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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts




The Changing Planet

 You are living in very important times in your earthly world, and it would be good that you should come to understand how you may live through these seasons of change without harm unto yourself or without harm unto those who are encircled by your aura of protective love. Truly, your world is passing through a great time of transition in which there is alteration in the world of nature and, in the lives of men and women, changes in the great mental atmospheres of your earthly world and a growing awareness of the potency and the power of the Spirit.

 Firstly, you need to know that your little planet earth is slowly altering its position. There are vast changes that are taking place in the deep heart of earth itself. There is a slow alteration in the movement, through which the vastness of the waters and the oceans are slowly being changed; also, there is an alteration in the living airs of your world so that they no longer move slowly through the atmosphere, but wheresoever they can, they bring about part of this great transmutation and alteration of your planet earth. All these things mean that you will come to know great changes in the patterns of your seasons and in the manner of life on your world.

 Therefore, it is very important that you shall learn to apply the truths which we have tried to teach to you. That truth is to live in harmony in yourself and to use your power of creative thought in which you do not allow fear to enter into your consciousness, nor allow yourself to be drawn into the great atmospheres of fear and despondency, created by the peoples surrounding you, but rather come to know that you are a spirit in this instant of time using your body, using your mind, and spinning and creating around yourself the little web of your own personal influence. If you will do this harmoniously then it maybe that storms may move around you and the alterations in the currents of the air may come close to you but they need not harm or destroy that place wherein you dwell, because you are learning to apply the spiritual law of creative thought to yourself, and to those who are bonded within the power of your aura, and also into the place or the dwelling of which you are a part. But it is important that you should come to know that these things are true, and that you must create continually by the action of your own inner soul-thought the kind of environment you would desire, and the kind of harmony and beauty which you would wish to see in your planet earth, as you move forward into the seasons which are still to unfold.

 In years that have gone by we have told you that your world is moving into the newer Age, into the coming of the time long foretold and long promised, but how may the New Age come unless the old age disappears? How may there be new things in your world, unless they supplant that which is old and no longer needed? How may the great laws of transmutative life be brought into being unless there is this alteration in the very atmosphere of planet earth, so that it be reharmonised, renewed and new forms and new beauties may come forth? So I would say to you - spend a little time day by day in being certain that you are a spirit, and let the storms of man's fears circle around, but be neither disturbed nor worried by them, remaining at peace within yourself, and come to know that, as you slowly evolve in your own spiritual nature, so indeed your spiritual thought-power becomes increasingly creative.

 Before your world reached this peak of evolving time, the thoughts of men and women worked on a slow and steady vibration of movement. But as you have moved forward through the past years, so mankind has quickened the whole atmosphere of your earth by his usage of sound, by the subtle creations of light, and his control of the means of communication. He has also brought into being a thinning of the psychic atmosphere so that thought may flow from mind unto mind, and love may flow from heart unto heart and be received and understood, because this is the beginning of the communication which is still unfolding. Together with these alterations and changes, so there is coming into being the realisation that spirit is not just spirit on the death of the body, but spirit is the spark of light hidden within the hidden recesses of the consciousness of human persons, and so creativeness is slowly but surely coming into its beauty of manifestation.

 But sadly, many in the earthly life who are coming to realise some part of this creativeness, use this creative power not to bring forth peace and harmony, but rather add to the totality of destructive influence by their destructive desires and their greed and desire for acquisition. To those who are slowly but surely evolving into the greater spiritual knowledge, it is to you I speak, saying: Visualise in your creative imagination the glory of the blossoms which may still deck your planet earth with glorious colours of gold, of blue and of rose-pink; visualise as you move forward through your time the beauty of new plants and trees taking root into the newer soil, bringing forth new pastures, new shapes and new beauties, because always there is a marriage and a blending between moisture, air, heat and earth, always a bringing forth of that which is new and beautiful. Therefore, do not allow yourselves to despair in the thought that all is lost and all is destruction, but rather see that destruction is but the place out of which reconstruction inevitably emerges, because this is the law of the great Master Spirit of Life - the great Creator continually creating.

