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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



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1 - The Spirit View of Mediumship

With great peace I come and entrance the being of this medium, and with love I come to release radiations of spirit healing, spirit power and love into the atmosphere of the children who are gathered in this room.  As I take control of the being of this medium I see that many brothers and sisters gathered in the quietude of this room are clothed with the greyness of weariness and have wounds sustained in the battle of life.  Each one has a need for the healing of spirit love and tranquillity, for the healing known to earth’s peoples as peace, the blessed, beautiful peace of the spirit which I draw from on high and release here amongst you now.  May it be a treasure and healing for the soul and body which you retain into all the days which are still to unfold before you. 

            In love and peace I set in this room the sign and seal of spirit in the form of a shining cross, the symbol of the human being incarnate in the world of matter, forever surrounded by the gleaming, ever-expanding circle of eternal life, ever-growing growth and every-expanding consciousness.  May this be a sign unto all who shall come and all who shall go, that herein earth and spirit have joined together in unity and love. 

            In peace do I come, and in peace do I greet you one and all.

 * * *

Beloved brothers and sisters, as I talk to you through the voice of this medium I try to answer a question which has been raised in the consciousness of some when they ask:  “Is everyone a medium?”  I would say, If you are to understand this, you must first clearly understand what we of spirit mean by a ‘medium’;  this differs from what you in the earthly world understand by this word.  In the regions of spirit we mean by a medium, a human being - or even intelligent animal - whom we may entrance and through whom we may express that which we know as spirit power, spirit wisdom, spirit light, spirit truth, spiritual energy.  But it would seem that you in your earthly bodies define the meaning of a medium as anyone who sees a little vision, who feels the presence of the unseen or may be aware of the thoughts of others impinging upon their minds in telepathy.

            I would say, This is a degree of sensitiveness, but it is not necessarily the full definition of a medium, for a medium is one who may be impelled and moved at the will and desire of a spirit.  The one who is merely sensitive to thoughts may not be impelled or responsive to the desires and wishes of spirit. 

            You should learn and know that in your earthly world you have those who can be defined as sensitive to spirit influence, and those who can be defined as open and fully responsive to the power of the spirit.  Not all people in the human life can be known as mediums;  but all have the soul capacity of being aware of spirit powers and spirit forces, and the power and ability to develop the inner soul sensitiveness by means of which they may become certain that they are spirits themselves - and through that certainty they may learn how to be aware of the spiritual world surrounding them. 

            Those who are true mediums have a special constitution in the linkage between the ethereal body of the soul and the physical body of earth:  it could be likened to a loose mesh.  Those who are not mediums have an ethereal body which is more tightly composed and contains the physical body more firmly.  The ones who are the natural mediums have an ethereal body which is linked loosely to the physical body and through that looser linkage the spirit guardians, spirit controls, spirit teachers, may intervene in the linkage between the two to gain a control over the medium’s brain, the nervous and circulatory systems. 

            When such a control is established, the degree of mediumship can be increased by skilled spirits who may be able to bring about a blending of spiritual force with emanations of the aura so that an ectoplasmic substance may be formed.  Out of that ectoplasmic substance may be created the semblance of a face which can be discerned upon the medium’s features;  or an artificial voice-box may be created through which we whisper our words in such a fashion that you may hear it as an audible voice.  If the medium has a strong and powerful physical and ethereal being, then we may sometimes extrude such a quantity of ectoplasmic force that forms or materialised hands may be seen, or materialised movement which portrays the will and desire of spirit over the substance of earthly matter. 

            Where there is such a degree of mediumship there may also be the possibility of spirit entrancement as I am doing now – through control of the nervous system the hands are moved at the impulse of spirit and the voice speaks the words we desire.  We control the brain cells and centres of a medium in such a way that we compel the medium to say what we desire rather than what the medium may think or wish;  this is the response of the medium to the compulsion of the spirit.

            In a similar degree we may also enter into a fusion with the personality of a medium, take control of the hands and extrude through the hands of certain mediums radiations of light and colour.  When directed to the bodies of those who are sick, these radiations will quicken the life activity in the body of a sick person so that healing and restoration is established - then you will say:  “This is a healing medium.”

            Still would I say to you, Not all persons who live the mortal life are able to be full mediums in the complete meaning of the word ‘mediumship’.  Growing in your world at this time of earth’s history are souls incarnate in their physical bodies who have a sensitiveness which is so delicate that they are able to feel the radiations of life which are in the earth and respond to radiations of light in the atmosphere;  they sometimes hear the messages or music which spirit is trying to impart to them or see in their inner vision the lights and colours brought by the ministering spirits.  You call these ‘mediums’, but we do not call them mediums – we call them psychic sensitives.  We try to blend our influence with such sensitives to increase their degree of sensitivity so they respond to the telepathic thoughts which we impart to their minds;  then you will say that they are inspired.  But we do not classify them as a full medium who may be a channel for the full power of spirit.

