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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts



 Mediumistic Development

 All things in your world today are on a faster rate of vibration than was operating one hundred years ago. As you move on through time so this quickened rate of vibration will continue, and therefore the mediumship of the future must be so designed that spirit may be able to give revelation in accordance with the powers that are operative at that time.

 Here in your English land and in all the European countries there is an incessant vibration of mechanical sound, made by the many machines that you use in your labour, and by which you travel from one place unto the other; also the air is filled with the incessant sound vibrations radiated by your speaking and picture machines. This quickens the whole of the atmosphere and therefore the slow, gentle mediumship of the past is not so easily possible in your midst. But we have tried to overcome this by developing that which is known as mental mediumship, which enables us to blend our consciousness with the consciousness of the mediums in a way that does not involve the use of the nervous system of the medium, as is needed when we entrance a medium, as I am entrancing this one now.

 So I say to you who are seeking to develop your mediumship, seek to quicken the abilities of your mind that you may become sensitive to the thought vibrations which the spirit ones may desire to impinge upon you. Try to develop this, rather than trying to develop trance states, or the ectoplasmic states which have been the forms of mediumship in years gone by.

 As you move forward into the future, it is possible that newer kinds of mediumship will come into manifestation. We are hoping that we will be able to harness the subtle vibrations which man is using in your delicate machines so that the mediumship of the future may be known more as mechanical mediumship. There will, however, be needed some influence from groups of people sitting in harmony and in peace, to provide a platform of sympathetic vibrations, unto which spirit groups may come, and by their coming transmit into the sensitive machinery either the sound of their voices or the images of their thoughts, so that the skilled hearers and the skilled lookers may be able to obtain the information that we of the spirit would wish to send unto you of the earth.

 What is of most importance to you is to know that you must use your body wisely, and live in such a way that your sensitised nervous system is continually strengthened by a sufficiency of rest, and by feeding your body on foods that provide a natural nutriment not only for the bones and cells, but especially for the nervous system. As your mediumship begins to unfold, you should feed the body on a little more of nature's fruits, for these give to the body an extra amount of vitamin C that is used up through the extra activity of the brain, as it responds to the impressions given through the consciousness. The nervous system should be fed on substances gained from grains or berries, or from the oils that are derived from nuts or berries. If you are able to follow these good habits, then as you become sensitised and as you develop your mediumship, it shall not be said of you that your system was too sensitive, or you came close to a nervous breakdown. In doing this, not only will you keep yourselves in harmony and in strength, but you will provide the platform of mediumistic strength which we shall need if our revelations in the future are to be good, sound, and of help to the nations who are still to come in the years that lie ahead

 Is it true that every person is clairvoyant?

 Not all persons dwelling in the physical body are necessarily clairvoyant, with the ability to see visions and spirits, because many of them are deeply involved in the elements of the physical body, but all can develop perception, which is different from the discerning of spirits. It is necessary all should be able to perceive, so that you may instantly learn how to perceive what kind of a person you may meet -to perceive if this one is good, this one is bad, that one is weak and this one is strong . . . out of this sharpening of your perception gradually there may come a greater understanding, and then occasionally the discerning of spirits will be possible.

 How do you choose your mediums?

 The mediums whom we seek in the earthly world are not always those of a high intellect. We do not seek for mediums who have great positions in the earthly life. We do not seek for those who are rich and clever, but we look for mediums who have a warmth in the heart, those who in simplicity and in lovingness can conjoin themselves to us in unity, by means of which love may blend with love. Upon such a foundation we may later begin to build that which becomes a mediumship that may teach, heal, enlighten, or change the thought of those whom they may meet in the ways of the Light. But the foundation lies within the human heart, and therefore it may sometimes seem to you that those who are your mediums are highly emotional. But emotion and love, the tenderness of the heart, is surely the foundation upon which we of the spirit may build the work that we are designing for the unifying and the cleansing of the soul of your world.