 What are the effects of radiation on this world and future generations?

 The total destruction of your planet will NOT occur, because the planet is held in the care of the great Master Creator. You are talking about a destructive radiation which man has unwittingly leashed upon his environment, but is it not also true that the release of this destructive vibration has stirred within the minds of many, many people the thought that this is a power which should be guarded safely and should not be unleashed again? Therefore, as always in your mortal world, there is this balancing of good with bad continually coming into being. So that which has been destructive will eventually result in a greater reconstruction in your mortal world, even as in the last war that you had upon your planet a few years ago, the great destruction resulted in the reconstruction that you are seeing in your planet today.

 We watch the slow movement of your beautiful planet earth evolving into new structures, into new life, into a new way, which each one of you may see if you do but hold on to the truth that you are a creator and a controller within your own inner being, within your own inner soul. So, sometimes in your quietude of thought turn your blessing down into the heart of your earth. Think of the hidden caverns that lie deep below the soil. Think of the fiery heart of your planet and bless it, giving to it some part of your love and your creative thoughts. Then think of the soil and the plant life which covers your earth as with a lovely velvet cloak of created life - bless it, love it, send to it your blessing and your appreciation, and then lift your eyes into the vastness of the atmosphere and know that you are a part of that, for you breathe the atmosphere in and breathe it forth again. Therefore, breathe in life and breathe out blessing, letting your blessing go forth into the winds, into the airs, and into the atmosphere. As you behold the waters flowing from the heavens, see them in their beauty of silvery light and see their importance as cleansing, revivifying and remaking all things in your earth. Bless the seas and the streams; become in a unity with this great world of which you are a part, and then indeed it will be in harmony, with you, and you will be in harmony with it, and when the great cataclysms and changes occur, then indeed it will be well with you, because you are in harmony with it and it is in harmony with you.

 Ramadahn, could you comment on the disastrous hurricanes, and cyclones that occur? People are suggesting these may have an esoteric basis?

 This is true. Your earth world is at present passing through a tremendous time of transformation. The old world is slowly being dissolved and the new one is slowly coming into being; therefore, if there is to be a transformation and a newness, there has to be a time of sweeping away that which is old and no longer needed. Mankind is so closely enmeshed with the living world of nature he cannot be separated from it, and as at this particular time of earth's history he is sending forth much violence and destructiveness, so the repercussion of these is to be seen in the world of nature. But those who are sending forth love, light and healing for the planet are sending out a harmonising force, which means that as time passes and your earth is restored, new beauties, new skills, new food, new understanding, are already beginning to emerge in the midst of what may seem to you to be disasters. In the work of the great Master Creator there is a continuous creation and re-creation, so from time to time there has to be some destruction in order that all things may be made new. In your ancient book it is said: “Behold, I will make all things new”. Therefore, you will behold a newness coming into your planet earth, and signs of that newness are already blossoming in the habits of your world. But it would be good if more earth dwellers could see and understand what is occurring, so that they would begin to harness again that which is known as “prayer” but which we call meditation, creative thought and healing influence. For the more mankind knows that he has in himself a creative power, the more quickly will come a new time of greater beauty and harmony.

 It is very sad to see the harm that is done by mankind when oil is spilled, polluting the land, the birds and the sea.

 This is true, beloved one. These things occur in your mortal world because of the selfishness of human beings who use these substances for their own purpose and gain, without careful consideration of the good of the planet. But there is this growing compassion in the soul and the understanding of the people in your world, who say: “This should not be”. Even as in the past years of your earth's history, simple men and women were taken from their African forests and put into ships, to be taken away into strange places where they could not speak the language, where they were known as slaves and had no freedom. Similarly, in your own English land, is it not true that in years gone by there were men, women and even children forced to work in underground caverns (mines) dragging conveyances filled with black substances called ‘coal’. But gradually, there came to the consciousness of the peoples the truth that this should not be, and so, slowly but surely, it has come into being that such things are no longer considered right in your mortal world.

