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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts




  Who are the healing spirits?

 The healing spirits are those who learned to love and to serve during their mortal existence. The priest who was dedicated unto his task of freeing the sin-laden soul from its burden of guilt becomes a healer in the spirit life. The doctor who lived to heal the sick body by his skill and understanding of medicines becomes a healer in the spirit life. The surgeon who, out of his compassion, sought to free the diseased body of pain, increases his skill and his understanding in the spirit life and learns how to concentrate the great energy forces, which he draws from the Master Creator, so that his knife now becomes a living ray of light that can eradicate the diseased portion from the soul of those in the earthly life.

 But the priest, the doctor and the surgeon must find a channel through which such healership may be expressed, and so they look for the nurse, for the doctor, for the dedicated healers in the earth life, that they may blend their skill with servers such as yourselves. The old physicians of ancient China, who understood the great flow of the etheric forces throughout the etheric body, also come to blend their influence and their wisdom with yours, that sometimes they may direct the hands and the minds of the earthly healers, whereby the great energy forces of the soul may be redirected to the sick, restoring them to harmony and to health. The old Indian medicine-­men (who worshipped the great Master Spirit and who learned how to marshal the energy forces of the mountain, the seas and the skies) come back that they may continue their work of healing and compassion, which once they began in the past years of their earthly existence.

 When a person apparently becomes mentally deranged after an operation and appears to have experiences, are these true memories of other lives, or is it just a mechanical jumble in the brain?

 It is impossible to say in exactitude, for it may be that, through the weakening of the physical body and the etheric body, such a one may have telepathically absorbed ideas and thoughts that are in the immediate atmosphere,  or may even - as you say - get remembrances of some previous life experience intruding into the consciousness; or in very rare cases, may have become subject to the intrusion of a soul who at that time has not gained its rightful place in the regions of the spirit.

 It would seem then to be a very dangerous procedure to have anaesthetics?

 So it would seem to us, for in your mortal world these many happenings take place, but as we look through into the years that are still to come in your mortal world, it would seem that mankind will learn gentler ways of restoring harmony unto those who are sick and needy, through the correct use of light, sometimes breaking the light into corrective colours, sometimes by harnessing sound in such a way that it may vibrate upon the cell structures of the bodies and bring them back into harmony. There are many ways of healing that are still to be discovered, and so as you move forward through time it may be such violent intrusions into the body will not be needed.

 As the years progress in your earthly world, and your peoples become more aware of the power of colour and the power of light, we foresee that there will be in some places small buildings in which the windows are of varying colours; as the light falls through those windows they may be adjusted, so that the right colours are brought to play upon the being of a weary sufferer, or one who needs to be re-harmonised - similar to the ways we use in the places of the spirit. Is it not true that light is now being used instead of cutting knives by those working to alleviate suffering?

 Can Spirit heal the wounds of the soul?

 There are occasions in which spirit can and does heal the wounds of the soul. In distant places where there has been the terror of warfare, and where man deprives others of a sufficiency of food, and where the indifference of governments brings about suffering unto the infant population, there go many spirits who try to succour the little ones and to bring them through into strength and into peace.

 When you meet the experience of death and someone whom you love very dearly is freed from the body and taken into the regions of the spirit life, you will know loneliness and will feel the sting of grief, but we do not always regard this as a wound of the soul, but rather as the enlargement of your understanding, for as you take your way through the many experiences of the mortal life you must know sorrow as well as joy, you must experience loss and gain, and you must grow as well as being small. Therefore, you need to understand how to live wisely and well. But if your sorrow is such that you cannot overcome your grief and your soul loses energy because of your grieving, then indeed this could be likened unto a wound of the soul. If then you ask and pray for healing and restoration, most certainly those of the spirit will come near to weave into your soul body the tenuous vibrations of their love, to implant into your soul the beautiful colours of their healing.

 When, as the result of long-continued illness, where the body and the soul have been subjected to drug medicines that have slowed down the consciousness and brought false impressions unto the brain, then that soul is taken into the places of rest, and is often laid underneath the turquoise-blue healing rays, to soothe and to quieten the torment of the memory of pain and of suffering.

