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Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts



Restoration of Harmony

 I am not a healer, but I often wish I could help people who need healing. What can I do?

 If you have sufficient understanding that you yourself are a spirit, then you can draw upon the spiritual power which is forever at work in the world.

 If you desire to draw healing to yourself or to impart it to others who are in need, seat yourself in some restful place and allow to drop away all fret, anxiety and fear, slowly bringing yourself into a state of quiet meditative thought until you are conscious of the deep peace of the spirit and the warm power of the Love which heals all things. Then in loving thought send to those you desire to help the silver thread of your influence. Visualise their eyes as you last saw them, for the eye is the window of the soul, and if the expression of the eye was weary, lonely or closed with fearfulness, see it changed into joy, peace and glowing health. Try to hold that picture, at the same time attempting to unite these people whom you desire to help with the flowing warmth and peace which is coming to you.

 Always where there is a desire to help there will be the watching spirits who will endeavour to forward your work. Spiritual healing is very much a living influence transmitted from soul to soul, and it will flow from your soul into theirs.

 Many people seek healing going from one healer to another, but they fail to get better. Why?

 It would be better if they would seek firstly with honesty within themselves to discover why they are ill and do not improve. Truly, some sicknesses are not healed by the healers because the inner consciousness of the patient desires to keep this sickness as a shield against their inner state of inadequacy. Truthfulness of the spirit should bring its own reward, so long as there is honesty of purpose between patient and healer.

 Are there any limitations to spiritual healing? I am thinking of epidemics. Could such illness be avoided?

 There are no limitations to the power of the spirit. There is a community consciousness, and almost without their awareness people may become influenced by the waves of fearful thought which are emanated by the nation or group which is surrounding them, and it needs a high degree of spiritual enlightenment to withstand these.

 When you absorb such thought vibrations of fear or disharmony you become part of the whole sea of infectious disease, but if you are steadfast in daily indrawing the power of Light and breathing out healing and harmony to those around you, then you can cancel this negative community power of thought and keep yourself and the people near you in harmony and freedom from disease.

 Can one become a more efficient instrument for healing by trying to think of one’s healing guide, or is it better just to think of something spiritual?

 It is better to try to empty yourself more completely so that you become a clearer channel, an empty vessel. Because you have the desire to heal, so you are known as a healing vessel, and as you give yourself to your healing work, try to let go from yourself all anxiety and strain, bringing yourself into a state of relaxation. Simply hold the thought, "Here am I, a vessel which must be filled because I am trying to empty myself." Thus you should find the healing ray come in greater strength and purity.

 One way to do this is to place your hand upon the one who is sick, relax yourself in body and mind and simply hold within your consciousness a thought that the power of the healer and patient are one. Unite yourself with the power so that without effort, striving or strain there is unity between the power, the patient and yourself.

 Why cannot you heal people upon earth without our help?

 In some cases we are able to bring renewing spiritual energy direct unto the sick person, but often the renewing force they need is of the etheric realm, and therefore the healer transmitting spiritual energy is also transmitting force which is within the living ether of your earth.

 It could be symbolised in this fashion: if you took a fish from the water and it lay dying upon the earth, I could give the fish renewing life force, but unless you returned the fish into the water it would die, for it needs not a superabundance of air, it needs air diluted, which it gets within the water. Even so, the human being is sick because there is a lack of etheric life-force pulsating through the etheric body. We may bring a renewal of spiritual energy unto that person, but if they cannot gather sufficient etheric life force then the spirit will be strengthened and renewed but the etheric body will not, and so death may take place. Thus the loved one will come in strength into the spirit life, but will not remain in strength here upon your earth.

 Why do we sometimes feel the spiritual power strongly, while at other times hardly at all? How can we best harness it for the good of others?

 There is no increase in the power, only in your capacity to receive, contain and to channel it through your own personality into the earthly experience. You need to learn how to be harmonious channels, not by making great and sweeping changes in yourselves, but in knowing how to conserve your own natural energies and to use them wisely.

 Consider the young children in your midst; do they not reflect tremendous activity as they run, jump, speak and move? They have not yet learned an essential lesson, that the great flowing flux of life has to be controlled and used harmoniously if it is to bring harmony and beauty into being. So you say unto them, "You must learn to rest, to sleep and to be still, that you many not tire yourselves needlessly." But you do not go far enough, you fail to teach them how to conserve their energies that they may enter into the inwardness of silence.

 Your hours of loneliness are precious gifts granted unto you, but how often do you use them wisely? You fritter the hours away in useless occupations instead of bringing the body and mind under the subjection of the will, that you may conserve the spiritual energy of the soul and mind, and the healthful energy of the body. How often, too, you dissipate energy in your speaking together. This is good when it is the expression of your love and desire to understand each other, but how much energy is fruitlessly dissipated in pointless remarks, in what you call "polite conversation"? The voice can heal, the tongue can bless. Truly, your words can bring beauty and harmony unto the earth when they are the outward sounding forth of the spiritual energy flowing from your inward consciousness.