 The great purpose of this great unfolding work of mediumship is not to flatter you so that you may say to other people: “See how many spirits have joined me and are working with me”. Ask yourselves the reasons why so many spirits join and work with you. Some come to give loving forgiveness unto earth's children. Some come to impart to you wisdom, steadiness and a quickening of love, and some come simply because they love you so much that they want to walk beside you in the midst of earth's experiences, and teach you how to forgive the great wrongs, the great hurts and the wounds in the soul of your living world, which can only be healed by love, healed by forgiveness of group unto group, a forgiveness that is finally extended between nation and nation.

 As we begin to develop mediumship it seems we automatically attract helpers or guides of different races - can you comment on this?

 When there is a medium to be developed in your mortal world there will come unto that medium the servers. These may be nuns, or those who have some knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine, or Arabs who have come to understand their God in the vastness of the desert spaces, or Egyptians who understood the laws of life in the wisdom of their temples; or Red Indians and Eskimos, who have attuned their souls to the simple heart of nature, and listening to the song which is sung in the heart of nature, have come to comprehension of the soul of their God. It should not be a matter of surprise to you, beloved ones, when you find that around your aura there gathers a group of radiant spirits belonging to many nations, many religions, many cultures, because each one gives you something that enlarges the circumference of your thought and turns you slowly but surely away from your concentration upon the gathering of food and the eating of food, your concentration upon the comforts of your sleeping places and upon the warming of your fragile bodies - and turns your thoughts away from preoccupation with these things unto a concern with the greater things of the soul and the spirit.

 Should mediumship lead to mysticism?

 Your spiritual understanding and development evolves out of little revelations, from the small beginnings which come to you through your  psychic  awareness,  through  the  unfoldment  of  your mediumship. So do not belittle the small happenings which occur to you or the little glimpses of the power of prophecy whereby you are able to prophesy what may happen tomorrow or in the weeks still to come. Such a small beginning is like the seed set within your consciousness, out of which can grow the understanding that a seer may be able to foresee and to prophesy world happening, the results of which may be shown in centuries still to come. Such prophecies, you will say, are beyond the beginning of mediurnship because they are within the range of mysticism. If your inner gift of clairvoyance brings to you only the perception of a little colour, or a beautiful pattern, or the face of some person who has died and whom you do not yet know, be not disdainful of this small beginning, because you think that you should be able to see into the great glories of the heavens. But know that out of these small glimpses, through your clairvoyant faculty, there may later begin to blossom the greater part of your understanding, whereby through continuous discipline of mind, body and soul you may eventually be able to open your eyes and see the beauty and the truths relating to the regions of the spirit. These little beginnings may have great and wonderful endings.

 Are our special guides, who we have for our life’s journey, with us from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep at night?

 Not so, beloved one, for they are not completely immersed in the atmosphere of your earthly world. Your guiding spirits are linked to you by a thread of light, or a connection similar to your earthly telephone. So they will continue their particular activities in their sphere of light but because of this connection they are continually aware of your experiences, aware of your moments of danger or despair, and can instantly make a connection with you if and when it is needed. But they do not interfere with the manner of your living or with your desires. All they try to do is to ease you so that you will work through your special karma, or keep your aim before your vision. If there is some very special crisis then they will be aware of this and may swiftly and easily conjoin their influence to yours.

 Would you confirm that we do have guardian spirits who are supposed to look after us, as we are living our lives and trying to develop our mediumship?

