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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts



The Master Jesus

 Where is Jesus?

 The Master Jesus, as you understand Him, is immersed in the great love and light of the Christ Spirit, that Spirit which overshadowed and enfolded Him during His earthly ministry. After the time of his death He chose to retain the semblance of a body which is known as the form of the Master Jesus. He also chose to be very closely linked to the great source of love, known as the Christ centre or the Christ influence, where all is gentleness, all is tenderness and love, for this is that power which became infused into His being and which is still being infused into those who seek to follow Him in sincerity and in truth.

 So I would say it is right that you shall learn to see these two beautiful influences - as separate and yet as blended. As a man and a woman in the earthly life will be husband and wife and yet they are blended by love so that they become as one person, even so is the Master Jesus and the great Christ Spirit. Even as the mother and her babe are separate one from the other and yet they are blended because they are one in love, the infant is enfolded in the love of the mother and the mother feels love because she has the beauty of the infant. Even so is the similarity between the being of the Master Jesus and the enfolding of the great Christ Spirit of love.

 The Master Jesus dwells in the region of the Christ. Within this Christ region there is that which I would describe as a palpitant heart of glorious colour, rose-pink radiating in colours of beautiful healing and warmth unto all who may receive the blessing that is there. From time to time the Master retreats into this heart that He may be renewed in the spirit of tenderness, that He may be renewed in the spirit of love, and absorbing it unto Himself may come forth once more in a lovely ministry of love unto the children of the earth, and unto those who pray unto Him in sincere love and devotion for aid and the spiritual power which they need.

 It is true to say the Master Jesus is very close to your earthly world. He is very aware of the needs of those who suffer. He is conscious of the prayer which is made in sincere love and faith from the hearts of His children, and in that meaning He is often able to bring to the needy and the sufferer the encouraging touch of His presence, the vision of His face, the enfoldment of His power, the bringing through of His love in healing.

 What is your impression of Jesus?

 This is a difficult question to answer, because I have to translate into symbols which are understandable to you and also to me in spirit. But I would say that here in the regions of the spirit, from time to time I see this Being passing like a flash of brilliant light, and as this Being moves, so is the atmosphere imprinted, as it were, with a myriad of little sparkling lights. It is difficult to describe this to you, but perhaps it could be like when I have been with the medium as she gazed across a body of water and the light danced on the surface so that there were myriads of sparkling lights. As the spirit of your Master passes, all the air is imprinted with a myriad of sparkling lights which could be termed the impression of His love, or His thoughts, or His blessings, which He imparts to all who come within the circumference of His movements. So I would say to you. Jesus is the Spirit of light, the embodiment of light which is how you should visualise Him, instead of trying to fit Him into the embodiment of any living being whom you have seen - because whatever embodiment you may see will still be only a crystalised version of that which is indeed pure light. Sometimes, as I see the Spirit pass in this radiant beauty, there will gather behind Him groups of beautiful spirit children. And sometimes, as He comes closer to the earthly atmosphere, the animals within the great open planes of joy will feel His passing, will turn, and I will see all the creatures galloping joyously to follow in the aura of the Master who passes in this fashion, because the imprint is one of love, the impression one of glorious light. This is the manner in which I see the movement of your Master, going from plane to plane, from spirit to spirit, always engaged upon His missions of mercy.

 We are given to understand that one day Jesus will return.

 I would say to you, beloved one, the Master Jesus has already returned to your world, and has in many degrees manifested Himself to many people. Therefore, the thought that He has to come back again into a mortal body is not necessarily the true understanding of the spiritual truth. In his ethereal soul body the Master Jesus returns again and again to those who have some special need of His blessing, and has been seen bringing His blessing throughout the many years of your earth's history. I would also say that in His spiritual form He remains very close to your mortal world. The Christ spirit, the spirit of love which ensouled the Master Jesus, does indeed return in the shape of greater ensoulments, for these ensoulments, or over­shadowings, are a manifestation of the love aspect of the great Master Creator. So throughout your years of earth's history, you have from time to time teachers who appear and who become great lights in your earthly world, because they are ensouled by the Christly Spirit.