 This is the secret of your power: learning how to speak and when not to speak; learning how to control your thoughts so that gradually they become ideas of idealism, lovingness and truth. Eliminate thoughts which vibrate round and round yourself in self-concern, in fear of the future or regret over the past. These serve no purpose except to exhaust you so that when you desire to bring forth healing, you say, "I do not know why it is, but the power is weakened today." It is not the power which is weakened, but it is your inability to receive, to conserve and to respond.

 Truly the spiritual life is one of discipline and service, the golden joy of service, but you may only attain unto the fullness when you are in harmony with the great flowing Divine spiritual power.

 So, seat yourselves in peace, think upon the things eternal, and conserve within yourselves the energies of life.

 Is it possible to conserve healing force?

 From your hands flows a spiritual magnetism, and this usually can be seen in rays of blue, either dark or pale blue, and when the fingers are curled, then is the blue radiance turned in upon itself so that a blue globe is created there. Meditate upon this, because it is the blue globe of healing which later you will use.

 When you desire to prepare yourself for healing or helping another, sometimes fold over your fingers and close within your hands the spiritual force of your own spirit, then, when you give your hands in healing and comradeship to another, it is transmitted to them in life and beauty.

 Why does one sometimes feel very weary and depleted when helping people?

 This is because you are allowing them to draw strength from you, rather than you yourself drawing strength from above and sending it forth to them in a conscious effort of love and thought. So long as you keep your attention turned upward toward the great canopy of spiritual power, allowing this to flow into yourself, you can send out light and love in feeling and thought without becoming unduly exhausted. But if you are trying to carry those who are weak, or allowing them to extract energy from you, then you are not living in harmony with spiritual law.

 The spiritual law is: draw the power and give it forth, and in this you cannot be exhausted.

 Does meat-eating affect healing power?

 I think the eating of meat will make little difference to the healing power you are using so long as your state of consciousness is not identified in pleasure with the food you eat. The sustenance of the mortal body should always be taken with detachment, and with the thought that, as you partake of food, it is the offering of the low and mortal self unto the high and immortal self, that it may be translated into the energy needed for this particular work. If you load your body with too much animal food you may upset the chemical balance, and this will interfere with the flow of healing force, but if it is only a small amount and your spiritual consciousness is correct, then it would make but little difference.

 How can absent healing help ease great pain?

 Do not send forth the thought concerned with the easing of pain, but rather think of an instrument in which the strings have been tightly bound so they are taut and vibrating with too strong a vibration. Visualise those strings being tuned, slackened, so that as the hand of the harpist goes across them it may vibrate melody and harmony, not the discordancy of broken strings. Much pain of the physical body is the result of nerves which are taut and tight with fear.

 How does absent healing work?

 The healers transmit healing energy. They sit together in silence so that their spiritual consciousness may be raised. As they attune themselves unto the spiritually potent etheric force this flows into them, charging their spiritual and etheric body with a super-abundance of energy. Then from within their etheric body comes a silvery thread of light which is joined to the sick person, and through this fine thread of light is transmitted the increased abundance of spiritual energy. The patient's spiritual body is stimulated and recharged, and the etheric body is brought back again into an abundance of energy so that the disease force disappears and is replaced by health and harmony.

 Is it ever a kind of psychic interference to send out love and healing to someone who has not asked for it?

 No, for if you are sending love and healing winged with compassion this cannot harm another soul. It will soothe or enrich. But if that one is truly resistent to that which you are extending, then what has been sent will not be accepted and may circle round and return to yourself. You can never cause harm by giving forth love and by endeavouring to create harmony.

 How can a person be helped after suffering a stroke which results in the lost use of part of their body, for example, an arm or leg? What is the cause?

 What you call a stroke is the result of thickening of blood causing some congestion or injury within the brain. The reason for this often lies in the emotional body, for where there are extremes of anger or poor control over the emotions, the delicate heart centre is affected, and eventually there is congestion of the blood resulting in this injury to the brain. So there are two conditions here, one belonging to the spiritual being, one to the physical body. I would say that the immobilisation of the leg, arm, or organs of speech simply results in the slight stagnation in the flow of energies within the ethereal body. But if there is an outpouring of healing energies from an attendant healer, often this will stimulate the dormant energies in the spiritual being, and may also clear the damage which has occurred in the physical brain. Then, if there is a calming and healing within the emotional body, some movement and renewal of health can be regained.

 Does it matter if a patient is non-co-operative in absent healing?

