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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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5 - Spirit View of Remembrance Day

 In silence and peace Thy children remember Thee, oh Thou great Maker and Creator of their being.  In silence and peace Thy children draw near to Thy heart of love that they may be impregnated through heart and soul and body with the radiance of Thy love and power.  As they think upon Thee as that great Spirit of Light they ask that You will think upon them, and in this thinking together may the great golden chain which binds one part of Your creation unto another be forged in sympathy and power between their heart and Thy heart, between their minds and Thy mind, between their love and the infinite flow of the love which comes from Thee, the source of their being whom they call their God and their Heavenly Father.  In this little moment of quietude the bond of remembrance is formed, the golden chain is spun;  and we pray that as this golden chain is spun, link by link, the little ones of earth and the great ones of spirit may be bonded together in unity and power. 

            In the light, with the blessing and peace of the Great Giver of all good, I set here the sign and symbol of spirit in the form of this shining cross that is forever surrounded by the gleaming, ever-expanding circle of progressive light and love - and may it shine here within the atmosphere of this place to show that spirit has set its blessing herein. 

            May peace and peace be unto you.

 * * *

In the quietude of your thought, you ask me what view we in the spirit hold about this yearly time of remembrance (Remembrance Day), this yearly festival in which you stop in the midst of all your earthly activity to pause and remember for a little while those who died in battle, who died in the sea or lost their lives in the vastness of the air - who died because they felt they were combating some great wrong here in your earthly world.  They died because they felt it was their duty to answer that which other men and women expected of them.  But I would say that when they emerged from the recollection of their time of death and lost the feeling of the many pressures which were against their consciousness as they lived in the mortal existence, then indeed many of these men and women take a different view of war, a different view of peace, and a different view of the sacrifices they were forced to endure.

            I would say to you, This, your time of remembrance, need not necessarily be one which is bound to those who served in war:  it should be a time in which you recollect the life of the peace bringers, when you think about those who tried to create peace in their earthly life - and also a time to join your thoughts in love to those who are the peace makers here in the high regions of the spirit existence.  Just the remembrance of those who died does but little, for that remembrance of the dead lies in the hearts of all who loved them.  Those who have died continue to live in the spirit existence and are remembered and loved by those who know them in their spirit families and who love them in their spirit places.  Just this remembrance from earth about those who have died serves little purpose for the incoming generations, the men and women who in their youth have but little understanding of the true meaning of battle nor the real meaning of sacrifice.

            It would be a better, wiser and lovelier thing if your time of remembrance came to be a time in which you deliberately remember those who desired peace rather than those who desired war;  it would be better if you would think about those who understood the meaning of peace rather than those who tried to express valour.  It is peace that is needed in your earthly world, and it is communication between earth and the spirits of peace which is required. 

            Here in the spirit existence are men and women who died for their ideals and willingly sacrificed their lives for the good of the world in which they dwelt, but not all of them manned mighty guns nor swept the world with fire;  many of them patiently and quietly kept watch and guard to see when danger was appearing, many were those who sat beside the beds of sick children trying to soothe their pain and illness and give them peace as they left the physical body.  These were the ordinary men and women who became known as nurses and doctors, attendants and drivers of vehicles.  Their desire was such that they did not wish to harm the world, so they gave themselves to succour the suffering and wounded.  In your times of recollection these peaceful men and women are not recalled – but rather the names of the men and women who fought and killed, and in their fighting brought peace to your world.

            After their time of transfer into the spirit existence, some of those who fought and swept the world with fire said to the wise spirits:  “For what purpose was all this?  I did not desire to harm the creation but this was all I could do.  Could I now do something for the creation of peace?”  So a great army of light has been created in the spirit places, and in this army are soldiers and sailors and flying men of the past who do not desire to express their failure or courage, but simply to bring peace;  these now belong to the great armies of peace in the spirit realm.  When there is a threat of war and it seems that men are once more bringing a great crisis into your earthly world, then those who have the open vision, who possess the gift of clairvoyance, will say they see the armies of light coming into the atmosphere of your mortal world.  The armies of light come to fight - but not with the weapons of destruction, not with destructive fire, they come to fight with their purified will which has become like a gleaming sword;  they come to fight with their vibrations of thought which go forth with vibrations of peace unto your mortal existence. 

            Whenever there is an opportunity, the armies of light draw near unto earth.  When you hold your little time of recollection in your earthly world and men and women pause in the midst of their many activities and say they remember the dead, then I would say, In that time and that day the cohorts of light sweep down into the atmosphere of your earthly world that they may, with the loving spirit of their living will, cut through some of the selfishness which binds the hearts of men and women as in a bondage of darkness.  They use their will to implant the desire for peace into the hearts of statesmen and sovereigns and those who have influence over the peoples of earth.  This is the most important part of this time of remembrance and recollection. 

            If you will upraise your thought to the armies of light and make yourselves channels through which their will may be filtered into the atmosphere of your mortal existence, then you will make channels for the bringers of peace and a pathway for the armies of light to tread for a little while in the ways of the mortal men and women of your earthly world.  I would say to you, beloved ones, Your day of remembrance has great significance to us who are here in spirit.  It is not in the significance of sadness and tears and it is not that we are glad that you remember your dead, but we are glad that you create channels for peace, pathways through which the armies of light may enter into the atmosphere of your earthly world and shed their influence far and wide.

            You say to yourselves and unto me:  “What good does the army of light do when our world is so filled with discord, when the world is so fraught with hatred and men and women seek to destroy one another?”  I would say, You know but little of the terror of war, you know but little of this terrible flame which sears the body of the earth and destroys the life of all that lives upon it.

            The terrors in your world today are little compared to the total terror which comes when a mighty war sweeps your world and enfolds it in darkness and horror and death.  The armies of light have drawn near to your earth many many times, and it is through their influence and the thoughts and prayers of the good ones in the earthly existence that the totality of war has been avoided several times.  Only a few years by people were saying to me, the teacher, and to one another:  “Surely this war is going to involve the whole world in a flame of horror?”  We answered and said, The cohorts of light are going to try to quench the flames, that it may not spread and become a great world conflagration.

            When the time of silent remembrance is in your heart, try to visualise this world enfolded in a golden girdle of spirit influence;  hold in your vision the thought of this great living globe of your mortal existence slowly being encircled by a golden glow of spirit light and a silver thread of spirit influence.  As your thought circles round the world, it is lit for a moment by your recollection and blessed through the various places for which you pray, and some who belong to the great armies of light may draw near you and extend their influence in peace and harmony into the very places which you yourselves remember. 

            We who look down into your earthly world and earthly atmosphere from the high places of spirit, we would impart light and peace and healing that it may filter through into the soul and heart, into the very being of each beloved.  In the fullness of time, may each one become a server in light, a server in the law, a creator of peace in the very place wherein you dwell.

            And so in peace and harmony I would bless you and seal you all with love.