 I have been reading about early Christianity and it seems that while Jesus was on earth there were no writings or notes made of His sayings until a long time after His death.

 That is not true, for there lived in that land, in the time of Jesus the Master, many who were scribes or simple priests, who were trained in the teaching and the writing of their own particular form of language. These simple priests, within their own synagogues, did indeed keep a record of His words, because the truth became apparent to their understanding. It is also true that the Master Jesus lived in a city in which many Roman soldiers and citizens and traders came from all parts of the world, and not all of these were ignorant men and women.

 I think that the records that were kept have been lost under the many changes which have come to pass within your world, but of the books which are now in existence, many have been compiled from more ancient records, to which the first writers had access. Furthermore, I would say it is good for you to remember that these followers of the Master Jesus were good mediums, as were also their followers. Therefore, when it became known that a book or scrolls of teachings were to be inscribed, there drew near unto them sometimes the spirit of the Master Jesus Himself, sometimes the spirit of Peter, sometimes the spirit of John, who would overlook the work of the scribes, inspiring their thoughts or controlling their hands that the work might be well done.

 Was it true that Jesus brought Lazarus back to life?

 The Master Jesus brought to the earthly world an understanding of life beyond the grave, when He brought back from the tomb the man who was “sleeping” or said to be dead. He was trying to demonstrate this for the understanding of people, but the whole history has not been given to earth's people because He was trying to say that “the spirit of this man is away from his body - when I call the spirit back to the body, then he will rise, as it were, from the dead”, demonstrating that the spirit and the body have a separate existence, whereas previously it was thought that when the body died the spirit died with it.

 Do not hold the idea that the Master Jesus walked alone with His beautiful powers, but remember that always at his elbow there were one, two or three of His companions, in the knowledge that ‘where two or three gathered together’ there is the flowing interchange of spiritual energy from which all great and beautiful manifestations come into being. It is true that He brought certain things into manifestation, which have been known through your history  as  miracles,  but understanding the powers  of mediumship, you will see that they were not ‘miracles’ but mediumistic manifestations.

 It is recorded that Jesus in His earthly life at times forgave certain people He met. For instance, the man on the cross next to Him was told that he would be in heaven with Jesus. In view of such forgiveness, how does the law of retribution work?

 The forgiveness of the Master Jesus to the man on the cross near to Him was given because that man had not extended toward Him any special anger or hurt, also, his punishment was in accordance with the law of the earthly people, not with any consideration as to why the man did steal . . . In the view of spirit and in the view of the Master Jesus, there would be consideration of the circumstances which pressed that man to commit that act. If a man steals the possessions of another because his child is dying of hunger, although it is the law of the land that he should be punished, it is not in the law of love that he should be punished - because what he had undertaken was for the love of his child. That is the difference between the laws of the spirit and the laws of the earth.

 It would be good if, in your mortal world, this same understanding could be brought to the minds of men and women. I would say that, as your world is moving on into this newer time of its growth, there has been a gradual change in the vision of men and women, who no longer cut off the hand or the head of a person who has offended the law of the land. There is now a consideration by other men and women as to the degree of guilt, and the punishment is decided not by one man but by a group of men and women who will say: “These were the circumstances, therefore this man/woman is not necessarily needing such a dire punishment”.

 This, we would say, is the growth of a greater justice in the laws of your mortal world.

 Is the statement attributed to the Master Jesus: “'1 and my Father are one” correct, because that statement has been used to substantiate the claim that the Master Jesus and God are one and the same.

 I think that there is not sufficient understanding in your earth as to the true meaning of this. It is not to my knowledge that the Master Jesus said that He and God were one. He said that “I and my father are one”. It is true that during the time of His earthly ministry the Master Jesus was very strongly and clearly overshadowed by the spirit who was indeed his father, and through whom a greater and more advanced power of light and love directed rays of beauty into the earth, and who was also the medium for forces of a very much higher degree of advancement.

 Do you mean Joseph?

 No, not Joseph, for Joseph was only the appointed parent of the child. He was begotten by another man who lived only for a brief period in the earthly life, who was translated to the spirit that he might continue his fatherhood-ministry from the spirit existence, but Joseph was the guardian in the earthly sense.

