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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts



The Power of Thought

 Beloved ones, remember at all times that you are creators in your earthly life, for it would seem that you are startled and sometimes surprised that something you have thought has been so quickly perceived by someone in the spirit, and sometimes you are surprised when your thought is quickly answered in the form of a letter or a gift by those in the earthly life who have received the emanations of your thoughts. It is a fact that, as you advance in spiritual knowledge, your thoughts become increasingly powerful, swifter in their action and swifter in their reaction one upon the other. Therefore, as you think thoughts of light so light is created, and as you send out feelings of love so love-forms are created, sometimes seen and accepted by the loved ones in spirit, and sometimes felt as a blessing by those in your mortal life. But often you are careless with your thoughts.  Sometimes there  emanates  from  your minds  and consciousness thoughts which are jealous, doubtful, fearful, and very, very often thoughts which are unkindly critical as to the motives and actions of the people around you. There is a need for a continual discipline in your thoughts and in your feelings - so discipline yourself to thoughts of the kindness which is an aspect of love; discipline yourself to thoughts of hopefulness, rather than to dismay and the expectation of bad; discipline yourself always to thoughts of joy instead of feelings of depression.

 Those who are still enfolded in the tight petals of their limited consciousness have little creativity in the thoughts or the feelings which they emanate. This is a protection for the world, because if every person's hatefulness went forth with a full creative activity then many would be pierced and wounded by these thought creations; if everyone's anger went forth as living flames then indeed many would be scorched by the fires and the flames of their anger.

 But as you grow in spiritual stature, and as you grow increasingly powerful in the creativeness of your thoughts, then indeed I would say that every careless thought can wound and every careless anger can scorch and burn . . . When you laugh let your laughter be kindly, when you think, let your thoughts be hopeful; when you send forth a prayer let your prayer be a prayer for peace and for good. Remember that as you grow in spiritual stature you need to send forth strong radiations of light, love, peace and harmony, because these become your protection against the harmful forces that are emanated by those who - because they do not understand their power - can wound the delicate soul body with the flames of their resentment and anger; they can puncture the delicate soul body by their jealous vibrations of envy; they can cast you down into the depths of darkness by their own unthinking powers.

 So, I would say to you, take to yourselves the armour of holiness and the armour of light, and know that the armour is created from within yourself by your own creative emanation of kindness, feeling, light, love and peace, because this goes forth from the soul body in a great protective arc of beautiful light and encircling radiations of power.

 We would that you may each one go forth into the places of the outer world, robed in your beautiful robes of light, robes which are the symbol of your advancement, but we would also that you may go forth with your great shields of living light, strongly held that they may push upon one side the arrows of negative thought, the arrows of those who would unthinkingly harm you.

We would that you go forth wearing the golden crown of knowledge upon your heads, that the golden crowns may be helmets of light, whereby your spiritual light may be protected, wisely used, and wisely shared with all earth's children everywhere.

 We do give into your hands the beautiful cross, which is to be upheld like the sword of truth, and as you go forth may you be as warriors walking in the earth with joy, walking in the world with light, walking in the world with truth, and at all times and in all places standing as the representatives of truth and light and power.

 Would it be right to say that as we develop more spiritually our thoughts become more powerful?

 You should learn to know that, by the power of your inner spirit, your thoughts are more creative than the thoughts of the simple man taking his boat out upon the seas, or the simple hunter hunting his food within the forest place, or the simple peasant tilling his soil on the lonely mountain slopes. These have not yet gained spiritual knowledge, and so as their thoughts go out they have but a small circumference of activity, and often their thoughts remain close to themselves. But, those who develop the power of their thoughts and intellect, who are grown in knowledge concerning the things of the earthly world, if they use their thoughts unwisely then they send forth destruction, grey clouds and darkness into earth's atmosphere. Those who are growing into the knowledge that they are spirit, of the spirit spiritual, who have grown away from the idea that the body is all, these begin to think with the power of the inner spirit.

 Is there a right and a wrong way to close the energy centres, or chakras?

 All that is needed is for you to simply draw a mantle of light around your aura and this, in its turn, will protect or close your centres. As your energies are expressed or sent forth, and the energies aroused or weakened, so there will automatically come about a closing of the centres. It is a wastage of your thought and energies to try to think that you have to make a ‘little button’ to close these centres.

