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Is service sometimes done from the wrong motive?

Ramadahn Replies:

Truly. We look deeply into the lights and colours of the aura of the beloveds and sometimes we see that, when the person is conscious of loneliness and isolation, it will say: "I must serve. I must help others that my loneliness may be filled with grateful companionship and my isolation may be healed by unity with others". We say to you this is not the way. If the heart is empty turn unto the great Master Creator, unto the great Heart of Love, and ask that your empty heart may be filled with compassion, so that you may go forth and seek to serve each other, to heal each other, not to heal your own loneliness, but rather because you love those whom you serve. Once the barriers of the self are dissolved and broken down, then the soul expands; your sensitiveness unto spiritual influence increases and you become aware of the beauty of the spirit, of the communion of the spirit ones, and the radiant light of the spirit places can be unveiled to the inward vision.