 So turn your thoughts strongly, beloved ones, and make all others turn their thoughts also, toward the awareness of what you know to be wrong, or what you know needs to be righted, and aid and strengthen the labours of those who are trying to bring these things to an end and then you will find it will change.

 Can you tell us a little about angelic forces?

 These are what could be called the aerial influences which hold within their care the great movements of the air around the planet, and also in the distant spaces of the universe as well; but although they have an interest in the whole evolution of the world, their work is a little less intimately connected with the world of nature.

 In the course of time do they as individuals exchange with people?

 They do not exchange with mortal people because they are evolving in a condition of life that is separate from the purely human one. But sometimes in their ministry as aerial forms they may be aware of certain needs or conditions in the mortal world, and so may bring their influences to bear, either to temper the storm so that the storm is not so harmful, or to bring about a storm which may be needed to adjust a certain condition in the world of nature.

 Is it possible for an angel to incarnate into a human body?

 Not to my knowledge; it is a different form of evolution but it may be that, as humankind evolves, so the totality of a group of human ones, evolving to a higher consciousness, might eventually become a whole group, which could be seen as an angelic form, or an aerial ministry.

 Would you confirm that there exist fairies and gnomes, and elves?

 Certainly there are, as you will call them, fairies of woodland and flowers, and of trees and waters, which you may call elves or gnomes. If you have a sufficiency of inward development within your centre of vision you should be able to behold these nature spirits, and it is possible to communicate with them, although not in the spoken word; but if your awareness goes forth in kindliness and in greeting, then you may receive it back as a thought of love, or even as colour, or a gift of a leaf or a blossom, which is their way of expressing their understanding of your greeting. It is not to my knowledge that these nature spirits are able to speak such words as “Hallo” or “Goodbye”.

 Are elves and fairies responsible for the growth and sustenance of plant and herbage?

 Not altogether, but they gain joy from the beauty and the energies interwoven into the life of the plant, or tree or flower . .  As they enjoy the energies emitted, in return they give back to them some part of their own joy or their own care, and will endeavour sometimes to guard a special favourite plant, because they are aware of its beauty.

 I have sent out healing thoughts towards plants that are dying and they have rapidly recovered. This would seem to show that our thoughts can reach plants?

 This is true, beloved one, because the living energy of your soul and your living energy of healing is received by the plants and they respond to your blessing.

 Can they also send thoughts to us?

 They do not send thoughts to you but they send energy, sometimes desire, for if they can they will send toward one who is responsive, the desire for more water or for increased nourishment, for as you develop your sensitiveness to the regions of nature so you become aware of the needs of that region. Also, that region can become aware of the needs of the human being who is in attunement with it, and so there will be times when extra perfume or extra radiations of energy may be extruded toward one such as yourself when your bodily being is disharmonised.

 Is it right to pick flowers and put them in a vase, rather than leave them growing?

 As the plant comes to fruition, which means that the blossom is coming to perfection, then indeed it is already beginning to die, and so the plant does not resent the removal of some part of its foliage, or its flower, if this is done with reverence and kindliness, and if there is a feeling of unity and appreciation between yourself and the plant. But if you carelessly tear foliage, or tear the flower from the plant, or tear the plant from the ground, then there is a degree of suffering involved, and a degree of resentment sent forth by the living plant, which may sometimes have its effect upon the being of the individual.

 Can a person gain some benefit from touching a tree?

 Most surely, beloved one. Simply stand silently for a moment or two beside a special tree that draws forth your admiration, then place your hand upon the actual trunk, or somewhere near the root of this living emblem, and as you do so be silent in yourself that you may feel some part of the influence which is being extruded, and then send by your conscious will the thought of blessing or of love unto that tree. In this way you get an exchange of energy, and having established this exchange, if there is some other time when you feel weariness or the need to renew yourself, you can go to a tree of the same kind, which will give to you some part of its energy.

