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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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7 - Animal Comforters

SAGB, July 1995

 Oh Thou whose silence lies in the heart of every quiet thing, may some touch of Your peace be manifested in the quietude of this room and bring that tranquillity to the heart, that deeper peace of the soul to the quietened thoughts of the beloveds - which brings to the body that restfulness and relaxation known as health.  Oh Thou Great Creator, may Thy power move in the silence of this room to renew, re-build and re-harmonise the inner and outer being of each one who waits in the quietness of prayer.

            In Your Peace and Light and Love we set here the sign and seal of spirit that it may shine in the quietude and be a sign to all who shall come and all shall go that spirit and earth meet here in harmony and joy.

            May peace be here and abide unto the days which are still to come.

 * * *

Beloved ones, I take control of the being of this medium that we may clothe truths in spoken words to be understandable to the mortal mind and enquiring intellect. 

            Firstly I say to you, At all times remember and know that you are involved in a great transformation of life here on this planet earth, a transformation which brings in your own personal power as well as that of the many, many others who have taken their way in earth’s experience.  Each part is linked and knitted unto the other - spirit is linked to the human body and person and the human person is linked to all that lives and breathes and moves in the great realm of nature;  which is linked to the great transformations of plant and vegetation and in turn that is linked to a slow but gradual transformation of what you call the rock, the soil or sand which may appear hard and immovable to you and yet, in reality, it is being slowly transformed by the action of the plant life and insect life.  It all goes to create this wonderful texture of creativity set into motion by the great Master Creator of all.

            From time to time try to establish your feeling of unity with the creation surrounding you.  As you become more attuned to that glorious unity and creativeness you will see some of the changes and marvels which are occurring, and one of these which may not be apparent to your consciousness is the gradual evolution of humankind.  In the slow changes of earth’s ways humankind first of all moved from its involvement in the tribe or community, now comes a slow but gradual withdrawal from its unity or enclosure with the family.  In the English land of your world today, you increasingly discover the individual who is walking a solitary pathway and living a solitary life, and in this solitariness sometimes becoming aware of aloneness and more often of loneliness. 

            Those of you who are learning the spiritual way come to learn the value of aloneness so are able to use your aloneness wisely and well.  But those who have not yet learned this are aware of a loneliness and isolation which sometimes brings a pain to the soul and heart, a bitterness and feeling that all is not well with their life and the world in which they dwell.

            Through the creative thought of the Great Creator, throughout all this great evolution, there have been changes in the way of life of humankind and a slow and different growth in the animal creation itself has come into being.  Through the years mankind has been able to extend an influence into many areas of the animal creation so that an increase has taken place in the consciousness of creatures, an influence and change whereby the intelligence has been sharpened, and emotion or feelings have also been increased.

            Therefore I say, As the animal creation is touched by the human creation in kindness, in love and understanding, these qualities are brought forth in the creatures and they take back into the group soul the particular qualities they have garnered or gathered from their contact with humankind.

            There is alteration in the life of certain areas of the animal creation as there is alteration in the life of the human creation.  As many of the human creation become subject to isolation and loneliness, so the animal creation is brought in to give comfort to the lonely:  it may use its intelligence to bring guidance to those who will be aware of that guidance – it gives of itself.  Thus a slow and beautiful increase in evolution may come about between the two. 

            In your earthly world, you discover animals such as dogs and cats and horses - your domesticated creatures - being used increasingly as aids or comforters in the lives of persons of the earth;  the ones who are not able to see with their eyes or hear with their ears may be comforted by the intelligence and care of a loving creature.  Those who are lonely and bereft are often comforted by the gentleness of a furry animal that comes and sits beside them and makes them aware of a silent companionship.  Out of this silent but beautiful companionship the animal creature increases its degree of affection because it receives more love or praise for its increased intelligence.  And when it comes to the closure of its earthly term of life, it will go back into the places of joy and for a time may touch the group soul of its own kind to convey to that group soul the increase of intelligence and lovingness which it developed in contact with the human beings of earth.

            We would say to you, Be aware of this wonderful interplay of influence, open your eyes and see some part of what is taking place in your world.  In your own self try to increase the interplay of energy flowing from you in love and good fellowship unto any creature whom you meet or may see.  As you evolve your own greater degree of awareness and spiritual development, so your personal influence of life and love flows out through your aura.  As you think lovingly of the animal near you, your quickening energies bring about a stirring and stimulation of pleasure to the creature because it is aware of your influence which it receives as a blessing.  Is it not true that the inner meaning of the English words ‘to bless’ means ‘to convey from one to another some high thought, some high touch, some beautiful power, which is drawn in consciousness from the Great Source, and expressed as a blessing’?

