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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
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 Ramadahn's Prayer  8-The Responsibilities of Mediumship  16-The Ministry of Spirits  24-The Colour Orange
 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

6 - Loving the Unlovable

 Beloved brothers and sisters, is it not true that as your eyes gaze upon the ocean, you will say that it is blue because it reflects the arching sky which is above it?  If your eye wanders into the distance you may behold it as grey, or sometimes even tinged with green or mauve or with any other hue which the ocean may capture from the arching colours which fill the sky with glory.  Yet it is the ocean that you see and you will say that the colour of the ocean is blue.

            If your eye gazes upon the gentle blossom which unfurls its petals upon the branch from which it has grown, you may say:  “This is a red rose,” or:  “This is a rose which is pink,”  sometimes you may even say:  “It is white.”  Yet is it not true that the white petals are sometimes silvery in their sheen or stained with a tint of gold or a hue which is pink?  And yet the hue is so delicate that you will say:  “This is a white rose.” 

            What of the red rose you love so well?  Hidden within the petals, do you not see shades and shadows which have hues that are almost purple, tints that are delicate pink and tinges which remind you of gold?  Even the red rose has variations within its redness - yet it is still a rose although you may say the rose is of this colour or of some other hue. 

            Whatever you may gaze upon within the ways of your earthly world, you will discover that every hue holds within its heart a multiplicity of rainbow colours because this is the fashion in which the Great Master Creative Force has brought it into being.  And it is so with these hues and colours which are seen within the soul body of the human person (the aura) which reflect the feelings and emotions, the aspirations and desires of the hidden soul and inward person.

            Why then do you say to me:  “What is the colour of love;  of what nature is love?”  I would say to you that as the rose has a multiplicity of variations within its hues, so does love have a multiplicity of variations in its nature. 

            As you live your life in the ways of earthly experience there is the tender love which blossoms in the years of your youthfulness, the love between maiden and man, and man and maiden;  then there is the deepening love from their con-joining together which gives a richer hue, having within itself the tints of devotion as the infant child comes to enlarge the circumference of their lovingness.  Also in the lovingness of earthly life there is found what is known as loyalty, a hue and shade which has a different colour from the tender hues of early love, a colour which is strong and clear - loyalty is also a part of lovingness.  In this blossoming of love and lovingness within the aura there comes sometimes the ruby and scarlet hues which are the symbols of sacrifice - sacrifice, too, is part of the quality of love.

            You need to meditate upon the nature of love and see all the varying aspects of its nature, for when you say:  “Is it possible to love the unlovable?  How can we feel love for the unlovely?”  then I would say, You need first to ask in what nature do you mean love and of what kind of love are you speaking?  The very fact that you say:  “How can we love the unlovable?” is a revelation of the love within yourself. It betrays your desire to love the unlovely and proves that you have love within your heart for those who are difficult to love.  So you should not torment yourself because you think you cannot love the unlovely, but know that your very desire to love them shows that the seed of nobility is set deep within your soul.  Later, through this kind of loving, you will be able to develop and express your desire to love as compassion.

            Then there is the quality of love which causes you to say:  “I feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for her.”  Beloveds, this too has within it a tinge of love from the heart:  it is not the ruby red of sacrificial love but has a tint of the love which dwells deep within the soul.  As you gaze upon the depraved, the neglected, the ugly, the resentful, the hurtful, you long within your soul to aid them in their distress, yet you are aware that no words come within your mind which may reach them - yet you pity them. 

            Pity, beloved ones, has also a part of love.  The heart which is cold and completely closed can feel no pity.  When you say:  "I pity them, I feel sorry for them," then your soul is revealing a tinge of love similar to the subtle tint within the rose petals or the heart of the ocean, in the subtle colours within the arching sky.  When you feel such pity, when you desire to help, when you voice your feelings and say:  “I wish I could do something,” then I would say, This is the outward and visible sign in the earthly world of the outflowing of frond-like structures which go from your aura as delicately as the unfolding feathers of birds.  They reach out and momentarily touch the soul or aura of the one whom you desire to help, touching them with a touch so gentle that they are scarcely aware of it - and yet they are blessed.

