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Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts



The Power of Thought

 We hear a lot about the power of thought. Can you explain this from a spirit point of view?

 Whilst you are in the mortal existence you seldom use your power of thought to construct anything in creative beauty. You are taught to absorb ideas and to remember teachings which relate to your mortal life, but you should learn during your childhood and youth how to create by the very action of your thinking.

 Your children should be given trays on which are spread fine particles of delicate sand and little films of dust. They should be taught how their powers of thought can emit such a radiation from the cells of the brain and eyes that as they concentrate they can influence matter itself, until the particles begin to form themselves into beautiful crystaline patterns.

 It should be possible for you to look upon a little living flame, and by the power of your concentration, either bend the flame or pierce the fine warm air surrounding it so the flame flickers and responds to the action of your thoughts. But you never even try these experiments to prove your mastery over earth's finer forces. You allow your thought power to be wasted in turning round and round in your mind with some little problem, or you fall into negative ways of thought by creating patterns which are inharmonious and sometimes harmful to yourselves and others.

 This human body through which your will is expressed may be divided into three states, three levels. The level above your brow is filled with an intensity of ethereal matter that is light and spiritual and most easily affected by your constructive and holy thought. The level below the brow and into the region of the heart is where the etheric matter has a heavier vibration, and when thought is concentrated here it creates patterns and pictures of a differing degree. Below your heart and downward to your feet there is a heavier density of matter into which, quite often, your thoughts will pass, but they will relate very much to your physical body and the deeper thoughts of your heart.

 The thoughts of most people are below the heart and are often inharmonious, turning round in a burrowing restlessness that can be likened to a little crab turning until it buries itself in the coolness of damp sand. As an inharmonious thought goes deeper into the cell matter of your physical body, burrowing like this crab, it penetrates, until it can be seen reflected on your body. It will show, either as disease, in a blockage within the circulatory system, or in falls that may injure the legs or feet. In injuring the lower part of your body you are reflecting an inward thinking that has preceded this over a long time.

 The action of your thoughts takes longer to reflect into the denser matter of the lower person than does the higher spiritual thought from the region of the brain. So let your thought go out in harmony and strength to rebuild, reharmonise and heal that which you have made imperfect.

 In the region below the brow are the organs associated with hearing, speaking, breathing and moving: all these sensitive organs are responsive to your thoughts. Do you ever think of listening to the music of the spheres, the sighing of the leaves, or the music created by the singing insects? Do you listen with sympathy to the crying of your brothers and sisters, or do you influence your delicate organs of hearing with your desire to be deaf to the cry of the unlovely and unlovable in your world? Do you give forth love or do you close your heart in irritability because the ones near you are demanding affection?

 You are influencing your own organs by the very action of your thoughts. Think constructively, and reconstruct your own body out of patterns of illness and disease into harmony, beauty and health.

 Learn to think from above the brow. Think the thoughts of the spirit self; direct the activity of thoughts of the heart and those below the heart, that all may be reconstructed into harmony and health.

 There seems so little time. There is so much I want to do.

 Time does not exist, except in your earthly consciousness. When you begin to raise yourselves away from your concern with the immediate small things of the earth and come into contact with things of the Spirit, you will find that a long time may seem but a moment, and sometimes a moment of your earth may be so filled with heavenly bliss that it seems an eternity of happiness. Therefore, free yourself and do not allow time to press upon you like the grey rain clouds which can cover your pleasant English land.

 A small work faithfully accomplished is of great value in the fullness of time, but a long labour done with but heedless intent has no great value. There is all eternity before you, and the things you are learning in these years of your earthly life, the seeds you are sowing into the world about you, the creations of your thought, these will continue long after your body has ceased to weigh upon your soul. What you are creating now will be useful to you in the eternities to come, so free yourselves from the oppression of time, come into consideration of the things of eternity, and you will discover unrolling visions of beauty, vast spaces of light, and within yourselves will unfold powers which are the true spiritual enduring qualities of your soul and spirit.

 Are you, Ramadahn, a separate identity, or are you a strata of thought which is congenial to the medium?

 I would think I am a "strata of thought", for truly I spend much time in the realms of thought. If you possessed sufficient clairvoyant vision you would see me now as a shimmering vibration of colour or movement which we call the vibration of thought. I have an identity separate from the medium for I live my own life, think my own thoughts, and quite often visit my own friends-without the knowledge of the medium. Sometimes, too, I endeavour to answer questions coming from minds such as yours, and they will say I answered their question without their speaking to the medium.