 Yes, you do have those who are your guardians and those who are responsible for your unfoldment, but they cannot maintain their link with your aura unless you maintain your awareness and a telepathic link with them, so that they may keep you forever within their care. But it would seem to me, earth's children come together for a little time in their desire to develop their mediumship in their groups or circles, then having completed that time they go away for several days and forget all the lessons of attunement, becoming involved in the many, many aspects and enjoyments of the daily life. When something may befall them, they complain because they feel they were not guarded or guided. The work between yourselves and those of the spirit has to be two-way. You have to attune yourselves to us and we have to attune ourselves to you. You have to develop your awareness, and this means to be aware of the warnings that your guardian may implant into your mind, to heed the warning: ‘not to go that way,’ ‘not to do that thing,’ instead of saying afterwards “I think I was being warned”. It has to be a co-operation between earth and spirit - spirit and earth, and when this is complete then you are guided, protected, upheld in every aspect of your mortal life. Although you slumber and sleep as your body goes into its time of rest, nevertheless because you are spiritually aware, even in your time of slumber the protection will be complete for you.

 We speak of doorkeepers but where is this door that the guardian spirits keep and watch?

 There is no door, but in a trance mediumship such as this, then there is an aperture between the physical brain and the soul body of the medium, which becomes temporarily separated from its linkage with the physical. If there are not good guardians then there may swiftly insert into that little aperture - not the spirit who is the appointed speaker or control of the medium - but a spirit of a lower order who comes in for selfish motives and tries to interfere with the work which a group of spirits undertake. It is the task of the doorkeeper to be continually alert, strong and sometimes brave, because he or she may have to engage in a battle with the interfering spirit, who may try to upset the work of the spirits working for light. Therefore, it is good that those who are unfolding their mediumship should know the importance of the guardian, who is not always a teacher or a healing spirit, but the guardian doorkeeper who becomes responsible for the safety of the medium over whom he watches. Later the guardian also becomes responsible for the well-being of the medium. We who listen from the regions of the spirit and hear your thoughts and conversations, sometimes hear you speaking in praise of the spirit teachers and healers, but seldom do we hear you speak in love and gratitude of the guardians who keep you safely upon the way. So, if your thought goes forth in appreciation and gladness towards them, then does their whole being brighten, because they receive the life-giving energy of your thought in prayer and in praise.

 Is it possible for a doorkeeper to fail in his duty?

 Truly, not all doorkeepers are strong and some of them have great difficulty in managing their medium. For a complete co-operation there must be a response by the medium to the guidance of the spirit. Some doorkeepers fail because their mediums weaken the condition of the psychic body through unwise practices such as drinking excesses of alcohol, or taking into their person strange drug substances which the guardian spirit may not be able to manage, because these drugs create within the aura so strong an attraction to low-grade spirits that the guardian is unable to control them. Then, he or she may withdraw into the regions of the spirit, to gain fresh experience, new knowledge, and come again in an endeavour to guide or to guard another medium.

 All of us are gaining great benefit in listening to you; does the medium's spirit which is enwrapped gain benefit too, as she is not listening?

 I think not, but she gains benefit from the interflow of spiritual forces, the light and blessing which is being concentrated through the mortal brain by my own particular efforts at this time, because I do not come to speak to peoples such as yourselves only to speak in words. I come that I may release certain radiations of light, peace and love, indefinable spiritual radiations which I draw from a high spiritual plane, and therefore these more subtle radiations are left lingering around the mortal body and the mortal brain and the spiritual self, in this the medium gains benefit.

 How can I recapture the memory of what I have been doing during the sleep state?

 As you settle your body before going to sleep, try to take from your mind all the anxieties and the memories of the daily life. Say to yourself: “I wish to have a clear recollection” and when you awaken from your sleep try to recall the last thought, or the last image, which was left in your mind and then slowly but surely you will be able to recall more and more, for it is a matter of training the mortal aspects of your consciousness to become attuned to your spiritual mind.

 Why do we need to have an aura, and what is its meaning?

 Its purpose is that you may be visible to the vision of those spirits who keep you within their care. It is also meant to be visible to you on the earth if you have developed a sufficiency of vision to see each other, not simply as the body of flesh, but as the whole person, so that as you see the light of the aura you may know the nature of the person you are beholding. For these lights and colours in the aura will show to you what are the desires, what are the feelings, what are the secret searchings of the person to whom you look, for the spiritual aura reveals the real inner spirit and the real nature of the persons whom you know and love.