 You once said that during Christmas you moved to the regions of light to meet the Master Jesus; can you speak further on this please?

 We open ourselves during the Christmas season, because there is this release of love and light from the great heart of the Christ Centre, which flows as light and love throughout the spheres unto all who may receive it. I would describe it to you as similar to a great ladder, on which there are spirits in the high sphere linking to those in the next, linking to those in the next, linking to those in the next, until we come to the near earth plane of friends and family spirits who are linking to earth's dwellers, and from the highest the power is passed down, down and down, being distilled, until it can be received by the dwellers on earth.

 It is good to be open at this time?

 This is true, and it is for this reason that your priests in the earthly plane set aside a time, a mystic time, which they call the Christmas season, in which all may be receptive to that great inflow of light and of love. But all who have understanding, and all who have the desire for good, if they do but enter into a time of silence and of prayer around this season, then they channel into earth some of this beautiful blessing.

 Has Jesus had more than one earthly life?

 It would seem to me that people in your earthly world have too many imaginings about the being of the Master Jesus. It is sufficient for them to know that He still lives as a spirit and often draws close to earth to aid them; it is not essential that you should know how many lives or incarnations He had. It would seem to me that earth's dwellers are too filled with curiosity about the past, instead of taking hold upon the great opportunities of the present and realising that their gift of incarnation in this present time is a great treasure to them; therefore, always looking to the past is not making the best use of their present time. I do not hear them saying, “How will I have an incarnation in the future?” Each day in your present incarnation is a treasure which has been given to you from the great treasure chest of eternity. You cannot regain what you have lived through this day -it is gone - it is past, and therefore the right way in which to live in your spiritual understanding is to fill each instant, each day, each hour, with that which is most noble and pure and creative.

 Could the Master Jesus have come direct from the Divine source and not through reincarnations?

 It is not to my knowledge to say that it was so, or that it was not so. All I am allowed to say is that He stands in His own beauty as His own particular revealer of the wisdom of the Master Love Aspect, which you know as the Christ. But I would say, just as equally, there have been other Masters and other Revealers. There was the Master Krishna who has left His influence in the mortal world, and we would not say what were His previous incarnations, because it is more important that the Master Krishna stands in His own revelation of joy and movement for the peoples who love Him; or the Master Buddha, who also in His own turn became a Revealer and revealed a way which others follow, and it is better that He too stands in His own light as His own revealer, instead of it being said that He was the reincarnation of this one, that one, or another, throughout the long-forgotten centuries of earth's history.

 In spiritualism I have never heard the Virgin Mary mentioned. Was she the mother of Jesus?

 Truly, beloved one, for Jesus was born of a woman into the mortal life, and therefore that Mother spirit still continues within the regions of light, wherein the infant souls and the mother-like spirits are to be found. Into this plane of the children this one whom you call the Mother of Jesus sheds her special love and compassion unto the children of the spirit. Also, from time to time, if there is some special need in the earthly life, she can project an image of herself, which may sometimes be perceived by earth dwellers and translated into this figure of the Holy Mother. So there is no harm if you turn your prayer or your thought unto this Mother spirit, when you need a special blessing for an infant, or child, or even for yourself.

 In the Roman Catholic churches there are a lot of statues of saints and of the Virgin Mary. Is it wrong for people to pray to them?

 I would not say it is wrong, for in times gone by in earth's history statues represented to the people gods whom they felt they had to placate. In your Christian churches these statues are meant to concentrate the thought or the prayer upon the individual who is represented by that particular figure - in the same manner as you may have within your homes a photograph of someone who has been dear to you. From time to time you may look at the photograph and send through it a thought, or a blessing, or love, or a request, to the spirit of the one represented in the photograph. As we look into the lives of the people on the mortal plane, we see that some healers look at a photograph of the healer known as ‘Harry Edwards’, rather as the pray-er will look at a statue.

 If Jesus was a yogi was He used as an instrument by the Great Spirit in the solar system?