            As you evolve you learn to bless the creation surrounding you.  Not only do you bless the living creatures and birds, but also the actual herbage – the plants and trees which grow near to you.  As you move around and admire - whether you are aware or unaware of this - as you touch and think there goes from you a living stream of stimulating life energy which helps to bring forth from your growing places a greater abundance of fruits and flowers or plants.  In its own evolving intelligence the animal creature can also convey its own blessing unto the plant life.  The whole becomes slowly but surely enriched by an interplay of love force and life force. 

            Each individual possessed of this knowledge gives to the whole of planet earth some minute part of their own personal influence, by means of which all is raised just one step higher upon the great pathways of evolving life and light and love.  If you feel from time to time that your life has no great purpose or fulfilment, or you think your life is involved only in useless pursuits, remember you do not live to yourself alone.  Even the most mundane pursuit gives you the opportunity to spread your influence, to look, to think - and to bless the creation around you.

Chairman:  Thank you very much, Ramadahn, for that interesting talk.  People are beginning to realise how close and comforting animals can be.

Ramadahn:  This is true – this comforting is part of the creature expressing its love towards the human.  Not only is this happening with your purely domestic creatures, but slowly, very slowly, it is beginning to extend a little further.  Some of the creatures of forests and plains are being touched by the influence of humankind, especially those who have been gathered or brought into protected environments where they are loved and cared for by persons who are responsible for their safety or security.  Here too, there is an exchange of loving energy between mankind and animal kind which will bring about greater and greater transformations in the fullness of time.


Question:  If people become ill through wrong actions, why do animals become ill?

Ramadahn:  Animals become ill because they absorb an impure magnetic force from the people who tend them.  They also become sick and ill because they are not taught, as men should teach every creature, to control its appetites.  Men and women are not always wise in the loving and tending of creatures, for as they indulge their own bodies in the warmth of comfort, the sweetness of sugar and excesses of food, so they allow the creatures in their care to indulge their bodies in excesses of food or comforts which weaken the harmony of their bodies. 

            Also the animal feels very intensely the lack of love or unjustness of a master when this is extended toward it, and it feels grief and loneliness.  Therefore when you say that men and women become sick because of emotions, so also does the living creature.

Question:  How do you feel about a pet which has to be put to sleep because it frets for the owner who has passed away?

Ramadahn:  If such an action is carried out as an act of compassion, it does no harm. The creature may fret or be unhappy in its longing for its master or mistress who has passed into the spirit existence, therefore its painless release from the body will bring the soul of that creature into unity with the person who loved it.  But always such an action should be carried out with compassionate and loving thought.  If for any reason you need to terminate the life of any creature, I would say, As you bring this into being, send forth to the animal the living influence of your loving thought and blessing from your heart and soul, for that which radiates from you will help in its spirit existence.

Question:  Sometimes it is necessary to take life because of plagues of insects, for example?

Ramadahn:  It may seem to you that it is necessary to take life, but if you become truly in unity with the creation which surrounds you, if you are truly united and in harmony with all living things that surround you, then radiations of living force can go forth from yourself, so that you may say unto the clouds of insects:  “Be gone.”  And the group soul will feel the living energy radiating from yourself and cause the insects to remove themselves to other places.  But until men and women learn this knowledge and gain such a command over the living insects, then it may be necessary for men to destroy these insects.  However, try to send them some blessing, some influence of your love, so that as it moves into another existence the insect itself may be blessed and stimulated by the soul force radiating toward it.

So we come to the end of our speaking together, this weaving of words and outspreading of influence through the auras of the beloveds who are here.  It has been good that we talk in this fashion because it draws into the room the influence of those creatures whom you remember and whom you have loved.  For a little while there is an atmosphere of joyous reunion taking place here in this quietude.

            As you go on your homeward way these beloved creatures will continue to be in the area of your aura for a time, sharing with you some part of the joy and feeling of freedom which they have in the great free life of spirit - and as you are aware of that joy and free-ness may it become of understanding unto you.  As you go forward into the days which are still to come may you enjoy the feeling of freedom, the happiness of the great, natural world around you.  Despite the many errors taking place in the earthly world, see that the Great Master Creator is still at work bringing comfort, bringing light and love wherever it is possible.

            We give thanks to You, oh Thou Great Master Creator, the Giver of all good things, we give thanks unto You for Your holy laws of love and all that has been and all that will be therein contained.