Truly, the means by which the healing of the soul is undertaken are  myriad  -  sometimes  by  blossoms,  sometimes  by  the concentrations of colour, sometimes by the creation of music, and sometimes even simply by joyful laughter. In all these things we try to bring healing unto the soul who has suffered or who has been wounded.

 So it is with you in your mortal life, for you too have the power to heal, to harmonise one with the other, and when you laugh together in the glee of happy companionship you create healing which vibrates soul unto soul. The laughter-makers of your earth are healers who serve a very special purpose in the binding up of the wounded souls.

 Why is it that some people are nor receptive to healing?

 Because one may be ready to have the spiritual harmony restored, but another may have a different pattern of earthly experience, or lesson, to learn.

 When healing is given and a patient finds relief, only to have the pain return, and this process is repeated, does it indicate that the patient will not be cured?

 Not at all. It means that certain adjustments are needed in the consciousness of the individual - that the individual is expecting the healer to cure totally, whereas there is a need for the patient also to make a clearance of feelings and thoughts in the ethereal bodies, which can often cause the physical body to be held in a position that gives pressure on certain nerves or joints. Sometimes healing is only needed for the physical body, but the true healer learns to see, and to know, how to balance the energies in the various bodies, so that health and harmony may be restored in the individual. It is in this rebalancing, or reharmonising, of the bodies that true spiritual healing is undertaken,

 When I speak of true spiritual healing, I mean the spirit healing that WE undertake from the Regions of Light. In answer to requests for healing, firstly we have to examine and assess the condition of the individual for whom the healing is asked. We have to see whether there has been a deliberate neglect by the individual to nourish the body; or if they have enclothed themselves in a darksome cloak, meaning that for shame they desire to retain their illness. When there is such a garment drawn around the individual, the natural flowing energies are not able to reach the inner soul body, and so they become deficient in vital energies, whereby the actual living animal-body becomes a prey to sickness. To bring about a healing in such a soul means that you, the healer, needs to have discernment of the inner sadness in the soul and help them to open the protective cloak and LET IT GO and cease to hold it around themselves in shame, or for self-punishment. This protective cloak is one of the exceedingly difficult conditions which we of the spirit have to try and break through in our healing to you, and through you, to reach those who are still in the mortal body.

 There is also another condition that we find difficult to penetrate -that is, when a dark grey cloak of self-pity, like a shell, becomes folded around the individual. When you give yourselves to this task of healing, teach the individuals to understand the need for gratitude in the earthly world, for as gratitude begins to grow within them then indeed they may become receptive to great golden radiations of joy. As they respond to joy, restoration and healing becomes possible within the ethereal bodies, and may reach the physical body.

 Can you explain the difference between maintaining detachment and yet feeling compassion?

 To practise detachment is to refrain from being too deeply involved in the suffering of the sufferer - to alleviate the suffering but not necessarily to enter into the pit in which the suffering is contained. Compassion is the higher level of the emotion of which you are thinking. No true healer can heal unless there is an element of compassion within their soul. If they are healing without compassion then they are simply expressing motions that they have learned, which may sometimes ease tension but will not truly heal because true healing is of the spirit and it is harnessed through compassion.

 Could you tell us the cause of epilepsy and how healers can help?

 This illness of which you speak is one that has long been in your earthly world. It is caused by a lack of correct energy-flow through the etheric body, whereby the subtle energies become curved, as it were, instead of flowing freely. Then it is as if these are formed into a ball which vibrates into the nerve centres of the brain and creates an excess excitement there, which in turn affects the movements of the mortal and physical body. What is required is that which has been known through all the years of healing ministry, which is simply to stroke with the healer's hand upward through the centre at the base of the brain to keep the energy-flow moving evenly.

 Frequently, the cause of such an illness may be in a memory of death in a previous life existence, when the base of the brain was injured, such as when the head was injured in battle or when the head was severed from the neck in the more ancient procedures of execution. So there may thus be needed an understanding as to the deep inward cause, which is in the memory of the soul body, as well as the correction of the energy-flow by the healer.

 How can we heal psychic illnesses?