 Trees have different characteristics; the oak gives forth strength; the beech gives forth considerable tranquillity and peace; the lime tree is a tree of healing, for the leaves and the flowers have a nourishing or healing quality which is good for humans as well as the animal creation, and the perfume is nourishing and healing for the spiritual body. It is partly this awareness of the healing of plants and flowers and perfumes which has induced this habit amongst persons of the earth to place flowers into the rooms of those whom they love, who are enduring some condition of inharmony or sickness, but it would be better if they gave the flowers with a greater degree of understanding, instead of simply as a gift that is easily provided.

 Can you tell us something about the magnetic life force?

 Truly, beloved one. The whole of your planet is interlaced with great radiating lines of magnetic force, which holds your planet within its orbit of movement, even as you would hold a ball within your hand, held in place by your fingers and the movement of your hand; even so your planet earth is held in position by great magnetic rays of force which create what could be called a lacery, holding it within its particular place in this great interplanetary space that surrounds it. At times when men and women become aware of particular rays, or lines of force, without always understanding why or what they are doing, they will try to align themselves so that they are in harmony with those forces. You may notice this if you enter into a large building and you will see the people stand, hesitate and wait until they choose where they will seat themselves; as they do so, they are unconsciously following some line of force of which they are not consciously aware. Similarly, the birds of the air, and the animals of your world, follow these radiating lines of energy so that they are able safely to travel from one place unto another.

 In this your English land there is very little knowledge concerning the movement or the action of these rays. But in ancient Egypt these were well understood, and the temples were raised, or orientated, so that they were able to be in harmony with the magnetic forces, and even the waters of the river would be so turned that it would carry certain energy forces with it, but this too is a wisdom that has been forgotten. However, as the minds of earthly people, and the mediums, become more sensitive to the thoughts and to the understanding of wiser spirits, so gradually this ancient knowledge is being recovered.

 Was humanity originally vegetarian?

 Not altogether, for in the long history of the evolution of your world there have been two streams of incarnating souls, one stream who understand that they should eat only of the fruits and the grains of the earth, and another stream of life who have lived in lands where it has not been possible to sustain their life entirely upon the living herbage of the earth and so they have become fish and meat and insect eaters. But those who learn to use their bodies wisely and who know how to maintain their contact with spiritual forces, invariably are, as you term it, ‘vegetarian’. But it is not for those who are the vegetarians to despise those others, and it is not for those others to despise those who do not kill to sustain their life.

 What part do animals play in the spirit world?

 They do not play a great part, except in a similar fashion as they do on earth. The animal creation has its own kind of evolution and after leaving the physical world they enjoy for a while freedom and joy in their own beautiful playing places. But because of the growing link between the human and the animal, there is a slow evolution in the consciousness of the creatures taking place, so in the regions of the spirit many men and women are accompanied by the creature with whom they have established a love link, or a sympathy. When I was in the earthly experience, my beautiful horse was the creature who became linked to me, and throughout the many years of experience I still retain a link and an affection with that animal. But if you were to see this creature now, you would not say it is a horse as it used to be, but more a semblance of a horse that is in a form of light. Sometimes, if we desire to penetrate into one of the grey spheres, in which some soul has closed himself off in bitterness from the aid of the spirits of light, we will enlist the aid of a friendly dog, or an understanding cat spirit, who may be accepted by such a soul but who would reject the influence of a living spirit.

 People often ask whether animals ever eventually become humans?

 It is not to my knowledge that beloved animals reincarnate as human beings.

 I understand that humanity and animals evolve on parallel lines of evolution and they do not meet? Is this so?

 This is true. But here in your English land you cultivate love for the dog creature, who lives closely with master or with mistress, becoming so closely involved with their auras and intelligence, that sometimes you will say: “This animal knows what I am thinking and what I am saying”. Sometimes it will convey to you its thoughts, so that there is communication between it and the master or mistress. When such a dog comes to the closure of its life it retains this greater degree of intelligence, and after a time may go back unto the group soul, unto the place where the happy dog souls live, and it becomes, as you will call it, like a guide, a spirit, who has a higher degree of understanding, a higher degree of mentality, and it becomes, as it were, a guide to the group of dog souls.