 This is true, but in the time in which He dwelt the word ‘yogi’ had not been coined. But there were those people known as the ‘Essenes’ who  lived in  a very  similar fashion  to  those  whom  you call the “yogi” or the “yogini”. Their way of life was simplicity, attunement with nature, understanding of the universal laws, living in a regularity and a rhythm, so that the body was brought to the peak of its perfection. During His time with them Jesus gained what you will call the powers of the yogi, and what you call the planetary spirit we would call the ‘Christ Spirit’, because this is the name by which It has become familiar to the people of your English land.

 Could you explain the relationship between Jesus having imprinted the Holy Land with His radiation, and the continuation of the fighting in that land?

 You must realise that there is a continuous alteration taking place in your earthly planet, whereby gross material matter is being transformed by spiritual power; as it is being spiritualised so it becomes, as it were, disturbed. Often that spiritual power stirs within the consciousness of men and women, not the spiritual response, but the reaction of the hidden inner nature, which comes out in hatred, destructiveness or cruelty, because in this transmutation, if it is to be complete, then the baser elements must be brought to the surface and changed into the spiritual.

 It is recorded that Jesus made a blind man see by taking earth, making it wet and rubbing it across the eyes. Could this be possible?

 Yes, because there are certain healing elements in the soil which are as yet undiscovered by mankind, and he has forgotten the ancient science of healing relating to rocks, soil, sand, crystals - all which belongs to the body of the earth.

 Why did the Master Jesus have to be crucified?

 He did not have to be crucified. This is a thought that has crystallised into the consciousness of the earthly people. Is it not true that He prayed that He might not go through this experience? Also, spirit powers tried to intervene on His behalf by causing the Governor's wife to dream that this man should not be put to death? Therefore, I would say to you that what occurred was this great clashing between two forces. Had He turned back and not gone to Jerusalem, then He might have continued His love ministry for a very much longer period of time. But we are not able to give this teaching to the people of the mortal world because so many of them cling to the thought that He had to die in this fashion.

 There is another truth, which is that because He died in His youthfulness, instead of in His aged years, His ethereal or soul body had a certain vitality within it which made it possible for the spirit of Jesus (as distinct from the ensouling Christ) to remain close to the earthly world. Because that was so, He has been enabled to meet many who died in sorrow and fear and who have testified that the spirit of the Master met them at the time of their dying. It is a fact that when a body becomes aged its vibrations become lighter and lighter, and after death it is not so easy for the spirit to retain a close contact with the aura of the mortal world. But with those who die through execution, accident, or tragedy, the etheric body retains a certain heaviness, being charged with the vibrations of the mortal environment, and so those spirits can remain close to the earthly environment. So the soul of the Master Jesus was able to come and go easily to appear unto those who loved Him. Now, because of His wisdom and His love He still retains some control over that etheric or soul body and is able to remain close to the mortal world.

 Was Jesus of Jewish origin, because when He was crucified the cross bore the inscription that He was the King of the Jews; also, was Jesus’ mother a virgin, as claimed by some of the scriptures?

 Jesus was born of the people of that nation and His blood was indeed of the Jewish race. Regarding your second question, this, too, is one of the legends that persons have created about Him. But as we look into the ancient records (Akashic), we see that the mother conceived and bore Him by natural methods.

 Was Jesus ever married, or acquainted with somebody in that special way?

 Those who reach a high peak of spiritual training, either as a Yogi, or a Master or an Essene, transmute the basic sexual energies of the body into a higher spiritual aspect where creativeness becomes expressed as spiritual power, and therefore, as He had reached this state, He did not need to enter into sexual intercourse, as other men might have done.

 Is it true that the gospels came from the ancient Sanskrit writings and were translated into other languages?

 To my knowledge the Biblical narratives were written by Jewish historians, and I do not think that they came from the ancient Sanskrit.

 . . . there have been countless persecutions in the past carried out in the name of Christ . . .

 These persecutions of which you speak were due to the errors which arose in the Christian Church, in particular the teaching that Jesus was the only Son of God. This is a misinterpretation, but I would also say that the word ‘Christ’ or ‘Christos’  is really a symbolic word meaning ‘One who is anointed’, therefore, the linkage of the word ‘Jesus’ with ‘Christos’ was brought about in the earlier years of the Christian Church so that the people of that time could see through the person ‘Jesus’ into the greater love power of the Universal God as the loving aspect.