            Many of you have studied the religious history of your past and will say that the prophets and seers of the past were mediums.  I would say, Yes, this is true, for your prophets and seers were recorded in your ancient books as being responsive to angelic influences.  Is it not true that many of them were entranced by the spirits who taught through their mediumship?  Is it not true that many were able to produce the ectoplasmic formations by which spirit became visible unto those who desired to communicate with them?  And is it not true that these seers and prophets of the past were fully aware of the power of the spirits working with them? 

            So it is true that your present spiritualistic revelations have blossomed from the root of an ancient truth in which the seers and revealers were themselves true mediums.  Not mediums who saw a brief and fleeting glimpse of which their minds had doubts, nor those who sometimes felt just a fleeting impression of spirit so they were uncertain as to the reality of their experience:  they were true mediums who could say with certainty: ‘The spirit of the Lord appeared unto me - the spirit of the Lord said unto me - the spirit of the Lord commanded me.’  This is the difference between the types of the mediumship of which I am speaking to you now.

            Some have seen spirit and therefore know there is a reality of spirit and will say: “I know.”  But many of you have had only fleeting impressions or thoughts gathered from the minds of your friends:  therefore I say, We do not class you as a medium but as a sensitive who may gain a degree of certainty in the fullness of time.  As you become more certain in yourself, your ability to respond to the impulsions of spirit will increase, deepen and grow.  In the fullness of time the full flowering and beauty of mediumship may evolve from your sensitiveness.

            I would say even more to you, beloved ones, Do not think the abilities of mediumship are the only aim before you in your spiritual search;  your sensitiveness to the things of spirit should and can and will eventually blossom into an inner soul development.  Your learning of spirit truths should encourage you to enter into the silence of meditation, sharpening the awareness of your mind so that you respond to the feelings and thoughts of your brothers and sisters in the earthly life as to your brothers and sisters in spirit.  Your spiritual development should lead you to a development of your inward soul capacity;  which is distinct and different to that contained in the word ‘mediumship’, the control and co-operation with spirits of light, spirits of power and goodness. 

            In these words I try to clarify for your mortal minds that which we of spirit understand as the meaning of mediumship.

            Here within the regions of spirit life, we also have and use those mediums whose spiritual soul body has an ability to respond to the power and control of the spirits of light.  Before we may fully entrance a human medium, frequently spirits of a lesser development control the body, as is the case with this medium through whom I am speaking.  Ere her bodies were strong and clear enough for me to entrance her in this present fashion we began her development with entrancement by the spirit of a simple Red Indian who wished to serve in this fashion.  In his entrancement of her he began to strengthen her mediumistic powers and later he would take control of her and I would take control of him.  Gradually through the course of years he has moved forward in his work and now I am able to entrance this medium directly.

            In your periods of development and unfoldment some of you may be aware of an entrancement by one spirit, yet you may also know that there is a higher spirit who desires to contact you and may gradually do so by entrancing the spirit who is entrancing you. 

            All this development of mediumship and unfoldment of the soul is undertaken with love and understanding from these regions of light;  it only seems a blurred and confused pattern to you in your mortal and earthly world because you are not yet able to give yourselves to the quietude of meditation, that discipline of daily life which will enable a clear and beautiful development of the powers and capacities which you yourselves possess.

            I come to the closure of our little time of talking together and blending the influence of spirit into earth.  But as I come to the closure of this time I would say to some who are here, Thank you beloved ones, thank you for your thoughts, the creations of light which have been emanated from your minds, not only as you have listened to my words but as you read the words which have been transcribed and written.  Know the living emblems of your thoughts are received in this region of spirit experience as little golden flames of appreciation, glowing globes of colour and little blue emanations which go toward the medium in blessing and through the medium to myself and the group who combine with me.

            In love I bless your loving thoughts and combine them all into a great ring of beautiful light.  I uphold this ring of beautiful light created by the love-thoughts of these beloveds and ask that it may be infused with Your radiance, oh Great Giver of all light.  As this little ring is infused with Your greater radiance, may it reflect into the soul, the consciousness, into the vision of the beloveds;  may the dazzling radiance of beautiful truth be with them today and remain with them in all the times which are still to be.

            May peace, peace and peace be here and remain unto all the days that are still to be.