 Furthermore, this energy force which is woven into the physical body is meant as a protection, so that as you move around in your world you are within the shield of this psychic protection which surrounds you like a shield of light, ensuring that you do not become unduly influenced by the aura or the spirit of those others whom you may meet day by day. But in your mortal world, especially in your English land, persons have become enclosed together, so that there is an interchanging and interweaving of the energies between the auras one of the other; this means that when you have travelled or walked together, either you will feel strengthened because you have exchanged energies with those others, or else you will feel weakened because you have given some of your energy into the aura of others who have a lesser understanding than yourself. When you are seeking the unfoldment of mediumship you should always seek for the company of others who have a similar understanding to yourself, and try to remain in the company of those who have love for you, so that there may be a strengthening in the interchange of the energies between your auras which will bring to you a strengthening of your inward powers.

 It is also essential that you shall learn how to draw around the outer edges of your aura the rings of light which bring to you protection against persons who are of a lower order than yourself, those who have not any spiritual endeavour. If you do not understand this when you endeavour to increase your sensitiveness, then you may pass through experiences which will be uncomfortable and difficult for you to understand. You need to know how to protect yourself against such persons and you need to know that you can, by an effort of your will and your thought, project towards such persons streams of light, golden energies, which you send directly from your aura, to lighten their darkness and bring them into a higher degree of development.

 From which sphere do the communicating spirits come?

 Some come from the seventh but most come from the third sphere, because the third sphere is the one which we call the ‘homely’ one, for it is ‘homely’ work that is being undertaken in this your Spiritualism; it is the ‘homely’ contact of spirit to spirit, the ‘homely’ reassurance which most persons are needing. But they may, from time to time, open themselves to the influence of others on higher spheres, for here in the spirit life we have our mediums (as you have in your earthly world); some of our spirit mediums may work with a medium in the earthly life, who is not of a high spiritual development but has good guides, and good teachings, because one of their spirit guardians is a medium for one who comes from the seventh sphere.

 Is service sometimes done from the wrong motive?

 Truly. We look deeply into the lights and colours of the aura of the beloveds and sometimes we see that, when the person is conscious of loneliness and isolation, it will say: “I must serve. I must help others that my loneliness may be filled with grateful companionship and my isolation may be healed by unity with others”. We say to you this is not the way. If the heart is empty turn unto the great Master Creator, unto the great Heart of Love, and ask that your empty heart may be filled with compassion, so that you may go forth and seek to serve each other, to heal each other, not to heal your own loneliness, but rather because you love those whom you serve. Once the barriers of the self are dissolved and broken down, then the soul expands; your sensitiveness unto spiritual influence increases and you become aware of the beauty of the spirit, of the communion of the spirit ones, and the radiant light of the spirit places can be unveiled to the inward vision.

 Why is communication with our spirit friends and guides not so easy as we would like it to be?

 Communication is always dependent upon the level of the thought upon which your request is expressed. If a thought goes like a speedy light from your higher consciousness, through the upper part of your brain, then this is swiftly seen and swiftly understood by those spirits who are working upon that level. But most of earth's people think that their communication has to take place through great effort of thought and visualisation, through the mind that is associated with the ordinary happenings of the mortal world. Because your spirit friends are not associated with these things, then sometimes your strongly concentrated thought may not be so easily seen or understood by them. But if there goes from your heart the remembrance of one who is near or loved by you, or you smell a perfume, or hear a melody, reminding you of such a dear one, which brings to you swiftly an emotional memory associated with that spirit, then there goes the thought which is more a feeling, like the speed of light, unto that loved one - then, yes, communication is swift and easy upon those special levels.

 Can a feminine spirit give guidance to a man?

 Truly, for here in the ways of the spirit the aspects of the male and the female are not so strongly accented as they are in your mortal life. Therefore, there may be a need for a spirit using a man's body in the earthly experience to develop a greater degree of gentleness or spiritual perception, and the particular energy force within his aura may match more completely with that of a female spirit.