 How do spirits coming to earth read in a person’s aura the events which have happened?

 It is done by our learning to read the colour emanations and light in the person's aura. Remember that thought is a creative element, and therefore, as you think, so do you each one create. During the earthly life each one creates pictures or a symbol, such as a sorrow that is held very close to the heart; this can be seen as a little darkened ball, and when we unfold the ball sometimes we can see within it the remembrance of the face of the one who has caused this sorrow.

 Remembrance of pain is also a memory that many people hold to themselves, and it is so imprinted upon the auras that we can sometimes see jagged lines, showing the memory of pain which those persons still hold to themselves. By means of such pictures we are able to read some of the happenings. But it may be that in the reading we cannot altogether discover what has been the whole of the experiences, and so we will say to a mother or father in the spirit life, or to a guide who has been watching the progress of this one:- “What means this imprint?”, “What has caused this wound?”; and thus the one who is nearest will explain and make clear the picture.

 How can we help ourselves, and the planet earth, with our thinking?

 If you wish to surround this planet with healing and with light, try to send out the pure pearly-white light of the great Christ influence. You may send it as a star or a cross, or clouds of light, because it is upon this pure, white light-radiation that many other groups and persons are working, and your thought will then blend with theirs.

 But I would say that the proper use of creative thought and creative influence always depends upon whether such creative thoughts are emitted with the certainty that it is possible to do so, for many of earth's people try to use their creative thought in a certain way, at the same time doubting that they are able to do so; therefore, what they create becomes destroyed by their own doubtfulness. So, think clearly, think strongly without any doubt within yourself, then indeed it will go forth as you visualise it. The word ‘impossible’ should cease to be a word that you can speak. Replace this word by the word ‘possible’ or ‘it can be’, or by the affirmation ‘yes, this can happen’. By so doing you replace within your own spiritual understanding the knowledge that unto spirit all things can be when in harmony with the light, beautiful, creative ethers of the spiritual consciousness and the spirit awareness.

 Are those who have a little knowledge of spiritual matters protected to a certain degree from the chaos of the world?

 In all the chaos that seems to be affecting the lives of your people, send forth peace, radiate love, and as you move amidst the intricacy of moving vehicles, remember to radiate from yourself the golden circle of your own protection of light, so that even your moving vehicles, may be encased in the light of your protection, whereby you may overcome the chaos of your mechanical age by the peace and the harmony which radiates from yourselves.

 What would be the correct reaction to persistent amplified sound in one's environment?

 That is indeed difficult for me to answer from the regions of the spirit. I can only suggest that you try to use your spiritual will through the expression of your thoughts, seeing your thought going out as an arrow towards the person who is creating such unnecessary sound, winging your thought with the words “Quieter, quieter” or “Silent, silent”, or even use your spiritual will in creative thought so that the instrument itself may be changed. As you grow in your development, you will discover that, as your creative thought goes forth in the strength of your will, it can even influence these subtle metal mechanisms of your earth world so that they may be changed in their sounds. There are those in the spirit world who are experimenting to see if they can influence these little machines by their thought and will. We are learning to do this from the regions of the spirit, so that your little recording machines may sometimes be influenced by our spiritual will.

 Do our thoughts have an effect on the earth's atmosphere?

 Most assuredly, beloved one, for as your thoughts emanate from your mind, they create either a greyness, or a brownness, or a redness, or they create radiations of colour, of light and of beauty. But if you are a single individual and your thoughts are grey or dark, or red with desire for revenge, then this will create only a small pool of harmful radiation in the atmosphere; but if you belong to a community who are all thinking the same thoughts, all creating the same radiation, then indeed it creates a great harm within the atmosphere. Fortunately, more and more people dwelling in your earth are trying to govern their thoughts and learning to use them as shining arrows of blessing, so that the air becomes filled with these shining lights of good thoughts and good prayers being exchanged between one and the other, which is slowly neutralising the effect of the grey and darksome influences.

 Sometimes we do not want to hurt a person by speaking the truth as we see it, but by letting it go on and on just seems to make the situation worse.