            Is it not true that the brush of an artist, if it caresses the canvas for only a moment, it leaves its tiny impression?  Even so is this tender brushlike touch which goes out from the soul and momentarily brushes the aura of the depraved one.  In that moment a little mark is made:  in the fullness of time this may become the very centre upon which spirit can later build a cleansing and renewing influence which will lift that one from ugliness into loveliness.

            When you have a desire to love the unlovely you may also train yourselves to gaze with the eye of inward understanding upon those who surround you.  Sometimes look upon the men and women who pace your city streets and say to yourself:  “Within this one there lies the spark of divine life, there is an imprisoned splendour behind this stony face and this self-contained personality.”  Seek and look and try to discover the hidden splendour of the soul, and this may make it easier for you to discover ways in which you may unveil the loveliness within the soul of the unlovely. 

            As you ask your question it seems that it is not asked about those whose souls are encased in bodies which are bent and twisted by disease nor whose features are marred and blurred and unbeautiful, your question is asked about those whose personality appears to be twisted and whose soul seems to be ridden by hate and the desire to destroy and harm the creation.  It is for these that the real compassion of the soul has to be unfolded and enlarged.

            In the regions of spirit life, in our service to those who leave the earthly life through violence and hatefulness, we have to learn how to love the unlovely and overcome their desire for retaliation.  We have bands of spirits who are skilled in piercing through the armour of hatefulness with simple weapons of lovingness.  In our helping of those who are lost and lonely, we make use of many little loving things.

            We have learned that hate in the soul is frequently the result of loneliness and souls who have left the earthly life and dwell in the grey places created by their own desolation are alone because they separate themselves from those who would love and help them - when we draw near with love and encouragement to succour them, they thrust us away. 

            But loving creatures, little dogs who have loved human people in the earthly experience, these loving animals can be brought from their happy places of joy and will accompany us into the grey places.  With their friendliness and joyfulness the little dogs pierce through the armour of hate and loneliness and with their devotion they reach these souls who are so alone.  Many creatures co-operate with us in these regions of spirit - sometimes a lion or a horse or an elephant, maybe even a little mouse - for here in the gardens of spirit existence these creatures live with love and freedom;  they are responsive to our thoughts and may sometimes draw near to such souls to lift them out of their darkness into a first realisation of light.

            Even so can it be for those who are alone in your earthly world, those who separate themselves from the men and women who surround them till they are unaware of love. Sometimes the animal or bird, or even the child, may draw near and with simplicity accomplish that which you cannot bring into being.

            I would say to you, Do not despair if you cannot express love in the way that you yourselves understand it but send out your thoughts, radiate your influence, pray for those whom you cannot touch with words.  Remember that the radiation of the soul and spirit is always a living radiation of light which will set into motion the patterns created by spiritual endeavour to bring around the unlovable one;  a pattern and power upon which others, in later times, may build and add their influence to water the little seed of love which you have planted.  In the fullness of time, regeneration and love and light may come for each unlovely one, for this is the pattern and power of the law of life and the law of love.

            Even further would I say to you who are desiring to develop the power of love, Think to yourselves how a little knife has to be sharpened against a flint stone, think how a little jewel has to be shaped by a surface which is rough and rubs and brazes it and turns it until the imprisoned splendour of the jewel is released.  The unlovely and the difficult to love are the testing stones of your ability to persevere, they are the trials upon which you test your strength.  How feeble and weak will be your love unless it is tested sometimes in the need to understand and to forgive, in the need to persevere.  It is in this that you come to truly understand the fact that you must be grateful for your enemies and bless those who do not understand you - from them and upon them the true power and ability and understanding of love within yourself comes to its beauty of fruition and fullness of unfoldment.

            I bless each one with the blossoming of love within your heart and the shimmering of light within your soul body, and pray that the Great Giver of All Good may set upon you the sign and seal of blessing and lovingness, that it may endure into all the days which are still to be.