 Sometimes it is difficult to know the difference between mediumship and intuition.

 I would say that mediumship consists of sight and of hearing, but intuition consists of the development of the inner awareness of the soul. Mediumship reaches out unto the great bringers of light, to hear and to see what is to be revealed in the spiritual world, but intuition reaches out and brings you into an awareness of what is going on in your own realm, in your own world. Therefore, to those of you who are reaching out your hands in helpfulness to those who are near to you, I would say: Develop the faculty of intuition; do not be deaf to its voice, and when you feel within yourself the need of another being, respond unto that need, obeying your intuition.

 Does the standard of spiritual unfoldment reached by mediums account for the differing teachings transmitted on a particular subject?

 Truly. The deeper the sense of honesty within the inner consciousness of a medium the clearer and the higher is the revelation that can be given. Some limit their mediumship by personal pride; some are limited by the desire for gain; some are limited by fears of failure or the fear of the weakness of the flesh or the fear of the criticisms of humankind. Often the consciousness may be cleared with the help of spirit of the more crude imperfections, the greed, the desires, the prides, which are of the earth, but the mediums may not always carry their honesty on to the more subtle and spiritual plane. Thus, sometimes, there is the mediumship which will not be sufficiently honest to admit “Today the spirit is not with me”, or “I have not this awareness which other people think that I should have” - this we would call a dishonesty which is upon the more subtle, spiritual plane. As each medium goes forward honesty needs to be transferred from the plane of the earth into the inner planes.

 Has environment anything to do with the holding back of spiritual gifts?

 Yes. The environment surrounding you is just that state or place in which you should learn the spiritual lesson that is needful for the growth and unfoldment of your spiritual pathway at that time. Until that lesson is learned you will not get the blossoming of the gifts of sight or hearing, because true unfoldment always comes about from the deeper unfoldment and development of such gifts as the capacity of service, love, tolerance, self-sacrifice, forgiveness. With the strengthening of these spiritual gifts and the perfecting of them, there will come the unfoldment of the powers of the spirit. Therefore, do not resent the environment which surrounds you and feel that it holds back your development, but rather accept it as the step upon which you are climbing towards a fuller and deeper spiritual unfoldment, out of which the gifts of perception will come to their full blossoming and flowering.

 In ancient times were the priests and priestesses in the temples mediums and psychics?

 The priests and priestesses were invariably psychic or mediumistic, and they were chosen because of that faculty. Then there came the time in which the purer understanding of spiritual powers became supplanted by other priests who were simply performing rituals to gather to themselves wealth from the peoples. Each time the purer teaching became overlaid by the more ambitious or worldly priests, who continued performing rituals, simply by imparting fear into the minds of the people. So the present mediumistic activities of your world are simply trying to bring back the recollection of what used to be known in years gone by. In the Church today those who should be the revealers are simply upholding the ancient rituals, whereas the true teaching is being given through the mediumistic persons.

 Is there any significance in the green light which is seen clairvoyantly by many people nowadays?

 The green light is coming into manifestation on your earth just now and many who are developing may sometimes see the green ray in their circles, in their meetings, or in the aura of aspiring mediums. The green ray is, firstly, the greenness of tranquillity and peace, but even more, it is the colour that is stimulating man to seek for truth and causes people not to be content to accept what has been accepted as a truth in centuries gone by, but to think, search, question and desire new truth.

 This is the plan we are bringing into being, and as it comes there is the stimulation of thought, a starting of ideas, an awakening within the inner consciousness of a desire for truth. This you will find not only in the mediumship of people such as yourselves, but through the sound waves coming from your radios and from your ‘out-pictured boxes’ (television) which bring out ideas, stirring people to think. This is the plan and pattern for the New Age, whereby the spiritual consciousness of mankind can function more clearly through his purified intellect.