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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts


 BELOVED ONES, love one another; do not be so sparing in your expressions of love; let your love be not shut up into your hearts; let it go out in rivers of light, in rivers of warmth, so that those whom you meet day by day may feel warmed, restored and healed as they come into the circle of your friendship.

 Beloved ones, do not be so hasty in the judgements that you render one to the other. Do not be so eager to seize upon the little faults, nor yet to see the failings in those who are surrounding you. When it is properly understood, love will see the reason for the faults and will overlook the failings, for the love that is lavished upon you from the source Divine is a love that flows out like a great flood of warmth and fills the crevices which are the symbols of imperfection, flooding in through the places showing the faults in the character. Therefore, as you learn to receive the inflow of love Divine, and as you are flooded through and through with the love which we try to direct to you, absorb it and let it heal and restore your own inward being; then let it flood out in forgiveness, in gentleness, in healing, and in peace unto all those whom you will meet in the ways of your earthly experience.

 Know that as you try to love, so you are releasing the presence of the Most High Spirit in your midst.

 So would I enfold you in tenderness, in lovingness and in beauty, and lift you to the fulfilment of the laws of love in all the ways of your earthly existence.




Oh, thou great Maker and Creator of light, may the inner sanctuary of the spirit be opened that the light may outstream in beauty unto the eyes of those who wait in the outer courts of the spirit, clad in the garments of prayer. May the inner sanctuary be unsealed and the pure light stream forth to bless each and every one - even as long ago in the ancient courts we waited for the opening of the doors in the inner sanctuary of the temple, that the light of the rising sun might strike upon the golden disc which was upon the altar of the temple of ancient Egypt, and the reflected light could shine into every part of the temple.

 So may the reflected light shine in glory and in beauty upon you who wait in the quietness of your prayer. As the prayers and the worshippers in those ancient courts, having seen the light and having felt the radiance which came from Thee, lifted up their hearts and their hands in dedicated prayer, so may you, the people of the earth, lift up your hands and your hearts in dedication and in prayer, that from this day unto all the days that are to be, you may lay your hands in blessing upon your brothers and sisters, in tenderness upon the creatures and in love upon the body of the earth itself. So may gladness be in the earth, in the brother and the sister, in the creatures, because you have walked that way

 May peace, light, holiness and power be with you and remain forever.


* * * end * * *