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Have you, or anyone you have met, seen God ?

Ramadahn Replies:

Not in the sense in which you speak of God. I have seen the glory, and I think it is the glory which is known to the people of earth as God.

Before I decided to come back to labour amongst the people on earth, from the gateway of the seventh sphere I looked forth and beheld the glory of the spirit -- the heart of Light -- for such you will call it. I think it is this which has become known as God to the peoples of earth, who have captured this word from singers in the ancient scriptures who spoke of the glory of God.

It is not possible to describe in ordinary language the radiance and beauty of His power, but if you can visualise some mighty lake lying calm, translucent and unmoving, and then gleaming upon it the radiance of a sun which is soft, beautiful as moonlight and yet without the vagueness of moonlight; and within the heart of this radiance a centre like a glowing heart, rosy, gentle, palpitating and throbbing throughout the whole, and then try to feel that this enormous stillness, a radiance palpitating with life and love was flowing in and through you and through all things...then you might have some vague symbol of understanding of that which we know as the Glory.