 The greatest disease force in your earthly world is fear, for when there is fear in the soul then there is a closing-in of the aura unto the self and as it closes in, so is it no longer able to absorb the energies of light, the energies of peace and the energies of healing. Where there is fear, there is a lack of knowledge, a lack of faith, and a lack of contact with the source Divine which you call God, or Spirit (in whatever terminology you may use) . . . When such a one is closed off from the great energy forces of Divine life then there comes about illness of the mind, illness of the soul, which illnesses may be spoken of in your earthly world by many names, by many terms, but in its basic source the illness has its roots in fear. Therefore, to aid such ones there needs to be a renewal of contact with the great Divine Love which is filling the universe with energy, healing and peace. So, if you desire to heal those who are sick in their psychic self, you must learn to extend to them love, not just the love that is contained in the speaking of the word, but the love that is contained in the breathing out from the heart's centre your own energy of love; sometimes, by the conscious direction of the colours of love, so that the being of the one whom you desire to help may be folded in the rose-pink of spiritual love, reassured by the words that you speak when you say “I love you” and at the same time, through your wisdom and your thought, brought to dwell a little more upon the great source of love that lies within the divine heart of the Creator Himself.

 Is it necessary to cleanse and purify oneself after healing?

 This will depend on the manner in which the healing energies are being used. There are some healers who simply hold or touch the patient and try to absorb into themselves the pain or the illness which the person may be enduring; by doing this they take into their own being some condition of illness or despair. If that occurs then there is a need for a cleansing, and a purification. But the true spiritual healing, which is now being used more widely in your earthly world, lies simply in the channelling of pure and perfect energies into the aura of the body of the one who is sick - when this occurs then such purifying of the healer is not necessary.

 Can you tell us a little more about the power of the mind acting upon the physical body?

 The action of your thoughts takes a longer time to reflect itself into the denser matter of the lower person than does the higher spiritual thought, which goes forth from the region of the brain. Therefore, when there is illness manifesting within the living structure of your body think unto yourself: “When, and in what manner have I impressed the living matter of my own physical body with destructive thought creations?” Then you can reverse the process, beloved ones, and think constructive patterns of re-creation, and rebuild love and harmony below the region of the heart. Build joy into the heart; build into the lungs the ability to respond to the great living force of the Master Creator and to the great living force of the world surrounding you; by learning to think constructively you can reconstruct your own body out of the old patterns of illness into the new patterns of harmony, beauty, life and health. For is it not true that the law of the spirit gives unto you life abundant?

 I understand that correct breathing is important to keep our physical bodies in good health, can you give some instruction on this?

 I would give you a short specific instruction in this form:-In the early season of the day, when the air is clean and pure, breathe in slowly and deeply perhaps for seven to ten times. (Then you will be conscious of great freshness of life coming to you). At the mid-day hour, when the body is feeling some of the stress and the weariness of discord within your world, and when you have eaten the customary meal in the middle of the day, practise for a little period the long breath in and the short, sharp breath out. (By doing this you will be drawing fully and deeply upon the life force, and expelling in the short, sharp breath the impurities and the stress of your labours, and perhaps some of the impurities within the air). When your time of ordinary labour ceases - when many people sit and drink refreshing tea from tea-cups - this is the time to have a short breath in and a short breath out. (By so doing you attune yourself unto the quickened vibration that is acting throughout the whole of the magnetic form of the earth). When you reach the closing of the day, before you lay your body into its accustomed place of slumber, then learn to breathe in a short breath and breathe out a long slow breath. Is it not true that in slumber the body breathes in shortly and deeply, and it expels in the long breath that which is there? By the conscious direction and use of this breathing you may maintain in harmony the air forces which are acting through yourself, and guard yourself against the development of much disease. Indeed, I would say that this which is known as the scourge of your English country - this mucous that forms in throat and in nose, giving rise to sneezing and coughing - can be eliminated if you would learn to breathe in with the slow breath and to breathe out with the short, sharp, expelling breath of the purposeful will of your spirit.

 Would you please advise me how I might develop healing with the use of my hands?

