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Can you advise us how we may share the small amount of truth we may have gained with others on differing levels of understanding, who often reject that which we are eager to give them?

Ramadahn Replies:

I would say to you: the truth can only be truth to each man and to each woman according to their inner understanding. You should remember that because you find a certain truth is good, or a certain pathway is right, you should not endeavour to force your brother or your sister to walk that way. The wise man, the wise woman, the seekers after truth, say to others upon the way: "I have seen this; I have heard this; this I have experienced". If what is said vibrates and answering chord with the consciousness of the other, then the other may desire to learn that which you have understood.

But not all the myriad souls who are taking life's experience have the same thought, for some need to learn the way of love; some need to learn the way of simplicity; some need to learn the lesson of sacrifice; for some the way is through beauty and for others the pathway lies in the giving of themselves in sacrifice of healing, or of service, of for some the way is to be found in silence. These are the individual ways of the soul, and some will find their understanding of these individual ways through the teachings of the Christian churches; some may learn through the wise thoughts of the ancient Chinese teachers, and some through listening to the teachers who teach in the quiet rooms of Spiritualism.

For each soul and for each seeker there is a way that is right, and those of you who have a little light, those of you who have gained a little understanding, it is for you to look upon your seeking, groping, sorrowing brothers and sisters, and guide their steps into the way which is right for them, remembering that unto the child you must give a teaching that is simple, which the child may understand; unto the wise man you may give a thought that is pure and lofty; unto the loving soul you must show the way of love.

Share what you have, according, to the degree of your understanding, with the men and the women whom you meet, for it is true that as you become what you think, so deep within your inner self must you give some of the virtue of what you become, unto other people, because through giving unto others that virtue, so do you increase your own ability to receive more from the inward and hidden centre which is deep within yourself.