of your earthly life may often be of greater value than a similar work badly done and spread over a longer season of time.  Your fret and worry over the passing of time also brings an inhibiting action upon the subtle flow of the forces from your soul’s self into your bodily self and can inhibit the interaction of gland centres within the centres of the soul-body itself.

            Nourish yourselves upon the Golden Grain of Wisdom, grow strong upon the golden grains of physical sustenance, and health and strength will be yours in the future even as health and strength may be yours in this little moment of your earthly time.  Even more would I say, As you learn to live in kindliness, as you learn to see the passing scenes of earthly life as only passing scenes, so you will learn to live with harmony and joy.  And as harmony and joy seize upon your being, so will you begin to breathe with deep breaths of joyfulness.  For truly, as you are sustained by right thought, by right thinking and right eating, so you are also sustained by inbreathing the breath which is the very life of your being itself.

            Peace, peace and peace be here.