 There are problems which sometimes arise in your earthly life when you must make a decision that will apparently harm or hurt another human being, but if your decision is made in the calmness of your desire not to harm or hurt anyone, then you can go forward in that thought and extend unto that person your thought of healing, your prayer of love, your desire that the way shall be made easy for them, for the way of harmlessness is not necessarily a way of weakness; it is rather a way of strength.

 If one does say something that brings regret because it has been said, is it possible to counteract its effect by sending out the opposite thought?

 This is true . . . each of you should try to order your lives in such a way that at the closure of the day if anything has been done which you recognise as harmful, you should try to cancel and to change this either by asking the person who has been harmed for their forgiveness, or by changing the harmful thought by a thought of love and healing, for by so doing you balance the great scales of cause and effect day by day, bringing back into harmony the mind and the soul.

 If one tells someone the truth with love, intending no harm, and they react adversely to it rather than face it, then are they not hurting themselves?

 This is true; if you have spoken the truth, with the intention of extending love, then you have not expressed harmfulness; but their reaction harms themselves because they cannot understand or do not wish to see the truth which you yourself are showing. I would say that so many who try to live according to the law of harmlessness, seeking to reveal truth, challenge so many of the errors and ignorance in the earthly world, that often the ignorance comes back upon them in harmfulness. But this harmfulness that is extended to them cannot quench the light, for the goodness which they have released still continues, even beyond the state of death.

 I am just wondering whether politicians are well-protected from thought rays sent out by the masses of people?

 I would say that such people have what I would term a hardened edge to the aura, and therefore this protects them from the mass of thought which would influence them. I must make enquiries about these people so that I may understand why so much joyous laughter comes (from the audience), for it would seem that they are not well­ loved, so when I leave the medium I will seek for some politicians in the regions of light to see what is their condition. But it is good to see the golden light which arises as laughter moves into the atmosphere, because always where there is laughter there, indeed, is light.

 As you go forth into your outer ways of life, remember sometimes to have a little laughter within yourself, and to share some joy and lightness with earth's dwellers, as you take your way day by day. For here in the regions of the spirit we are not always serious, nor weighed down with the woes of the earth. We know a wonderful joy, and often we sing and use sound so that joy may be shared between one and the other. As we draw nearer to you upon earth, sometimes we try to share with you something of our golden joy; and you may find stirring within the inner places of your consciousness a degree of happiness, or joyfulness, and you may not know from whence it came, but remember that where and when we can, we try to weave around you and share with you the peace, the harmony, the joy and the light of the great Master Spirit.

 So I fold you all in a golden mantle, which is the joy of the spirit, and place upon you the pure white headresses, so that your thoughts may be pure and your awareness strong. I give to you, each one, a little beautiful diamond-shaped jewel which you may take into your heart, in the remembrance that you are pure spirit, shining as a beautiful spark of light.

(The spirit is occasionally unfamiliar with modern language words.)

 Do the people on other planets visit us here in UFO 's?

 Those who dwell in distant stars and planets have their own life, and evolve according to laws which are different from these that govern your earthly planet. But there are times in which they may project what could be termed thought projections, or telepathic projections, from distant places into the atmosphere of your earthly world; these could be described as creations that are partly etheric but not entirely of the substance of your earth world; nevertheless, through these they do gain some knowledge of the life and the work which is continuing on your earthly planet.

 When we project our thoughts toward the spirit spheres, what do you see?

 A little star rises from your consciousness, blessed one. There is a silvery, very thin, thread extruded from yourself that is linked to the star-form that you may send. As that is received, so the spirit who may receive that will follow the thread to try to discover what is your desire, or your distress or your endeavour . . . each of those little threads are linked to your guides, your loved ones, your helpers, and through those threads they flow back the influence which they would desire you to receive.

 How do our thoughts influence the process of communication between the two worlds?

 The brain emits a living radiation of thought which is conveyed in a magnetic current from one person to another, which you call telepathy between individuals. When you lose from your earthly life one who is most beloved and most dear, do you not pray that they will find peace, and that they may move forward into the realms of light, progressing from one state into another? As you pray, the radiation of your thought goes forth, the magnetic force from the brain is emitted into the realms of spirit, and a golden slender bridge very slowly, very imperceptibly, comes in its delicate creation. Over this bridge of prayer, this bridge of thought, your love goes forth, and as the beloved ones in the spirit life feels your love, so do they also send back unto you from the centre of their hearts, the golden light of blessing and the radiation of prayer, which slowly streams down through the earth's atmosphere until it meets and blends with the golden slender bridge, the rays that have been emitted by the living action of your own thought and your own prayer. So is the wonderful bridge created which spans your world, through which the lonely may be healed and the sorrowful be made glad.

