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More Wisdom of Ramadahn

 Copyright 1992 by Ursula Roberts
Republished here in electronic format with permission from the publisher

Oh thou who art the Spirit of power, energy, and healing, may Thy power be released amongst the beloved ones of the earthly life, so that they may be renewed in body, in mind, in soul, and be healed of the infirmities from which they suffer, whereby they may go joyfully in all the ways of their earth's experience, realising that Thou art the Creator and the Maker and the re-Maker of all things. Because You are able to re-make into your own perfect plan and pattern, so can you re-form and re-shape each one of them, so that they may go through the ways of earthly experience without fear and without failure but in the certain knowledge that there always is a new way, a new understanding and a new evolvement for them from all the many changing conditions of the earthly world.May the peace and the harmony of the great Master Giver of all things be with you and remain with you unto all the days which are still to come.

Chapter 1 - A Greeting From Ramadahn
Chapter 2 - Incarnation & Reincarnation
Reasons for pre-birth choices; physical handicaps; abortion; incarnation on other planets
Chapter 3 - Healing
Use of color and light; AIDS; transplants
Chapter 4 - The Master Jesus
Jesus and the Christ Spirit; the virgin birth; the crucifixion; Essenic training
Chapter 5 - Meditation
Approach; preparation; practice; hints
Chapter 6 - Mediumistic Development
Mechanical mediumship; guardian spirits; the aura; spirit communication
Chapter 7 - Nature
The changing planet; natural disasters and pollution; angelic forces and nature spirits; animals in the spirit world
Chapter 8 - Spiritual Understanding
How to be a "whole" person; balancing of good and evil; enlightment; the earth's aura; dreams
Chapter 9 - The Power of Thought
Proper use of our thinking; closing the chakras; importance of laughter
Chapter 10 - Death and the After-life
Conditions of life in the spirit world; regret and remorse; spirit help in the transition; the etheric body; burial and cremation; help for suicides;  abortions; children
Words of Love and Prayers from Ramadahn

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