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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

3 - Spirit Healers in Healing

April 1988

 In the spirit of power and wholeness I come into this room to commune and speak for a little while through the voice of this medium in sentences which may contain an understanding of those truths and ideas which need to be crystallised into sound to become knowledge to the earthly life. 

            In the power of peace and with the spirit of light and healing, I release the energies of renewing life that you may be impregnated with healing energy and quickening life and, receiving this, be strengthened for the work that you have to do, the lessons you have to learn and the burdens you have to bear.  In peace, in harmony and love, I come here and bless each one.

 Beloved brothers and sisters, as I take control of this medium I hear the questions which arise in your minds relating to this great subject of healing, your question as to what part we of spirit play in bringing about healing and restoration. 

            Before I can answer your question I must set before you our view, the view of spirit which relates to this which you call healing.  You regard healing simply as the overcoming of bodily pain or the rebuilding of a bodily organ into strength and health, something which relates entirely to the body and physical person.  But we of spirit who serve and teach from spirit, regard healing as a restoration of harmony, restoration of that pattern which the soul has created and the spirit desires;  we seek to restore the pattern and harmony which is natural to the being whom we are trying to help.  Therefore we do not see healing as only relating to the physical being, we see it as relating to the soul, the mind and the spiritual being of each individual.  It is in this sphere that our real healing work is to be discovered.

            From time to time we remain close to the beloveds who are taking the earthly incarnation that we may impart strength to them if some earthly experience is testing them, testing their patience or love to such a degree that it is breaking down the pattern of the soul, and through breaking down the pattern in the soul body there may also come a breakage in the physical body.  So we come with a ministry of healing and guidance, a ministry of comfort to help souls such as these in their time of testing and distress.  You of earth do not call this healing, you say it is the help which spirit is giving;  but in our view this is a work of healing because it is a healing of the soul, and through strengthening the soul there is often the elimination of weakness or disease in the physical body.

            And when our beloveds are going through the earthly experience of bereavement and the suddenness of death separates them from the spirit of a beloved – a wife may lose her husband, a mother lose her child, or a brother lose a sister – whatever the separation, we of spirit see this as a wounding of the soul.  If love has been there, the physical death of a beloved is a degree of shock to the ethereal being, and with that shock there is also loneliness and sometimes terror, or simply grief.  This we regard as a sickness of the soul.  We draw near to try to heal the souls of such beloveds by bringing them the reassurance that their beloveds still live:  we pour into the empty places of the heart our own panacea of spiritual love or weave around the soul body tenuous strands of our own spiritual colour – all this that healing may be brought there and the wound in the soul may close. 

            You in the earthly life do not call this healing but simply call it comforting, you say the spirit comes to bring evidence or to comfort the mourner.  But we regard this as true spiritual healing, and many, many spirits are engaged in a task such as this.

            We see the sorrow of the world, the sorrow which comes to the souls of people through the greed and unkindness and ignorance of other men and women who oppress or bring into being hunger and fear - which in itself brings about a sickness of the soul, a grey fog which creeps through the soul of a nation.  This also is a spiritual illness which needs to be healed.  So groups of spirits will bind themselves into unity to sweep clear this fog of ignorance and diseased thought and replace it by new thoughts of love and understanding.  When you of earth are aware of such a ministry, you will say that spirit is there to teach people and lift them out of ignorance;  but we of spirit say that we have been trying to heal the soul of a nation by clearing away the roots of old prejudice and ancient ignorance.  Thus you must understand that when we speak of healing, we speak of it in a different manner compared to the way you use the word in your mortal life.

            In the mortal existence it seems that you link your thoughts and souls to spirit with the idea that they may transmit to you and through you the quickening energies of spiritual force, the quickening energies of life, and by conveying these you strengthen the ethereal body and then the physical bodies of the loved ones around you in the earthly world.  But I would say to you who desire to unfold your healing abilities, Try to see how big a task this is, realise that if you are to be true healers you must not limit yourselves simply to the bringing of a little light into a blind eye or a little hearing to an ear which is deaf, a little movement into a limb which is crippled.  The fullness of your healing must be in the changing of the soul;  the impatience in the soul is changed into patience and peace, and the irritation which inevitably arises where there is pain is changed into acceptance and relaxation.  This is part of your spiritual healing, you are healing upon the soul level. 