 No, for upon the spiritual level thought is creative and thought is energy, therefore the healer can send thought and energy to a link such as yourself. As you think lovingly of the patient, you receive the living force from the healer and transmit it to the loved one.

 Try to understand that on the spiritual level, all thought is energy and energy is creative, and in this great etheric stream of life around you, there is nothing which can hinder it if it is sent with love and spiritual intent.

 How can I heal myself?

 You should endeavour to spend time, day by day, in the remembrance of the source from which you have sprung. You are spirit, spirit using your body, so your body is only the tool of your spirit. If you gain a purer, clearer spirit consciousness of the Master Creator, then you attune yourself to this perfect power and it will harmonise and heal the body, restoring it to health.

 I know a vicar's wife whose hands are twisted with arthritis, but who is always joyful and uncomplaining. Why has she this affliction?

 I would say that such a soul has deep within her spiritual self certain faculties either for art or music, or even for the religious life, which in her inner self she desires to express, but because the pattern of her earthly life labours have to be fulfilled, responsibilities carried, and the outward formalities of religion observed: all these fill her days. So instead of blessing her hands, she may create a barrier between the inward flowing desire of the soul and that daily toil which has to be outwardly expressed through the mortal body. This would create a blockage between the spiritual will and the use of the hands.

 Are some individuals in tune with certain plants or trees?

 Truly, for each plant and tree has its own healing vibration, and a note of power is sounded by all plants and trees within the framework of that pattern. Persons who are in need of a particular harmonising force, by cultivating certain plants or by attuning themselves unto a woodland or walking within a forest, may find that the vibratory note plays upon them. Through their attunement they gain harmony and healing.

 How would they realise it?

 By a feeling of harmony. Restoration takes place first within the spiritual bodies, but truly mediumistic people may become aware of a note or melody emanating from a group of trees or plants.

  Does that account for flowers thriving better in some rooms or houses?

 Yes, but where living persons are in a state of disharmony, then as the plant or flower vibrates its essential keynote of harmony, this disharmonious one may absorb it to such a degree that the plant, deprived of its harmonising force, will die before its ordinary season of existence is completed.

  If physical affliction is a conscious choice of the soul before incarnation, is it right to try to heal the affliction?

 Truly, for healing is the expression of love. Love is the power which cleanses, forgives and understands. Therefore, although there may be some souls who enter the earthly life to undertake the difficult experience of pain or bodily imperfection because of something they desire to learn, there is no reason why their pain should not be eased by love, nor yet the debt cancelled and cleansed by the higher love force expressed through healing. Indeed, quite often a sufferer may be brought into contact with a healer that the law may work in such a fashion when they are almost ready to be healed.

 Much of this teaching of karma is only partly understood and expressed in your world, for this sense of debt and this feeling of the need to suffer is often only in the consciousness of the incarnating soul; it is not a burden laid upon that one by some external power. Therefore, if that soul can become aware of the cleansing and forgiving love it will be cleansed of its own self-punishment.

 What happens when an apparently dying person is healed?

 Each spirit entering into the mortal existence forms a chain of life. Within this chain are years and months of experience. Even as a chain has its weaker and strong links, so each spirit having within its use this chain of life, chooses to live sometimes for sixty years, maybe for a season of one hundred years or even for three years. So we look to see whether it is good and right to strengthen the hold of a spirit upon its body by looking on the whole chain. If the illness is simply associated with the weakening of the link, then we will strengthen it so that life and inspiration may continue. But if the chain ceases, then we say, “This is the time when this beloved one has chosen to leave the mortal existence,” and we will help their leaving of the body and coming into spirit.

 What part of a tree should we use for healing?

 This will depend upon your purpose. If your natural energies have become lowered and you feel exhausted, then stand against a tree. Lean your back against it so that the sensitive nerves and the etheric flow in your spine may be re-energised from the energy forces which flow up and down through the etheric body of the tree.

 If you wish to make healing foods or drinks, then it is good to use the flowers, sometimes the leaf. Take from the lime tree its leaves and blooms and infuse these in water, then drink the liquid. It will clear the mind and strengthen the soul. Take from your strong oak tree part of the blossom, and in using this it will bring a degree of strength. The elder tree which bears great clusters of white blooms and in its turn purple berries, is especially beneficial to those who are older. The flower, leaf and berry have qualities very helpful to those weakened by the slowing down of the body cells through advancing years.

 How can we attune ourselves to the rhythms of the earth in order to remain well and happy?

 As the winter ends and the first signs of spring manifest, each man and woman should say: "Now I will give my body a period of rest, in preparation for the rising tide of life." For two or three days you should withdraw from normal activities and rest and fast, allowing extra cleansing to take place in the cells of the body. After this, go forth and attune yourself to the rhythm of the earth and you will feel you want to walk, to run, to be active, as the animating energy begins to surge in renewing power through your body.