 If one is trying to help a person on earth who has close relatives or friends in spirit, is it helpful to send your thoughts to these spirits to ask them to help their beloved one?

 Yes. Your thought, going to the one who is now free of the body, will often inform them of the condition and cause of the worry or illness affecting the beloved on earth. Often they will be aware that there is a cloud of anxiety or confusion, but they may not be able to see the cause of the trouble. Therefore your thought radiated clearly and wisely, especially when requesting the kind of help needed, is a very good form of prayer.

 Why is the world filled with destruction, with sickness of the mind and body?

 It is because your peoples do not learn how to use their powers of thought correctly. They think thoughts of hatefulness, heaviness and selfishness. You are spirits, radiant spirits, using your bodies in these few short years of your earthly life, but what do you do with your radiant power which the Master Creator has invested in you? You surround yourselves with feeble thoughts of self-pity, with the tattered garments of pride, and only occasionally are we able to draw aside the curtains of your pretence and self-pity that for a little while you may peer out like frightened children and behold the truth, the truth that you are creative spirits living here in your mortal world, yet afraid to create.

 When you let go your garments of negativity and come forth to stand in the knowledge that you are spirits using a body, filled with the same creative power and energy which we of the spirit are able to use, then indeed can you begin to create new patterns of hopefulness, joy and truth, which will fill your world with beauty and enclothe you each one with radiant colour and light. Every thought is creative, every negative thought is creative, and because this is true you destroy yourselves and each other, and quietly you destroy the beauty of the world.

 You destroy when you think jealously or hatefully, for out of your consciousness there goes a creation which is barbed and poisonous, piercing the sensitive aura of that one of whom you think, but if they refuse to accept your thought, it circles round and round, then returns to you, and unto yourself will come the destruction. You may think your thoughts are unknown to those surrounding you, but we can see with the vision of spirit, and we rejoice when we behold the inward struggle within some souls as they slowly try to eliminate the old negative thoughts to replace them with positive thoughts of hope, creativeness, health and love, and so we behold the spiritual being beginning to shine with the mystic beauty of spiritual light.

 When we form a question in our minds and receive the answer by thought, does it come from those in charge of us or are we able to tap the higher consciousness?

 The answer is invariably transmitted from the consciousness of the spirits who are watching over you, but in the evolvement of the higher forms of mediumship it is possible to receive directly from certain sources either wisdom, answers to questions, or inspiration in the form of music or art.

 How do we know where the answer comes from?

 When you receive information directly from the Central Source you will be aware of an intensely alert state of mind, a tremendous quietness, and sometimes a sense of light gathering around you. But when your mind is full of turmoil and the answers to questions come in the form of symbols or strong impressions, then it has come from a mind which understands your mind.

 How can we contact higher spheres so we may always be able to distinguish clearly the right course from the wrong?

 Be still. Eliminate all desire. Think of a still pool in which is reflected clearly every leaf and branch of the trees encircling it. That symbolises your mind reflecting the great truth which is above. But if in the pool a fish breaks the surface of the water, disturbing the image of the trees, then it is no longer true. So it is with you if you allow some earthly desire, some lower thought, to break the stillness.

 Can perfect physical health be gained by the power of thought?

 No, not by the power of thought, but it can be gained by the purification of thought, so that the mental body comes into complete harmony with the spirit which is trying to express itself through the thought and emotional bodies. Each of you is gaining experience of controlling these vehicles, and through this you confront the multiplicities of life and resolve them into simplicity.

 One simple method to attainment of harmony is to cultivate the habit of non-action. Refrain as much as possible from giving forth any reaction into the outer world until you have paused to analyse that which has taken place. When in your passage along a street, although the pavement is nearly empty another walks straight into you, your first reaction will be to say: “This man is not looking where he is going, therefore I have the right to be annoyed with him.” But if you follow the policy of non-action, then you will think, “Was he drawn to me by a ray of attraction, and have I a service to render unto him?” This would be a policy of non-action by you, giving time to consider that which had occurred. So, in all similar incidents of the day. Your spirit, as onlooker, viewing the whole phase of life, stands and considers it before any reaction occurs within the mind or feeling.

 In such a fashion your reaction must be a spiritual one.