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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

8 - The Responsibilities of Mediumship

 Oh, how wide is the love we bring.  How all-encircling is the radiance that we spread, and how beautiful is the light of hope that we set here within this room.  How infinite is the peace we set in this quiet place of inter-communion of earth with spirit:  how great is the peace that we release, for we come in the power and radiance of spirit and we come with the silence of spirit that we draw from Thy great source.

            Oh Thou Great Giver of all good gifts, we draw from Thee the very gifts that we would bestow upon the brothers and sisters of earthly experience as they wait here in silence and prayer.

 Beloveds, my brothers and my sisters, as I bring you the gifts of spirit and share some part of the influence of spirit, I would say, The responsibility of your reception and use of what we give lies entirely within your own hearts and understanding.  Some of you will shelve your responsibility;   but some will take the influence I bring and hold it within your heart as a precious reservoir of power and healing to shed amongst earth’s sufferers as day by day you move through all the multiple exercises of your own mind and thought and understanding and amongst the multiplicity of the peoples whom you meet.

            Some of you will go forth from this little meeting and say in the surface of your thought:  “It was an interesting meeting!”  There your responsibility will end because you have not as yet gained the understanding that that which is given has to be wisely accepted and widely used.

            The responsibilities of mediumship become greater as your understanding becomes enlarged;  the responsibilities are but small and slight when your knowledge is small and your understanding is slight, for as you grow with your mediumship so your mediumship grows with you.  We do not put heavy responsibility upon the babes of earth - neither do we expect highly grown, wise and wonderful individuals to handle the work that may be expressed through the child.  If you are to understand this subject and come to a realisation of knowledge concerning this, then must you learn to look around your world and see that there are mediums in varying states and stages of unfoldment, and the responsibilities which they each hold is according to their degree of knowledge and development.

            To those who are children in the understanding of mediumship we give nothing more than a slight message such as that contained upon the postcards you exchange with each other;  the message from friend to friend will say little more than:  “I am well and I love you.”  The responsibility of posting such a message is a slender one:  greater responsibility lies in the faithful transmission of such a slender message, and the reassurance that is created between the one who sends such a slender message and the one who is able to receive it.

            In the Councils of Light we refer to such mediums as the ‘post men’ and ‘post women’ who are working between the spirit realm and earth’s children.  The responsibility which such posting people have is surely the same as this within your earthly world:  your postal men and women must be faithful in the delivery of their messages for amongst these slender greetings there may be one which has a greater import, a more important revelation and meaning, such as that exchanged between one who loves and one who is waiting for the reassurance of love.  Beloved ones, if your mediumship is of such a nature, I would say to you, Learn the first lesson in the responsibilities of mediumship - the faithful delivery of that which is entrusted unto you.  Deliver it in the simplicity of the one word, or the four or five words in which the message has been given unto you;  for out of such slender foundations will be raised higher steps leading to a greater mediumship which may affect the whole of the unfoldment of this your earthly world. 

            I say to you, We watch and consider the ways of our mediums.  When we see the faithfulness and faithful fulfilment of small things, then we know we may unfold this one to greater fulfilment, we may rely upon such a medium for the fulfilment of greater tasks and greater works.

            In your confusion of searching after truth, sometimes we hear you say:  “To whom should we give our faithfulness and our allegiance?  Is our responsibility to spirit or is our responsibility to earth?  Are we responsible to the people whom we love and the tasks we must undertake in the ways of earthly life, or is our responsibility to the high and shining forces of spirit who try to interpenetrate the mediums with power, healing and wisdom?”

            Beloved ones, as true and unfolding mediums you must first understand that you are spirit;  you yourselves are spirit and all people whom you meet and amongst whom you work and all to whom you speak, these are spirits now as they will be spirit when they come to the closure of earthly life.  Your responsibility is always to spirit:  to spirit manifesting through the earthly body as equally it is manifests through the ways of your mediumship.  As a medium you are spirit, standing between earth and spirit and partaking of the nature of spirit spiritual as equally as you partake of the spirit of earth, spiritual within itself. 

            Your responsibility as a medium is always to stand between;  to stand with one half of your aura blended with those of spirit spiritual and the other half blended with the spirit in earth, though spiritual itself.  You become a golden link in a great inter-communicating chain which links you unto the highest who are within the spirit and unto the lowest in consciousness within your earth.  Therefore, if you become a medium you are a golden link in a great chain whose highest link is in the purest light, whose lowest link is in the heaviest state of earthly matter that you yourself can comprehend.