 First of all there is a need for you to learn how to conserve your own natural energies, holding them into your body by the energising of your body through correct breathing, right thinking and right living, which brings about certain changes in the colouring of the aura which is surrounding you. If you are desiring to benefit other beings by the use of your hands, then you must send out your prayerful thoughts in a healing intention, raising into the atmosphere around you a prayer for the furtherance of the desired healing, so that you may attract, or make known your desire unto those in the spirit regions.

 Then you will draw to you those who will blend their influence with your aura so that the colours become stronger, the energies in your being become enhanced, and as you lay your hands on the person, double energy forces will flow through you - one, being the energy of your own self, and two, being the energy which those of the spirit add to your own forces, and they in turn will draw energy from higher sources so that it may be a chain of spirit influence which is at work. (You may sometimes perceive a rich blue colour which is simply a symbol to you that the colour in your aura is being strengthened by those who are guiding you).

 If a person has spent a very long time on a life support machine, is it wrong to terminate that support and allow the person to pass to spirit?

 This is something that has been devised by the mind of human beings. I would say that if the power of the person's controlling spirit over its bodily actual elements has been so weakened that the spirit is no longer able to use that body and is withdrawing, then it would seem to me that it is right to allow that withdrawal and simply allow the natural process to take place which would previously have occurred.

 Can you explain why Rama Krishna, a holy man in Calcutta about 1830, should eventually develop cancer?

 He did not learn how to free his mortal body of the emotional hurts that he sustained in the time of his extreme youth, and although he entered spiritually into the depths of spiritual peace, he did not open himself to the inflow of healing love; also, there was quite a lot of strain as he sought for enlightenment, to the detriment of his physical being. Cancer is often a reflection of a disharmony on several levels of a person's being. There can invariably be some deep inward wound of the soul that has not been healed, which reflects on to the cell structure of the mortal body. This wound causes an extra activity in certain cell structures of the body, and when the actual food substances which are feeding the body have not the essential purity, then there is a sickness that arises through diverse causes - the spiritual or emotional cause, the actual weakness in the structure of the physical body, and the lack of understanding of the need for purity within the actual substances which nourish the body itself. Often where there is such a condition, there can arise degrees of fear which may not always be expressed in spoken words but are there within the soul person, and that fear is like a veil drawn around the actual soul body, closing it off from the great flow of energy forces and healing forces which should renew that being.

 There is a theory that cancer is linked with the fact that, because it is a materialistic age, there is a tendency always to grasp ‘in’ towards ourselves, rather than to flow ‘out’?

 This is true, because if there is always the grasping, or holding, this is similar to the holding of emotional hurts.

 Can you tell us briefly why you say suffering is not necessary?

 A person may feel pain, may pass through loss, may receive disappointment, but they need not necessarily suffer in the true sense of suffering, so long as they realise that these experiences are but spurs leading them on, or teaching them to go forward in their search for truth and for understanding. Suffering is the tension which arises within the being when one part of the soul, or the consciousness, is rebelling against the changes that are naturally coming into being.

 Is it possible for one person to suck energy from another person's aura?

 Yes, it is possible for this to happen, but if you are consciously aware that you are always renewing yourself and radiating from the great central source of life, then you cannot become exhausted because you are giving continuously. But it is true to say that, where there is another person who is extremely inturned into self, desiring to draw from your sympathy and understanding, and over a long period of time does so, then indeed they may absorb energies from you, unless you make a conscious effort to draw around yourself a protection, or simply to give to that one the energies which they may need. In all this work there needs to be more understanding, more teaching, so that those who are the servers and the learners may come to understand what they are doing.

 Can you tell us a little about the healing that takes place when a soul passes to spirit?

 When the soul is freed from the body through the breaking of the silver cord, we take the soul into the hospitals and healing homes of the spirit life. Where there has been suddenness of separation, such as when a soul has been severed from the body through accident, often we take that one into the healing home where the air is filled with very gentle, soft, silvery-grey light, into which filters amethystine rays. This heals the feeling of shock due to the suddenness of its death.

