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Why do we to have an aura, and what is its meaning?

Ramadahn Replies:

Its purpose is that you may be visible to the vision of those spirits who keep you within their care. It is also meant to be visible to you on the earth if you have developed a sufficiency of vision to see each other, not simply as the body of flesh, but as the whole person, so that as you see the light of the aura you may know the nature of the person you are beholding. For these lights and colours in the aura will show to you what are the desires, what are the feelings, what are the secret searchings of the person to whom you look, for the spiritual aura reveals the real inner spirit and the real nature of the persons whom you know and love.

Furthermore, this energy force which is woven into the physical body is meant as a protection, so that as you move around in your world you are within the shield of this psychic protection which surrounds you like a shield of light, ensuring that you do not become unduly influenced by the aura or the spirit of those others whom you may meet day by day. But in your mortal world, especially in your English land, persons have become enclosed together, so that there is and interchanging and interweaving of the energies between the auras one of the other; this means that when you have travelled or walked together, either you will feel strengthened because you have exchanged energies with those others, or else you will feel weakened because you have given some of your energy into the aura of others who have a lesser understanding than yourself. When you are seeking the unfoldment of mediumship you should always seek for the company of others who have a similar understanding to yourself, and try to remain in the company of those who have love for you, so that there may be a strengthening in the interchange of the energies between your auras which will bring to you strengthening if your inward powers.

It is also essential that you shall learn how to draw around the outer edges of your aura the rings of light which bring to you protection against persons who are of a lower order than yourself, those who have not any spiritual endeavour. If you do not understand this when you endeavour to increase your sensitiveness, then you may pass through experiences which will be uncomfortable and difficult for you to understand. You need to know how to protect yourself against such persons and you need to know that you can, by an effort of your will and your thought, project towards such persons streams of light, golden energies, which you send directly from your aura, to lighten their darkness and bring them into a higher degree of development.