 I wonder about ants and other insects - what is their existence for?

 Their existence, beloved one, is to be part of this great chain of life involved in your planet. In the soil and in the water there is a multiplicity of minute life forms, and the insects and the ants are serving their purpose because they are helping to remake or to cleanse the part of the planet on which they live, because if it were not for their labours there would accumulate on the planet, dead grasses, dead leaves, dead bodies of other minute creatures of which you have but small knowledge, and therefore they are part of the great interlinking of the chain of existence.

 Can you please tell us a little about the conditions in which some domestic loved pets live in the spirit world?

 In the various planes of spirit experience I have seen an enclosure, set around with bushes, with open grassland in the centre, inside which stay the spirits of men and women who, in the earthly life, had great love for the animals. So, in the places of the spirit, they have created a safe haven, a place filled with security, gentle joy and greenness, running waters, and spaces in which the creatures may disport themselves. From time to time they will open the gate and lead from this enclosure a dog, or a horse, or a donkey, or some other creature, so that it may be drawn back again into the atmosphere of the earthly world, when it feels the call of a master or mistress who thinks of it with love, that it may renew its affection and link with the person still in the earthly life, who may be gazing at a photograph of the animal, which once brought to them healing, love and companionship. When the time of reunion has been completed, they take back the living creature into the home of the spirit, that it may dwell there until the master, or the mistress, is released from the physical body and the animal may come again into the joy of reunion.

 As one realises the unity of all life, one is filled with a genuine love of all things, even such things as beetles, flies and wasps, and so I find it impossible to kill them.

 This is true; as your love goes forth, it is the living radiation of your aura, and so these insects will feel your desire and will respond to your command (if you choose to give it) “to come so far but no farther”. Earth's children have forgotten this ancient unity with the world of nature. When they do recapture this unity, they will regain the Garden of Eden, the place of peace in which they are meant to live in harmony and in love.

 Is there life on the moon?

 There is not life with bodies as you understand it. But there is a spirit consciousness within the rocks, the stones and the plants within the elements of the moon.

 If our animal pets die many years before we do, will they remember us?

 Truly, but some of them may become so absorbed in their companions that their remembrance may be dimmed, but when they see you again or your thought comes toward them, then indeed the recollection will be there and the love will be re-established, even as in the earthly life.

 Is it cruel to keep animals in a zoo?

 Although many of these animals are content in such places and they gain a degree of enjoyment in the companionship of humankind, nevertheless, their captivity does mean that freedom of movement and a certain fearlessness has vanished from them. It has been a sad thing for us to see an elephant released through death from his captivity, standing listlessly, looking with uncertainty from side to side in the vicinity of his place of captivity, afraid to move away without the command of the man who has commanded him over the many years of his life. I do not think it is good that the creatures of the earth are dominated too greatly by earthly men and women, but if a bond of love is established then this may develop the intelligence and the affection of such a creature, and when the intelligence and affection has been stimulated by contact with human people, then this may forward the development of such an animal. Such creatures will retain these superior qualities within the spirit existence, sometimes becoming guides or serving spirits to their own animal-kind.

 Are animals psychic?

 Animals are psychic in the degree that the etheric body is not so tightly knitted as is that of the human person, and because the animal does not have to engage in the many activities of the intellect (like those of mankind), so the mind does not become so tightly encased, but it has within itself its own intelligence, its awareness of the feelings and the thoughts of men and of women, and is aware of the spirits who come and go within the home. The small creatures such as rats, mice and reptiles are not called psychic creatures, because these have not such a highly developed intelligence as the horse and the dog.

 The elephant, who we wanted to take away from his place of captivity and yet was bound to the will of the man who had commanded him, was eventually released by bringing a fellow ­elephant who had been developed in life by the love of his own Indian keeper, and these two, coming together, were able to lead this other animal from his captivity-place into the places of joy and of freedom.