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Of what nature is God and how may we grow toward Him?

Ramadahn Replies:

Firstly, you need a new understanding of the relationship between yourselves and the great Creator of the universe. The old idea that God the father is in some distant place in the heavens to be approached with awe and trembling must be supplanted by the inner teaching of unity; that man's soul should be in unity with the power of the Creator manifesting through all things.

The teachers of the past taught that your world is complete in itself. That is untrue. It is but part of a chain of worlds and stars strung out through all the vast spaces of the universe, each having its effect upon the other as are beads each one part of a string of pearls, with the string binding them together itself but part of the whole. The old thought that man is bound to the life of the world and that your God is concerned only with this little bead should be replaced with a purer comprehension of the power and majesty of the Creator who holds within his left hand the worlds which are revolving in shadow and in his right hand those revolving in brilliant light. The Creator who sets into motion the great laws of balance, one force balancing another, that all is kept harmoniously in a slow, beautiful ordered progression. Through this moving and balancing, the souls and spirits of the living creatures also take their ways from life to life and from star to star. As the string moves within the beads threaded upon it, so does the great life of the Creator move through all created things.

Secondly, you must define how you yourselves symbolise God, and into what form and shape you desire to grow. Here in the spirit life our vision of God is this great creative love energy moving in and through all things. If you desire to grow towards this God, this great Master Creator, then indeed you must learn to look to the power and glory manifesting through all the creative world surrounding you. Look through the windows of your soul, feel with the fingers of your soul and listen with the ears of your soul and know the glory of your God.

Take into your hands a raindrop as it glisten upon the bough and see with your inward soul that in this drop of water is all colour. Let your soul become conscious of the creative power of the Master Spirit who makes colour, then ask yourself by what creative effort has this drop of water been distilled from the sky, from that you can behold its visible nature upon your hand? As you understand the raindrop, so do you grow toward God. Then lift a tiny petal from the smallest blossom and behold the miracle of gleaming colour, its texture, shape and perfume. As you think upon it, grow toward God in remembrance that this is but one of a myriad unseen petals in untold splendour of beauty upon the lonely mountainsides and in the farmost places. Stretch your soul, growing away from your own immediate concern and into the larger consideration of the works of God.

Cease for a while the whirling thoughts that are concerned with your own life and look upon another human being, the one nearest to you. See the miracle of flesh and bone, the lines carved upon the face by laughter or sorrow, see the fire of anger, the softness of love. Look not with indifference but see them as the temple of the living God and let your soul stretch and grow. Feel with the soul's sensitive fingers the agony and joy which has taken place within this man or woman, then let your thought flow on and on to others of a like nature, to the aged and the young, the helpless and the able, those in far and near lands. So shall your soul stretch and grow, the tendrils of your awareness reaching out and out, growing toward nature, humanity, and toward God.

Here in the spirit places we have to learn in this way. We gain no wisdom or expansion without effort, but only by growing in understanding the one of the other. Even so must you upon earth, for by loving the created and understanding the created, so can you grow toward the glory and the life of the Creator.