            Your healing should also be applied to teach those who are round you how to inbreathe the life energies, how to open to the great flow of energy forces, rather than making them dependent upon the work which you yourself may do.

            You who desire to serve in this way must come to see that the greatest sickness in the soul of humanity is simply that the love of self seldom extends into the love of brother and sister.  If there is a desire to help, love should stream from the soul in tenderness and beauty, for a great deal of the sickness of the body is due to the soul being famished for the food of love, for companionship and understanding. 

            If you are to be a true healer you must learn how to walk beside those who are sick, to strengthen and support them until they are strong enough to stand by themselves;  you must be prepared to listen to their tales of woe and change these tales into stories of hope and joy.  In so doing you bring about healing upon the level of the soul and release the hidden energy of the spirit which lies deep within the inner centre of every soul.  When that soul energy is touched, complete healing and restoration come into being.  Until you have learned to understand and heal in this fashion you will be guided and supported by those who understand more of this than you do, those in spirit who come with love and compassion and try to teach you, as a healer, to heal upon all levels of the being of the one who is sick.

            So I say to you, Those spirit helpers who are guides and guardians in this work come with varying tasks to perform.  There are some who will make it their work to influence your hands or arms to move at the impulse of the spirit ones so that healing energy is directed to the place where it is needed.  Some draw near to impress into the spiritual aura a reservoir of power which may be directed to the needs of earth’s sufferers;  and some come to impart understanding to the mind, or increase love in the heart of the healer.

            Others simply come to weave strands of colour that the healer and patient may be strongly bonded together by tenuous threads of light as delicate as the filaments which are sent forth from the body of a spider.  When they weave these tenuous threads, unity and harmony is established between the soul of the healer and the soul of the sick one.  In this tenuous linkage spirit may come to bring a soothing, an easing and encouraging influence until such a sick one is better.

            Even more than this is the task which is undertaken by some helpers of spirit in guiding and supporting those in the earthly life who minister to the sick and needy - the doctor, the nurse and the healer.  Each of these have their circles of attending spirits and each attending spirit has a particular task to perform;  they may be a doctor or nurse or matron but they have been blessed by the High Powers of spirit and stand as the representative of Light. 

            Into your schools, in the places where children come for teaching and learning, we send forth one who is a representative of the true spirit of light and understanding, one soul to stand and shed forth the purity and light of spirit into the conditions of that particular school.  We do the same in churches, the places wherein peoples worship.  There will not be many who are representatives of spirit, but always there is one – one who has knowledge of the Truth, who can be used by spirit and stands as the representative of Truth Eternal.

            Our work is growing and extending - we seek now for men and women who may go into the factories and working places, that within these places there may be one man or woman who stands as the representative of Truth, holding fast to the understanding of Truth Eternal and radiating thoughts of harmony and peace – this one too is the representative of spirit. 

            It is in this representing of the power of Truth that so many of you are called upon to serve, this carrying forth of the true light into the highways and by-ways of life.  Often you will say:  “The service I can render is so small,” and sometimes:  “I would that I could be a visionary, that I could be a healer.”  But we say to you, Accept your calling and give forth light in the place wherein you find yourself;  when your light is shed and the transmutation is complete, then greater work may be found for you.  But for the present time learn to do the Will of the great Giver of Light, through yourself in the place wherein you find yourself, in the fullness of harmony and the beauty of peace.

            It is good that you come from the outer ways of the earth life to commune with us for a while.  It is not only in the words that are said but also in the spiritual power which we transmit through the aura of our medium, in the indefinable weaving of the thread of our thought with your thought that the work of spirit is done. 

