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When you come to the end of your earthly experience and step forth from the physical body in the new life it will not be asked of you: "What religion did you follow? What belief did you hold?" There will be none to say: "Were you a Roman Catholic, a Hindu, a Jew or a Christian?" But those who have loved in your earth life, these will come to you with love. They will look to see how much service you have rendered, how much love you have given to those weaker and less evolved than yourself, how much courage you have shown in dark and lonely experiences, for by this measure is the soul known when it comes to the spirit life. But where spiritual knowledge has given the soul increased ability to live kindly and peacefully, then we say that religious belief has its value. Where a philosophy helps to raise the thoughts on high, then that philosophy is a true one. But it is not true that worship in any one church or belief or any one religion is more important than the other.

Your world needs to manifest the spiritual aspects of love, and the first of these is patience. In order to help you lift your love on to a higher plane, the things you desire are withheld for a time that you may learn to wait in patience and in peace, for truly in patience there is peace.

Day by day think not that what happens to you is of importance and grieve not over the actions which others extend to you, but rather think unto yourself: "The wisdom of the spirit lies not in what others do, but in how I react unto what others may do."

Order your life so that your reaction is always one of forgiveness, gentleness, peacefulness, lovingness. So will your spirit become lightened and brightened, and at the end of the journey it will be released, ready to rise into the realm of light where it may enjoy all the happiness, harmony and beauty which I strive so inadequately to clothe in the words of earth, that you may gain some faint understanding of the beauty you may all see one day.

Let go of regret and let go of self reproach. Say sometimes in your prayer: "Yes, great Father of All, I have failed in this. I should have done better. Help me next time to fulfill this with a greater understanding." Do not weep over your failure and reproach yourself endlessly, for you only build a barrier which holds you back from Light and comfort.

All real spiritual development and unfoldment comes about within the inner spiritual consciousness, which then stimulates the mortal brain, so that each person may discover truth according to their own particular needs.

We in the spirit love you, but our labour of love is rendered not by removing your responsibilities but by standing by and lending unto you hope, strength and comfort, by shedding light upon you and interpenetrating your world with radiations of peace. We know that through such spiritual influence slowly you become stronger and able to stand in your own right as beautiful spirits, and out of your own experience of suffering will develop the desire and ability to comfort others.

Man often says, "God has answered my prayer," but if he had the open eye of vision he would see a loved one standing near watching over the progress of this soul who says, "Here is a sincere desire which we will try to bring to fruition that the spiritual progression may be forwarded."

To feed the hungry over an indefinite period of time is to supply their need but to deprive them of the desire and necessity to work. Work and labour should be undertaken with love, for that is the expression of the inward spiritual will through which the great laws of cause and effect are continually balanced. Where there is no need to labour, then lethargy and self-indulgence seize upon the mind, body and soul, and with that comes destructiveness and sinfulness.

It is true that you must pass through varying experiences in the daily life but you do not need to suffer; your suffering is simply your reaction to what occurs. God has not ordained suffering, but has ordained change, change which must come in every human life. But there is no need for you to suffer through these changes if you can accept them as experiences by which to learn.

In your secret moments of prayer say unto your Lord: Thanks for this failure, for this inadequacy, for I realise that from this I gain something by which I may help the progress of others upon the way.