 Those whose life has fallen into the narrow groove of concern only with their own body and their own affairs, in whom the warmth of love has grown deficient, or who are alone at the closure of their life and feel devoid of love - these we take into the gardens in which the roses of healing bloom and the flowers breathe forth their perfumes. As they inbreathe the perfume of love and are bathed with the gentle colour radiations of the blooms, so the lonely heart is filled with warmth and that which was cold and hardened softens and is healed. And as the soul responds to the beautiful colour vibrations, it is able to open the eyes and see the faces of the beloveds waiting and smiling, and then the heart can expand in responsiveness of love unto those who come to welcome the soul home into the places of the spirit. Similarly, there are great open spaces of joy to which the little children may go - those meadow lands in which bloom the myriad small blossoms that bring joy unto little hands, as they are able to clasp the little flowers within their fingers . . . We gather the child souls, some of whom die through lack of food, lack of care and lovelessness, and we lift those little ones into the light of the spirit, setting them down in the meadowlands, wherein they may for a while remain looking listlessly, looking hopelessly, until the little hand will reach out to touch the petal of the blossom or to gather the beauty of the blossoms. Then the child will become aware of other child souls entering into the joy of that which may be called their heaven.

 Can you tell us a little ‘more’ about absent healing?

 We would call this ‘soul healing’ for it is really a quality which is conveyed from the soul of the healer to the soul of the patient. Those healers who know that their thoughts are creative may extend from within their own inner soul consciousness a ray of thought that will go out distantly toward another person, rather as a little spider throws out a thread from within itself. So the healer throws out a shimmering thread of light or influence toward the distant person. Then those of the spirit who are working with that healer, seeing this radiation going forth, will endeavour to follow that ray to find the one to whom it is extended, to whom they may give some of their spiritual energy, some of their spiritual colour. So the true prayer-healer who sends forth healing ‘absently’, has a large group of helping spirits who try to follow the fine ethereal radiations of light and thought, whereby they may minister unto the sufferer.

 I would say to you that repetition of thoughts about illness and thoughts about suffering will often add to the condition in a negative way, because as you each one develop, your thoughts become increasingly active; therefore, if you pray for another, thinking about their illness, then your creative prayer-thought will add a little more to the illness. What is essential is the contact from soul to soul and the lifting up of that one into the purity of light, so that the healing energies of perfect life, perfect love, may be concentrated round that one.

 Would it be true  to say, Ramadahn, that there are many healers in the world today who are sending out healing powers around the world, which are being absorbed into the auras of other people simultaneously, without anyone realising it?

 This is true, beloved one. Healing is going on all the time and is gradually changing and cleansing the aura of the planet, bringing about a very gradual alteration in the consciousness of the people of your planet, but, more importantly, it is cleansing away some of the ancient impressions of hatred, ignorance and cruelty. Remember that from within yourself is the source of strength, healing, light and inspiration, and the stronger you send forth light from within yourself, so do you make possible the intercommunication of the spirits of light to blend their influence with your special radiation.

 Can sound through intonation be used to restore a person, especially psychologically, to harmony?

 Most assuredly, but the sound needs to be intoned more by the individual than from an external source. Therefore, if you need to aid such a one, teach them to find their own pure inner note - just to hum it and to sound it at regular intervals, because the humming or the sounding of the note will have a vibrating effect upon certain very sensitive glands that lie hidden within the physical body, and when these become vibrated or energised they will have the effect of strengthening and harmonising the whole body. But first of all you need to spend time in sounding the first essential note, and then teach the individual slowly to raise it on to a higher scale, so that higher centres may be vibrated. You may usefully employ the ancient sound of OMmmmmmmm . . . and in so doing, you begin it on the low note and gradually day by day, or week by week, raise it to a higher and a higher level, in the understanding that if it is to restore the psychological or the mental aspect of the person, there is a need for vibrating into the inward centres of the brain, which takes place upon the higher notes.

 Regarding instantaneous healing, one remembers that the Master Jesus achieved this by the laying on of hands and by other methods.

