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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
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 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

4 - None is too Small

 In deep quietude, Oh Thou Spirit of Power – in deep quietude may Thy Power be made manifest unto the watching and waiting, the searching souls of Thy children;  may the deep quietness of the inward heart come unto them with understanding and realisation that Thou art not distant from Thy children, Thou art not in some inaccessible place of glory but nearer to them than the skin of the body, closer art Thou to them than the breath within the lungs for Thou art indeed the Spirit of Power.  It is Thy Love which stirs within the inner deeps and causes them to try to discover the meaning of their life and the meaning of their relationship with Thee.  It is within the deep inwardness of silence, in the moments of quietude that there comes unto Thy children the realisation that in quietness they are indeed with Thee.

            In the searching of the soul, they think Thou hast come unto them because they are quiet;  in the seeking and searching for truth they think they have risen to discover Thee.  They know not that Thou art ever present, that Thy love is within and all about them waiting only for the quietness of realisation and growth into unity, the knowledge that Thou art there at any moment and in any place.  It needs but the quietude of certainty for them to come into this close unity of realisation that Thou art indeed their God, inherent in all things, fulfilling Thyself in all, and pervading all places which appear to be empty with the mightiness and majesty of Thy Holy Light and Heavenly Love.

            We bring unto these who wait in the quietude of thought this understanding that even now, in this instant of time, they are in Thy presence!  Thou art with them!  Thy Spirit is pervading them through and through.  Thy love is stirring within the inward heart because Thou art their God and they are indeed Thy children, Thou art the Master Creator of all. 

            In this understanding and with this peace and holiness of Presence, we sign and seal each one as they are here and send them forth with peace, abundant peace, Thy peace, within the heart and mind and within the inward places of the soul.  For as they retain this sense of unity may they know that wheresoever they go and whatsoever they do they are with Thee and Thou art with them in the fullness of peace.

My beloved brothers and sisters, we draw near to earth conditions and converse for a while with you concerning the many things which come to your minds.  In our study of your thoughts and ways in the earthly experience, it would seem that many of you are troubled because you feel you have so little to offer unto the service of the Master Creator.  Many of you have a need for encouragement because you are afflicted by a sense of inadequacy:  you feel that you have striven so much, asked so often and sought so fully to serve, and yet are empty, your words are void and the power you seek comes not.

            I would say to you, beloved ones, You should remember the Law of the Great Spirit of All, that when there is an emptiness, that emptiness must be filled.  When you feel that you are most inadequate, then often the Great Spirit of All can use you in the fullness of power.  It is in your weakness that the strength of the Most High is sometimes shown in unexpected measure;  when you feel that your words are void - it is then that the Great Spirit can come and wing your thoughts with new wings of inspiration and power.

            As we watch your efforts to serve and your desires to heal each other, it sometimes seems to us that your desire is too strong, it is of the mortal mind;  and sometimes your wishing to speak is also too much of the mortal mind.  When you let go of this - as often you do, dropping your hands in weariness, drooping and saying:  “I am of no use” - in that moment of time does there not come to you a sense of flooding inspiration, an inflowing of power?  And you will stand and marvel and say:  “See what the spirit has done here when I myself have done so little.”

            Beloved ones, we would say to you, The Will of the Great Master Creator in all His creativeness throughout the universe is accomplished silently, effortlessly, harmoniously, beautifully and lovingly.  You in the earthly experience seek for development and understanding:  but we would wish that you relax, relinquish yourself and feel for a while the great strength of the Eternal Power unrolling in harmony and beauty for ever - the power of your God is one which forever goes on creating.  Sometimes cease your striving, your restlessness of effort and say:  “I have done all I can do, now must I wait and relax, and leave myself passive in the hands of the Greater Power that would use me.”  Then indeed you will find that you go forth with a strength which is not your strength, fulfilling a plan which is not always your plan, and healing with a healing which is not altogether your healing:  all is imparted to you and given through your weakness.

            As you pause in the times of prayer, sometimes give thanks to the Master Creator not only for your strength and achievements, but also for your times of weakness and despondency;  realise that these are but part of the pattern.  As you bless that which seems imperfect in yourself, do you not bring it forth into the light that it may be seen in a truer perspective and made whole in the power and beauty of spirit?

            There is none so small and weak, none so imperfect that we in spirit cannot find a use for them.  We do not search for our mediums in the high places amongst great names and influential peoples, we seek for them where people are lowly of heart and where there has been weakness that we may use.  We choose our instruments out of the ways of weakness and suffering, encourage them and bring them forth in strength and majesty of spirit to accomplish our own desires. 

            We work in this way because it is the law of spirit and the way of the Most High One.  In past seasons of earth’s history, when revelations were to be given from spirit and prophets called unto their high ministry, did the message come unto the leaders of tribes?  Did the message come unto the kings in their palaces?  No:  the message of the Most High Spirit was given to the child who served within the temple or the lonely outcast as he lived within the desert, it was given to those who were indeed outcasts in that they were prisoners in the care of foreign nations.  The choosing of instruments and finding of mediums was always the same – it was the one who was weak who could be used.  As your mind goes into the past, remember that the Master Jesus chose Paul, that in his bodily weakness the law of Spirit might be fulfilled and strength brought forth.

            Think upon these things, beloved ones:  in your own way learn to understand this message.  As you enter into your times of prayer and meditation, when you seat yourselves and struggle with restless minds to prepare for the inflow of spiritual power – you will say that you strive for spiritual unfoldment – think sometimes of these words and make a letting go of your desires the basis of your development.  Let all the ambitions both of earth and spirit fall away from you, empty yourselves for a while of all thought and feeling:  remember that where there is an emptiness, it must be filled. 

            Seat yourselves in the silence of meditation ere you enter into prayer and spend a while in loosening away all spiritual ambition, all striving and desiring, let it fall around your feet like a garment which is no longer needed.  Thus you prepare yourselves to receive the garment of holiness, becoming like a cup from which is outpoured all the wine of earth that the empty vessel may receive the crystal waters of spiritual refreshment.

            Remember always that the empty vessel must be filled, the empty places must be pervaded, for this is the law of spirit, it is the law of God the Master Creator. Seek and meditate in this way, that out of your meditating shall come the pure wine of spirit, the beautiful living power which will heal and refresh your brothers and sisters wherever you go.  As you empty yourselves of sorrow and fear there may flow into you the abundant joy – the overflowing joy of life which is the life of spirit, the life of the Master Creator, the life of God Himself.

            With thoughts woven in this fashion we send you forth to think upon these things and to serve in the fullness of joy;  not because you are strong nor because you have learned to do great things, but joyful that spirit is manifested in strength in your times of weakness and out of your imperfections can be brought the beauty and power of holiness.

            With peace and with light we bless you.  May peace and light and power be here.