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Can you explain what happens when a human being enters the spirit world?

Ramadahn Replies:

If there comes about a death through age, or through the body being destroyed by means of disease, then we know that such a one is going to be reborn here into the region of the spirit. Then a watcher will be appointed to wait for the time when the spirit is ready to be released from its hold on the physical, dying body. The watcher will then send forth a call, drawing in another group of spirits who will, as it were, wrap that one in wrappings of their love, and convey it to a place wherein it may rest in peace. There a place is prepared, often a simple room in one of the spirit temples, dressed with blossoms and flowers from the gardens of healing, and into which we bring objects dear and familiar to the beloved. The mother, father or other loving spirits will sit silently waiting beside the new-born soul until the deep state of rest ceases to hold the consciousness. As they awaken, the behold the smiling faces of those lost long ago, but who wait now to welcome them into the newness of spirit. Therefore I would say to you, a death to you on earth is to us a birth into the spirit.

Often as I have beheld such renewed souls wakening from the dream of death I have seen like cords tugging at the heart. As the souls feel this pulling vibration, they know that some beloved still in the earthly life grieves and wants to see or to hear from that moment they are drawn back again swiftly into the vibration of the earthly life, to be momentarily reunited with the one who has called them in their moment of sadness or of sorrow. But in their coming do they not impart to the mourner a touch of their joy, a moment of their gladness, bringing some comfort to the mourner?

To you who are in the earthly life we would say: do not be ashamed because sometimes you feel a gladness enter into your heart at a time when you feel you should be sad. Those who have passed through the change of death would like you to share with them your love and gladness that their freedom from the mortal body has been established. For how can life continue from the everlasting unto resurrections, little sleeps and awakenings, times of revelation, times of renewal, and wondrous times of praise?

But it would seem that in your mortal life there is little understanding of this truth, for when a beloved is coming to the time when the soul is leaving the body...then those of the family and friends will weep, creating a turbulence of emotion around the departing one, which disturbs the soul seeking to find peace. Also, amongst the doctors and the nurses there is an agitation, a fearfulness that the spirit should escape from the body - and so and there is a hasty use of many instruments and many ideas, so that the soul might be brought back again into its control of the mortal body. Therefore, there is not the peace that allows the soul to go quietly and easily from the body.