 Truly, for the Master Jesus had the ability to love those who were sick. He had the ability to feel such compassion for their sickness that through His love and compassion He created a unity from Himself unto the sufferer . . . In your work of healing and in your desire to help each other . . . there is an insufficiency of love amongst you all - you do not know how to love each other. You know how to criticise each other, you know how to laugh at each other, you understand how to see the weaknesses in each other and you know how to point out to each other the faults that lie within another, but you do not learn as yet how to bear with each other and to help one another to overcome the weaknesses and the faults, because you are unaware of the great Universal Love which is flowing through you. When you can achieve this, oh my beloveds, then your world will become filled with healing, and there will be peace between men and women, and there will be light in the places where there is darkness, and you will be able to lay your hand upon the blinded eyes and they will see.

 It is love that is needed, and how shall you achieve this love except you learn through meditation how to reach out unto the Great Love which is the love that should fill your being with such a flooding, flowing, streaming love that you cannot help but love each other, because you know that you are brothers and sisters together - children of the one most high God and Creator.

 Regarding AlDS: will the experiments being carried out by scientists be effective?

 This is the new disease which is affecting your mortal world. Many years ago we foretold that there would come into the earthly life a new form of sickness if the human inhabitants of the planet did not live according to the law of harmony, meaning that a man and a woman should cling just to each other. When this is transgressed it will have its effect upon your world because the spiritual law is exact. But your scientists may teach men and women how to live more in harmony with the law, and their treatment may overcome this disease, as has been done in years gone by with other diseases.

 A question concerning the attempts being made to transplant brains.

 This is not a good thing which your earthly world is doing and it is not always successful. The only experiments which may truly be successful are those in which the soul willingly desires to give some part of the body for the furtherance of life in the beings of others. This is a spiritual law: that which is freely given may indeed be freely used.

 What about the auric emanations of such transplants?

 The auric emanations are cast off from the etheric body and the cell structure of the mortal body. Therefore, the heart, the foot, the eye or the brain, when swiftly removed from the body, still carry some radiating force within its own cell matter, and if the cell matter continues to live it will still radiate its own power, and therefore it carries its own aura.

 We know that we must obey the physical laws in order to keep healthy, but have you any further advice to give us?

 If you are desiring health then must you know something of the very subtle interaction of the etheric forces of the soul upon the substance of your physical body, which comes from the centres of the soul through the gland centres of your physical being. Therefore it is necessary that you shall cultivate the habit of kindness, cultivate within yourself compassion, cultivate the ability to enter into peace and into silence, because as you cultivate the habit of restfulness and peacefulness within your being, so do you make possible the flowing of the spiritual energies through your soul-body in such force and in such harmony that they may bring health unto the physical body of which you are a part.

 I would also say to you: love much and sing often, and be not afraid to speak one unto the other with the laughter and joy of your being, for this circulates the vital force both for yourself and for those whom you will meet from time to time.

 Concerning the mortal body itself, why do you not eat more of the seeds, the grains, the rice, the barley and the wheat? Rather than partaking of the life-giving seeds of your earth, you try to nourish your bodies with the foods which are dead, from the dead substance of the very earth. You live in the midst of a world that is rich with the life-giving elements of all these plants; yet so seldom do you partake of all the richness of the seeds which can supply healthy nourishment upon which your mortal body should be sustained.

 Are auras confined to us on this side of life?

 Those who are in the first stage of spirit life, after passing through the condition of death, do not have a strong or a clear aura. But those who have learned to be servers in the spirit life do indeed radiate their energy into what is termed “an aura”. This has sometimes been perceived by your earthly artists who have tried to depict them with a light around them, sometimes with what they show as wings, which are really but an expression of the flow of energy taking place through the spiritual aura.

 A prayer from Ramadahn

 Oh thou who art the Spirit of power, energy, and healing, may Thy power be released amongst the beloved ones of the earthly life, so that they may be renewed in body, in mind, in soul, and be healed of the infirmities from which they suffer, whereby they may go joyfully in all the ways of their earth's experience, realising that Thou art the Creator and the Maker and the re-Maker of all things. Because You are able to re-make into your own perfect plan and pattern, so can you re-form and re-shape each one of them, so that they may go through the ways of earthly experience without fear and without failure but in the certain knowledge that there always is a new way, a new understanding and a new evolvement for them from all the many changing conditions of the earthly world.

 May the peace and the harmony of the great Master Giver of all things be with you and remain with you unto all the days which are still to come.