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Will God allow man to destroy the world by nuclear bombs? Will He allow misuse of this knowledge to cause countless malformed babies to be born to future generations?

Ramadahn Replies:

This world, which you think so permanent, is but part of the worlds which have existed throughout long centuries of time, in which nations have risen and fallen, cities have been built and destroyed, forms of animal life have risen, taken their experience and have been transmuted into other forms of life. In this evolution, races of men and women have come, reached the final evolvement of their understanding, then they too have gone on to other worlds of experience.

Why then should you fear? Why be so dismayed at the thought of some mighty change or cataclysm in this part of your mortal experience? The earth is old and has endured light and darkness, heat and cold; it has borne upon its bosom many forms of life. It has seen the rising of great joys, the tears of great sorrow, and yet the body of the earth endures, for it is a place of experience, the planet of sacrifice, the planet of purification.

Shall this cease because one or two men in their search for understanding learn how to change the atomic structure? Surely such a thought is of the mind only and not of the spirit! The earth will endure until it is no longer a useful school for spirits needing purification, needing to learn the lessons of sacrifice. The earth will endure until the ethers have been cleansed, changed and bathed in the love of men and women, until the Master Creator no longer has use for the earthly planet within His great worlds of creative life.

Therefore lift up your hearts from the darkened valley of fear, lift your consciousness into the great rivers of life and say, "All is well, all must be well, for we are part of a greater universe than ever we can see or know while we are bonded by mortal mind and mortal thought."