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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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9 - The Fatherhood of God

 May the Spirit of Infinite Power fill this room with radiance!  May the Spirit of Infinite Peace fill this room with calmness!  May the Spirit of Infinite Love touch the inward soul and heart so that they melt with tenderness and all the hard accretions of selfishness and self concern dissolve and vanish silently away, even as ice dissolves and vanishes in the sunlight of the great warmth of the Giver of all life.

            May all who hear these words be so charged with life that they feel this tingling energy bringing to the body and nerves, unto every part of themselves, new life and new energy.  In this instant of time, may they be healed, healed in the spirit of power, restored in the spirit of life, and feel their weariness and heaviness falling away from them.  As soil is swept from the bed of a stream by the rushing downpour of a mountain torrent, so may the weariness of earth be swept away in this great inflow of life.

            Oh Thou Great Giver of all!  Thou Great Creator of all!  May Thy Power come and touch the being of Thy children so that they go forth, not in the simple belief that Thou art their Maker and Creator, but in the power and glory and knowledge that Thou art their Maker and their Creator:  the knowledge which comes from realisation, the power which comes from contact, and the glory – the glorying in the sense of freedom, life and joy which comes when they realise their contact with Thee as the Maker, the Creator, the Giver of all good gifts.

            In the spirit and blessing of that Great Power we sign and seal each one and place here in your midst the sign and seal of spirit in the form of a cross which is the symbol of man incarnate in matter, forever surrounded by the great fiery circle of ever-glowing, ever-growing glorious light, power and love.

            May peace, light and power be here and abide with each one.

 * * *

My beloved brothers and sisters, in this quiet moment of thought and prayer I bring you - even if it is but momentarily - into some sense of unity, some sense of realisation of the source from which life has sprung.  It is true and right that you draw the centre of your life and creative abilities from the Great Source which we call the Master Creator but you call your ‘Heavenly Father’ or your ‘God’.

            I would say to you, beloved ones, It is a truth that God has fashioned man as one of the highest and most intelligent manifestations of power in this great world of matter, but equally, according to his understanding and the degree of his inward comprehension, man fashions his God.  The God that man fashions is true for it symbolises some part of the inner consciousness and inner being of the individual.  You will say to me:  “Is it true that God is our Father?”  And I would say, Yes, beloved ones, it is true and right that you should think in this fashion - for just as long as this is the limit of your state of consciousness.

            Is it not true that throughout all the immemorial centuries of their growth men and women have created their vision of that which is divine and infinite into the symbol of that which is to them most dear and most comprehensible?  How shall man understand God as that creative power beyond the limit of his understanding unless he places the symbol of his God into the shape of the sun or moon high and above his comprehension, or unless he symbolises it in the living forms of nature?

            In the deep inward places of his consciousness, man knows that God is not the sun or moon, neither is God the whole of the world of nature.  Man creates his symbolism by embodying his vision of God as the man whom he knows to be most wise, most beautiful, most serene, most loving and most creative, which may be his own father or the ruler of his tribe, or a king or emperor of his country.  But the God whom man worships in this fashion is still only a symbol of the supernal power that he comprehends in the deep inward recesses of his consciousness.

            You may say to me:  “Is it equally right that men of other nations shall worship their God in other symbols and in other forms?  What of the Hindu who worships Kali, the God of Destruction?  Kali, symbolised in the shape of a woman whose hands are dripping with blood and wears around her neck a chain of skulls, reverenced and worshipped and praised by men and women who say that this is God.”  Beloved ones, this too is a true symbol fashioned by the consciousness of the men and women in that land and in that state of consciousness, who have seen that the great eternal brooding power of creation is also a power of destruction.  The men and women who create their God in the form of death are just as true as you who shape your God into the form of life. 

            The great Eternal Master Creator has woven the indefinable links of His Creation in such a marvellous fashion that life and death are inter-woven, they are inseparable one from the other.  You who see life are also viewing the oncome of death, and as you are seeing death so are you seeing birth – the re-birth of new life.  It is impossible for you to separate life and death for both are part of each other as construction and destruction are woven into the same fabric and symbol;  one is part of the other. 

            When men symbolise their God as a god of death, this is equally true as those who symbolise God as of life, of creation, the Father.  Equally true are those who symbolise another aspect of the great Creative Power in the form of the tender mother who watches over all things and shields all things within her tender love that life may be re-born from death.  Those who symbolise God as the Mother principle are also true and right. 

            The glory, the power, the beauty and the strength of the Great Master Creator is indeed beyond the comprehension of the finite mind, it can only be symbolised and perceived according to the degree of the consciousness of man which is open and aware and able to see one aspect of the universal truth.

            My beloved ones, I would say that it is indeed good and right that in your Western land, in your pleasant English country, you should think upon God as the Creator and Father, for in your Western worlds nature is gentle and kind and the inter-weaving forces of the Master Creator bring forth beauty in creation and re-creation.  It is right that your peoples shall see and worship the symbol which the Master Jesus has given to you in the thought that this is a Father – a Father who is wise, who is understanding, a Father who is creative and protective.  This is good because the people of your island have a particular part to play in the evolution of your planet, they have a particular work to fulfil in this great unfolding pattern of world karma;  it is right and good that they should draw forth from the Universal Power the aspect of the Father in tenderness, in protection, in pity and in peace.

            Do not ever forget, my beloved ones, that man is created by God - but God, as known on your earth, is created by man. 