            Not only is it done here in the silence of this sanctuary but it is done in many places and at many times.  Sometimes you will be aware of the strength of spirit coming to you when you feel weak and ineffectual, you will be aware of contact being created from spirit when you desire to help one who is weaker than yourself.  In our work we are not confined to rooms or mediums, nor to sanctuaries, churches or places;  our work is done spirit to spirit and soul to soul.  Once the golden thread of thought has been interwoven into the mind of those whom we love, then we can swiftly and easily renew that contact and bring again the help which is desired.

            Therefore I say to you, Go forth with joy and peace, serve and search in your own appointed places, know that you have work to do and that you have not gathered together by chance.  In your quiet times of meditation and peace, think sometimes that a golden globe of spiritual healing is created within your hands.  From your hands there flows always a spiritual magnetism and spiritual force which usually shows through the human hand in rays of blue, either deep or pale.  When the fingers are curled then the blue radiance which streams from the hand becomes turned in upon itself and a blue globe is created there with the blueness of this force.  Meditate and think upon this blue globe which you create within your own hand, because it is the blue globe of the healing which later you will use.

            When you desire to prepare yourself for the healing of another, sometimes fold over your fingers and close in the force within your hand.  The spiritual force of your own spirit may thus become concentrated within your own hands which are your tools, and instead of your spiritual magnetic force streaming forth into the atmosphere through your open fingers, it is conserved and held within yourself.  When you then give your hands in healing and comradeship to another, the blueness of this force is transmitted to them in life and beauty. 

            When you know not upon what to think and meditate, think upon the blue globe of power – it is the globe of healing which is entrusted unto each and every one.  As you think upon it within the inward consciousness, within the living mind, there comes the silver thread of realisation - and a greater concentration of light can flow to you from the Infinite Giver of Light.  As you think upon the blue globe within your hands it is charged and transformed by silver radiance, it becomes at last a great glowing silvery ball of healing which you can hold on high and shed in beauty into the lives of the many whom you meet and the many whom you desire to help.


Question:  How do the spirit healers and guides come into this service – those who work with us?

RamadahnThose who join with you in your healing ministry?  Beloved one, there are a variety of spirits who will conjoin their influence with such as yourself, but invariably they are ones who, during the earthly incarnation or earthly life, had a desire to help others in the earthly world, or had a knowledge of earth’s finer forces such as those you call the ‘Red Indians’, or who had a knowledge of the ethereal substances of the physical body such as the Chinese who understood the energy points.  Such ones will draw near a potential healer and there will be brought into being, as you will call it, a matching between their particular energy forces and those of the potential medium or healer;  and as the healer progresses in the ministry of love using their own energies and aura for the purpose of helping others, so the ethereal energies slowly become refined and then other healers from spirit will be attracted, or will come forward to work with you. 

            Each healer is matched to a particular level of energy in the aura of the healing medium, and so you may be familiar with one spirit or two, but invariably there is a group, each one serving a particular purpose and bringing a particular ray or special colour.


Question:  If a Red Indian comes, then he goes and a Chinese is given, and then someone else – can they be the same one at different incarnations?

RamadahnIt is not usually so, beloved one, but the coming and going may be the times when their particular potency is being matched or blended with that of the medium or healer.  Occasionally you may have a spirit who has had one or two earthly experiences, but to come back to the earthly atmosphere and work with a healer or medium would be very difficult for one carrying the ethereal memories of so many past experiences.  Invariably those who come, come in their own ethereal bodies:  and here, working with the medium, I have quite a large group of helping spirits, but each one retains their memory or semblance of their last life existence. 


Oh, Thou great Giver of Light, in this still moment of prayer and thought we uplift unto Thee the hands of the children who are here.  May each of them, creating their own blue globe of healing, receive the silvery radiance of Thy Divine Blessing.  May these globes of healing, thus sanctified and re-created and transmitted through the mind into their own hands, be carried forward in beauty and peace into the outer world, becoming to others the symbol of Thy Love and Thine Everlasting Truth.

            We offer unto Thee the symbols of their service, the symbol of their hands and the healing which is within their hands:  enbathed in Thy radiance, may it be the power, the blessing and the beauty which they retain from this time unto all the times which are still to be.

            May peace, power, light and radiance be here, and abide for all times.