 Is the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, of great spiritual value?

 The bread and wine that was blessed and given by Jesus to His followers as a symbol was not necessarily intended to continue throughout the ages. It was a very close and intimate meal which was shared by Him with those who immediately knew and loved Him. But it was continued by His followers because, being natural mediums, they were often open to the influence of the spirit of Jesus; therefore, as they touched the bread with their hands, they imparted to it some spiritual influence, and as they held the goblet so a spiritual influence would be imparted to the water, or wine. This has been continued into your world today, but there is no change made in the bread or in the wine unless the priest who blesses it has a true sensitiveness of mediumship, by means of which he or she is able to catch the influence of the spirit and impart it to the elements which are blessed. Therefore in some cases this service of communion becomes a very blessed link with high spiritual influences, but at other times it is a meaningless ritual.

 Does the Shroud of Turin give a true indication of the face of the Master Jesus?

 It is not to my knowledge, because these are details that relate not so much to the Master as a spirit, but to happenings or impressions which have been left in the mortal world, but I would say that it is possible that this imprintation could have been made, because with the high spiritual force which was working through the Master Jesus, anything that He touched or used would become impregnated by His influence.

 Can you tell us mare about Jesus’ training?

 To my knowledge He became part of an Essene colony in which those who were able to undergo the discipline lived very pure lives as vegetarians, with simplicity of thought, unity of purpose and a certain training by means of which the inner mediumistic powers of the soul would be strengthened by the discipline and the protected life which they led. So He was in the care of the colony, or group, of the Essenes until He was ready to come forth into the world to teach the people about the higher spiritual forces, the revelations of the spirit, which became known as the Godhead. When He was ready to begin this, there came the overshadowing of the spiritual force which has become known as the Christ Force. It was this spirit Teacher, or overshadowing influence, Who spoke saying “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. It was at that time that the close linkage between the overshadowing spirit and the prepared vessel became possible. It would be good if those in your earthly world who are seeking to be mediums, or revealers, could follow in a similar fashion the disciplines of the past by undertaking pure living, quietude of thought and meditation; not necessarily to be totally solitary but to be one of a group of persons with similar intention, with the guidance of a more developed soul who has a greater knowledge of the powers of mediumship, to help each one in their evolvement.

 But it would seem that in your earthly world today there is a seeking after the powers of mediumship, without the medium being purified sufficiently so that high and evolved spirits may be able to make contact. Because this is so, there is this slow development of a mediumship which functions through mental or telepathic contact with the prepared mediums. So I would say that all who are seeking to have a closer contact with the world of spirit, should learn to purify their thoughts and not allow the mind to become saturated with the impurities of the earthly world, such as are broadcast through your television and other forms of machines, but to try and keep the higher mentality in a state of peace, purity and tranquility, which will result in a stronger evolvement of this mental mediumship.

 In this way we are hoping that humankind will slowly evolve into a closer co-operation with the regions of spirit, and the influence of One such as the Master Jesus may come in streams of thought, inspiration, words of wisdom, which may move like a purifying stream through the consciousness of your earthly world.

 We are now verging on the Aquarian Age - can we look for a new Master for this Age?

 The infiltration of spiritual light and truth will not be in one great concentrated light but in light which is split into a myriad fragments, and therefore the spiritual revelations will come, not through one, but through many, many states of consciousness.

 Jesus represented the Christ principle and showed us how to live our lives. Are you saying that He is the last Master to come to this planet and that in the future that principle will be diffused into many aspects?

 That is true - the principle is spread through many teachers but the newer revelation (or as you would term it the newer ‘Master’) will not come as one individual but as a gradual revelation through the consciousness of many people. This is what I mean by the breaking of the spiritual light into many fragments.

 Are there any other planets interested in knowledge of the Master Jesus?

 Not so, for the influence of the Master Jesus and of the great Christ Spirit is really an ensoulment of this your earthly planet, designed to help in the evolution of all the forms of life. Other planets and other stars have their own guardians, their own special evolutions.