            The state of consciousness of those who draw forth the manifestation of power from the Universal Force into a symbol, draw forth this symbol or picture according to the understanding which they have.  Those in your world who know the aspect of God which is filled with tender creativeness, holy pity and gentle protectiveness, by thus visualising the Father they bring the Father aspect into manifestation in your Western world.  The Indian who worships the great symbols of Shiva or Kali brings forth into his own land the symbol of this destructive aspect of the Great Master Creator:  in the land where they dwell the sun scorches and burns their crops, the rivers either rise in the flood of winter storm or die away scorched in the heat of the sun, and drought and death stalk within their land.  I would say that they draw forth from the inner universal consciousness the symbols of destruction and death, and this is what they reap. 

            Those in the lands who worship the Mother Principle, who have set before themselves the symbol of a woman who bears a infant child within her arms - who would have worshipped the goddess Isis in ancient times and in modern times worship the Madonna - these too bring forth into manifestation in the land wherein they dwell the great creative aspect of love and tenderness.  An increase of created life will come about, the population will multiply;  the youths and maidens there will say they have been blessed by the Universal Mother because they are able to bear many infants, that it is an aspect of the joy of the Mother because they worship Her.  Beloved ones, in their thinking upon that universal aspect of creative love and tenderness as shown in the woman, they draw forth from the great Universal Centre a manifestation of this aspect of the life force as seen in your world by an increase in the population - the coming of many children.

            What of those who have gained a newer consciousness?  What of those who are seeking Universal Peace?  What of the Buddhist who lays upon one side his ancient beliefs and comes to see that in and through creation there is a spirit of peace, an ocean of power – a great centre of tranquillity?  What of these men and women? These, beloved ones, are bringing into your world a manifestation of the Universal Consciousness which is peace, tranquillity and rest – rest and peace.  Slowly coming into your mortal world are those men and women who search for peace, peace in the soul and in the world;  they seek to create areas of tranquillity into which men and women such as yourselves may come to sit for a while in meditation, seeking and searching for peace and an understanding that God is peace.

            With the growth of this consciousness, can you not see how there comes into your world the manifestation of the peace of God?  Slowly but surely all people everywhere begin to desire peace between nations, peace in their home, in their heart and in their world.  By dwelling upon the thought of the universal nature of God as the Giver of Peace, slowly they draw this into its manifestation.  This also comes into being here in your western world where men and women are slowly beginning to turn from their old concept of God as seated upon a throne and ruling the nations of the Earth with benevolent love - to the thought of God as the Giver of Peace.

            You who listen to us and seek to find your own self-realisation, you also begin to find this peace.  I would say that each one fashions their God according to the degree of their understanding.  In your Western lands as in the lands of the Far East, the manifestation of the Spirit of Peace will come into being slowly but surely, and with this coming all other manifestations will be seen as part of the great Universal Force.  Where there is peace there is love, where there is love there is life, and where there is life there is also death - which is change:  all are part of the other, aspects of the one Universal God whom you call your ‘Heavenly Father’.

            With the realisation of this truth, the barriers which divide men from one another will dissolve silently away - hatred will be overcome, to be replaced by understanding.  As the light of the New Age dawns upon the consciousness of the children of earth, they will see that peace, universal brotherhood and universal joy is indeed the manifestation of God through His children everywhere.

            Beloved ones, we come to the end of our season of talking together, and some of you have the feeling deep in your mind that what I have said is not true, but you cannot yet formulate your ideas or gather them into words to say in what degree I have symbolised untruth.  At the same time your spiritual consciousness is aware of truth, which you are also unable to formulate or assimilate.  I would say to you as you go from this quiet communion, Realise that you have two states of mind and two states of consciousness as human beings – one is the spiritual consciousness and the other is the mortal and earthly consciousness.  This evening we have been exercising the spiritual consciousness by thinking upon purely spiritual matters.

            The earthly consciousness is the mind which is trained to think upon the commonplace things of everyday life.  It is also trained to accept the ideas, thoughts and ideals which are presented to it amongst the commonplace things of the everyday.  Always there is a struggle between the mortal mind and the immortal mind, for the mortal will say of the immortal – ‘This is untrue because it is not something with which I am familiar’. 

            I would say to you, Blend together your spiritual consciousness with your mortal and earthly consciousness.  The immortal mind may then impart to the mortal the beauty of its greater understanding, the tenderness of its spiritual communion and the quietude of its supernal contact with things Divine, that the mortal mind may become suffused with radiance and wisdom and touched with infinite beauty.  As you go forth the mortal mind will discern a new beauty in the things of earth and begin to see a new meaning in what before was mundane and ordinary - gleaming behind the fabric of mortal things is that immortal truth of the power of God, of creative energy and everlasting life.

            As enlightened souls, you must learn to read with the immortal mind the story of immortal life, immortal creation and immortal truth written in the language of life divine in the great manifested world around you.  Thus shall you live as souls who have outgrown the old limitations and selfish preoccupations:  you shall learn to live in loving harmony with the great realms of light, the great realms of nature and of humankind around you, in the knowledge that you are the child of the Father and the Father is the Creator of yourself.

In prayer and thought we bring you once more into unity with the Great Giver of all life, the Great Creator of all power.   Oh Thou Great Creator!  Thou Glorious Maker!  Thou Lover of all Thy creation.  Touch Thy children with infinite peace, enfold them in tender love and bring unto them joy - joy which is Thy joy - that from this day to all the days which are to be they may be freed from fear and strong in the knowledge that they are Thy children and Thou art their Heavenly Father.

            May peace, peace and peace be here.