 Do spirits need to undergo much special training on your side of life, to enable them to communicate with those on earth?

 We have to learn to think our thoughts directly and clearly, creatively, one to the other. We have here within the first plane of the spirit-existence schools in which we teach those spirits, newly-come from the body, how to begin to think. Very, very often you of the earth send your requests unto those who have left their mortal body, saying: “what are you doing?” But how can we explain to you in the simple words of earth that these men and women whom you consider to be so wise, so wonderful in their earthly years, are at school - learning how to think! You often then say: “we cannot understand this, for he was a good man and he had good thoughts; why should he need to go to school within the spirit life?”

 I would say to you: Not many of earth's children learn to use their power of thought correctly or constructively. Most of earth's children, especially ones such as yourselves, allow their thoughts to go this way and that way, round and round in non-creative circles. When you leave your mortal bodies you will need to learn how to think thoughts that are beautiful, clear and loving, and thoughts which mould the flowing spiritual atmosphere into a pattern and into a shape that is easily held, used and understood, both by the spirits who will surround you and by those in the earthly life, who may see the thought pictures which you try to create. For, as each spirit passes through the ‘Schools of Thought’, they will come to a time wherein they must use their power of thought, and therefore they try to come into the atmosphere of the earthly life to impart to your vision or to your mind the pictures which they themselves have created, or to try to impinge upon the consciousness of a medium the thought that they would convey, for all communications that come from spirit to earth take place upon the wings of thought.

 Consider how it will be when you yourself have died and are living again in the spirit existence. You come close to the earth and you wish to convey comfort unto your mother, your husband, or unto the child whom you love. But they do not hear your thought, for they know only the spoken language of the earth and know not that you come close to them in your spirit shape. Therefore you, as spirit, must wait patiently and quietly until such time as this child, this husband, this mother, is in a state in which the mind is quiet, or the thought turns from its grieving to the remembrance of you. Then you, standing by and knowing that your words may not be heard, create a picture by thought, either a picture of your shape, or a memory picture of your appearance, or a picture of a place or of some thing which this loved one will remember as being associated with yourself. As you stand there you will have to concentrate all your thoughts, you will have to try to think: “What will comfort this one. . . ?”

 Because of your love and anxiety to help, and because you are unaccustomed to this communication, so your thought picture may be imperfect and the one who is in the earthly body will but shake his head and say: “What strange thing is this which comes before my mind? Grief is distorting the ways of my thought”. This, I would say to you, happens many, many times to the spirits of those who try to return to comfort the beloveds upon the earth, and we who have been longer in the spirit existence, who have learned more about the power of thinking, we say to them: “Do not try to create a thought picture which is too complex, simply try to hold a picture of a light, or of a blossom which the loved one of the earth, seeing and beholding, may know comes unto them from your spirit”.

 I would say to you, beloved ones, in this coming of spirits unto your earthly realm, in this endeavour to use the power of thought to communicate with you, often your own thought comes in a hard wave of rebellious unbelief, your own thoughts vibrate upon this newly-arrived spirit and may often cause confusion so that this spirit can no longer think coherently or correctly, and then you in the earthly life, you will say: “. . . There cannot be any communication, there cannot be any life beyond death because this one was not able to convey to me the thoughts and the pictures which should have been given”. Your thoughts from the earth unto the spirit need to be trained, your thoughts need to be understood, and from the mind of each one of you there should begin to vibrate thoughts of gentle love, thoughts of rose-pink encouragement, thoughts of tenderness unto those spirits who wish to return to you, so that they may not be repelled by the harshness of your thinking, but may be encouraged by the gentleness of your lovingness. As you in the earthly life learn to think thoughts of gentleness, thoughts of creative beauty, so are you training yourselves to think well and beautifully when you come to the closure of your earthly life and seek to continue your life in the spheres of the spirit existence.