 If you are becoming spiritually aware, you will "feel" intuitively when this time is needed. You should allow this period of resting and renewal to govern your living, so at this time change your food from the warm clogging foods of winter to the lighter substances of the renewing spring. Eat the new young leaves as plants come into being. Make drinks from dried herbs and take honey which will give you energy in a new form by energising the cells of the body.

 When autumn comes, attune yourself to the newer rhythm, feeding your body on nuts, seeds and berries-food which nature has provided for man in that season-so that your body may be carried forward on nature's own rhythm.

 If you do this, you will find your spiritual consciousness will begin to tell what your body requires that it may be a good instrument, a centre through which you may manifest spiritually, in harmony and joy without weakness or disease. Food should be the medicine of the body, and when your spiritual knowledge is strong, then indeed your medicine is in the natural foods.

 It is difficult to find time to do these things with all the tension of life in the world today.

 Yes, and it is for that reason I stress this thought that you should allow yourself a little season of rest for two or three days as the winter gives way to spring, so that you may feel the change in the rhythm and allow the body to have its "little death" followed by its "renewal of life". By so doing, much stress and illness can be prevented.

 When we are attracted by a particular sound, is it one we have an affinity with, or something of which we are deficient?

 When you listen to sound you should listen with your inner awareness, discovering in what area of your person the note brings forth an answering vibration. There should come, either underneath your heart or in the area of your brain, a response to that especial note, and as you respond to it so you will know that this is your keynote at this particular time. If you are aware within yourself that there is disharmony, then let that note sound and vibrate through you to bring about a re-harmonisation of the atoms of the soul and body.

 Many of you forget these ancient truths, the powers of intonation or incantation. As you intone through a number of notes your voice will eventually reach one which is easy and familiar to you. If you sound that note it should bring about a gradual re-organisation of the atoms within your being. It is one of the simple exercises practised by those who wish to heal by sound.

 Is that the same as saying a mantra?

 To say a mantra is surely to make an incantation, but it would be better to speak it, letting the sound vibrate from your inner self. If you sound a high note of joy, then you bring about healing in the higher areas of your person; if you sound it on the deeper notes, then the healing occurs in the lower part of your body.

 You have spoken about the healing properties in sound vibration. Is there a scale of sound applicable to various illnesses?

 This is a healing cult which will come into being as your world moves forward into the subtleties of the age which is still to come, for it will move out of the present methods of surgery into the harnessing of the power of light, sound and colour, to bring about healing and the restoration of health.

 Sound is the primal stirring force which causes energy to congeal into atomic patterns which become the created world in the midst of which you dwell. But if you can harness sound to colour and then detect the colouration which is weak in the soul body of the one whom you desire to help, then often harmony can be restored by the simple vibrating of that sound. But this is a method which needs extreme carefulness in use, for continued sound can be destructive as well as constructive, and so we do not give the full token of understanding to earth's children concerning this until they have the wisdom to use it wisely.

 But it is also true to say that in your world you have simple songs and hymns which have a harmonising effect upon the soul bodies of those who sing them, and to whom they are sung. These songs and hymns of praise relating to older religious forms have a latent healing force because they have created within the ethereal atmosphere an archetype or shape which becomes a chalice of power. So when these old songs and liturgies are sounded, they can bring peace and harmony because power is evoked within the inner planes by the use of those sound forms.

 With instantaneous healing, is this a point when the healer achieves perfect meditation while they are healing?

 Not only does the healer achieve this breaking through into the realm of universal life and perfection, but the patient is also momentarily uplifted above the limitations of the mind and body. Like one bird uplifted by the strength of another, they come together and are upraised momentarily in unity to this great Source of life and perfection, and through this comes the instantaneous healing.

 One remembers the Master Jesus performing that healing by the laying on of hands.

 Truly, but Master Jesus had the ability to love those who were sick and to feel such compassion that through his love he created a unity from himself to the sufferer. It is this unity that is needed before the healer may lift the sufferer into the realm of universal healing. Not only must he learn through meditation to come into this more perfect state of unfoldment, but he must learn to love his brother man and sister woman, not with abstract love, but to see in them the intrinsic beautiful soul that is there.

 In your work of healing you often have the desire to help, but you do not know how to love each other. So go forth! Learn to overlook each others' faults, learn to encourage the weak and to uplift the fallen because of the universal love which surges within your heart.

 Let your thought go forth in healing unto other creatures of the earth and let your living magnetic force radiate unto all things that you see, all things that you touch.

 Remember, do not live unto yourselves alone, but live as part of the whole. As part of the whole let goodness, love and peace be your watchword.