            Because this is so, you should learn to seek the right companionships.  Do not look to the companions who are rich in worldly goods, nor those who are famous because of their worldly achievements, nor to the companions who may advance you in your ways.  Seek for the friendships and companionships which evoke within your heart a gentleness, a peacefulness of lovingness, who can exchange with your thoughts their own wise wisdom and blend their auras with yours that your mediumship may be strengthened and enhanced.

            You may say to me:  “Ah, but this means that we must shun our other brothers and sisters.  How are we to serve, to help the needy and sick of the world if we seek only those who strengthen our mediumship?”  I would say, When you learn to guard your mediumship and see the high degree of its responsibility, then we are able to blend with you in such a perfect fashion that you will know when you have to go forth upon a mission of mercy;  we make it clear to you when we desire you to uphold or help your weaker brothers or sisters in the earthly experience.  Until you understand your responsibility, is it not true that you go this way and that and allow yourselves to become involved in the confusions of other people’s lives?  You allow yourselves to be thrust this way and that because you have not yet learned how to be strong within yourselves by harmonising your mediumship in spirit and in truth.

            Discrimination and understanding are the jewels you need to develop in your own soul;  when you develop such jewels we are able to bring you the impressions and visions, we are able to direct you with spoken words saying:  “Help this one;  help that one;  go here;  go there.”  Out of the wise loving evolved in the understanding of your mediumship you can evolve a strong and perfect link with ourselves and I would say that this is the most delicate responsibility that lies upon each and every one.

            From time to time, you cry aloud in your suffering and impatience and say:  “Why do you allow us to become involved in the confusions of earth life?  Why do you allow us to become injured and hurt within the heart and soul and mind?”  Beloved ones, we have to allow this until you learn how to be responsible within yourselves for your own mediumship.  It is only from your hurt and the lessons you learn that slowly but surely you learn to be wise and follow the teaching that we seek to give to you. 

            Learn to be wise and maintain your body upon the food which is best for your mediumship:  regulate the conditions of your life so that you drink pure drink, breathe pure air and do not load your body with excesses of unnecessary food which clog and soil the cellular texture of your body.  When you have learned to use your body as the tool of your mediumship, then we can begin to go forward and perfect within each one this sensitiveness of the soul by means of which we may begin to blend our consciousness with yours.  Through this blending we may give earth’s children some of our guidance, some part of our revelation, and the truth that earth’s children so urgently need. 

            Then your responsibility ceases:  you are not responsible for what your brothers and sisters may take or do with the revelation given through you.  Your responsibility is to be a good tool, to have a clear mind, a calm and loving heart, a pure and sensitive body.  This will enable us to give through you the best and wisest and purest that we can.  Do not weary yourselves with the feeling of burdens which your mediumship may place upon you when we impart words through your voice which another may hear:  it becomes their responsibility as to how they interpret what is given.  It is their responsibility as to how they use that which has been transmitted through you.  Your responsibility as a medium is to be a good medium, to transmit that which is given;  and then leave this in the hands of earth’s children, or the hands of those wise watchers of spirit who may water the seed that is sown or till the soil that has been prepared or bring to fulfilment that which is started in spirit and truth.

            The use of a medium to us of spirit is not only in the words that are spoken nor the visions that are shown;  earth’s children also need that which is contained in the power which we give through our mediums - therefore joy is transmitted, and simplicity and purity.  These are the healing qualities of spirit which we try to impart through our mediums and healers, together with the quickening and renewing magnetic life-giving force of healing.

            I place upon you beloved ones the responsibility of teaching others the wise use of the body, the mind and heart, that the light of true revelation may begin to shine and glow with a purer radiance throughout your English land and all this beautiful world. 

            We who love you, who love our mediums and want to work with you in beauty and power, would that we no longer had to stand by silent and helpless as we see our loved mediums lapsing into illness and weakness, into despair, because they feel that we of spirit have forsaken them or not fulfilled our responsibility to them.  We can do much - we may repair the ravages of the mortal and physical bodies of our mediums, we may restore harmony and peace to strained and disturbed minds and we may bring harmony and peace back again to the hearts of our mediums.  We may do all this - but only if they will let themselves enter into peace, lie at rest and commune with the healing forces of nature;  only if they do not allow themselves to feel the ambitions of the earthly minds and demands of earthly people thrusting at them until they forget the responsibility that they themselves have for the rest of the body, the peace of the mind and harmony of the heart.

            Remember this:  and you shall go forward from strength to strength, from joy to joy, from unfoldment unto greater unfoldment until you become true revealers and lovers of human kind - teachers, prophets and seers going forward before your brothers and sisters, leading them toward the light, in the power and spirit that we ourselves would desire.

            May peace and peace be here.