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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts


 A Greeting From Ramadahn

 The God Within

 Little gods who are sitting here in your bodies! I greet you and I bless you in the power and in the light of the greater God whom you worship as the external Deity. I greet you as little gods trying to understand the greater God. I greet you as Divine sparks of creative energy, you who are reflections of the glory and the power which lies within the universe. I see you and I know you by the power within me, which you may call the power of the spirit, or which you name as “Ramadahn who speaks through the voice of the medium”.

 If you could behold yourselves as I see you, how would you see yourselves? I see you as tiny sparks of light - some of you as little flames burning in the midst of an energy of light that circles around the shining spark which lies within the centre of your being. Around some of you there circles a beautiful, blue emanation, that is the symbol of your love and dedication. In some, there is the grey shadow of your own fear, the shadow of your own lack of understanding, which hides the beauty of the light as in a grey fog. In some the spark shines with a gentle, clear radiance, like a reflection on a dewdrop, clear and bright, reflecting the glory of the light, because of the purity and the simplicity of the inner soul. Around some, there moves a cloud of many colours, because many of you are composed of different aspects, desires, aspirations, fears and memories, all of which move in a gentle, circling movement, but which nevertheless shine and are illuminated by the spark of the light that is within you. Truly, each of you are sparks of the Divine Life, and no matter what your fears or your failures, no matter how feeble or how strong you may feel, still the little Divine spark shines there in the centre of your being, for if it were not so you would not be existing as you are, in the control of your mortal body and in control of your thoughts and feelings.

 I would remind you that no man and no woman may destroy the spark of Divine Life that is within you. Someone may take and torment your body; they may take your mind and instil into it many ideas and many thoughts; your emotions may be twisted and hurt by the lack of understanding of other people, but no one, no one may destroy the living spark which is within. Therefore, you do not need to fear the cataclysms of the earth, nor yet the movement of great waters, for these things may not destroy the true, elemental part of yourself, which continues to live, to grow and to develop beyond the region of death into the places of the spirit.

 We of the spirit, who try to fulfil the greater laws of the Master Creator, marvel when we see the glory of His creation; and we marvel when we see souls such as yourselves, seeking understanding in the ways of your mortal lives.

 About Ramadahm

 May we know to whom we are speaking?

 I speak to you under the name of Ramadahn, because this is the name by which the earth children speak of me. But in ancient times I was simply known as a Prince of Egypt, who very foolishly led his people into war and destruction. As I have this sin upon my conscience, I come back to try to set right the balance here in your own age and in your own time, for what is sown is always reaped, and what is sounded in one age may be resounded in another age. Sufficient it is that I made my mistakes and now try to right the errors.

 Ramadahn, when you said you try to right your mistakes, I would have thought that by now this would have been already done?

 It should be, beloved one, but if you have any knowledge of music you will know that if you strike a note it will echo and continue to echo into different vibrations of sound. Therefore, errors which have been made in the past of this earth's history strike a note, and succeeding generations take up the echo of that note and intensify it, so that a little war becomes a greater war, which finally brings into being an even greater and more disastrous war. So we try to sound a stronger vibration of peace and harmony, to slowly eliminate the disharmonious echoes which lead to war.

Similarly with you in your earthly lives today. You sow a seed of destruction, or you harm or hurt another being. You think that is the end of it, but what you have done goes on echoing and echoing, and maybe in fifty years time you will find yourselves having to eliminate the disharmony that you may have created when you were but eighteen or twenty years of age.

 Can you tell us if you know where you might be incarnating in the future?

 I have no plan to incarnate into a mortal body in the future, because in the spirit life it is possible to serve and give of one's spiritual energy in such a way that a spirit does not always need to enter an actual physical body, such as you are now using. Here in the regions of spirit there are many places of learning and of experience, and many planes from which we may come and go down into earthly life. By working closely with a medium often we are able to fulfil a pattern very similar to that of an incarnation. I will not move out of the immediate earth's orbit until I have completed my task and aided into a better understanding the many souls for whom I feel a personal responsibility.

 Have you, or anyone you have met, seen God?

 Not in the sense in which you speak of God, beloved one. I have seen the Glory, and I think that it is the Glory which is known to the people of earth as God.

Before I decided that I would come back to labour amongst the people on the earth, from the gateway of the seventh sphere I looked forth and beheld the Glory of the Spirit, the Heart of Light (for such you will call it) and I think it is this which has become known as God to the peoples of the earth, who have captured this word from the singers in the ancient scriptures, who spoke of the Glory of God.

It is not possible to describe in the ordinary language of earthly things the radiance and beauty of His Power, but if you can visualise some mighty lake of water, lying calm, translucent and unmoving, with gleaming upon it the radiance of a sun that is not of dazzling splendour but soft, beautiful as moonlight, yet without the vagueness of moonlight; and, within the heart of this great radiance, a centre like a glowing heart, rosy, gentle, palpitating and throbbing throughout the whole. If you can feel that this radiant stillness, palpitating with life and with love, was flowing in you and through you, and in and through all things, then you might have some symbol, some vague understanding, of that which we know as the Glory.

 Have you, Ramadahn, a separate identity or are you a strata of thought which is congenial to the medium?

 I would think that I am, as you term it, a ‘strata of thought’, for it is true that I spend much time in the realm of thought. If you possessed a sufficiency of clairvoyant vision to see what is going forward now, you would not see me as a solid personality but as a shimmering vibration of colour or movement, which we call the vibration of thought. If you wish to know if I have an identity separate from that of the medium, then I would say ‘yes’, for I live my own life and I think my own thoughts, and quite often I visit my own friends - without the knowledge of the medium, and may endeavour to answer sometimes the questions that come from their minds.

 Ramadahn, can you say how you see God? In what form do you see Him?

 This is a difficult question, Oh beloved one, for it is hard to symbolise in mortal words that which is cognised with the spiritual understanding. I would say to you in this fashion:-I have not seen God because we do not see the whole immensity of the Creator, but I have cognised a little of the GLORY of God, a little of the great creative glory of the Master Creative Spirit, whom you call your God. This took place when I came to the highest sphere of the spirit existence. Standing there, I looked and saw stretching out and out and out the vast distances of the universe, star upon star, and universe upon universe, and yet even as I looked at the whole marvel and majesty of this, I saw that although each little star seemed to be lying in its bed of velvet darkness yet there was no darkness, for all was palpitant with shimmering light. It was as if from star to star a beautiful vibrancy of energy was continually pulsating and flowing, and out through the whole of the created universe there was this pulsation of light, of energy, of beauty, or creative power. To my eye of spirit, the starry universe was of light, lying in the matrix of the darkness of the sky. "How then could that which is dark nevertheless be that which is light?", said I unto myself, "and how can this which is so wonderfully light yet have within itself the substance of darkness?" Here indeed was a marvel and a mystery. So I stood and gazed, and I thought upon the power and the majesty of the Weaver of the Universe, the Creator of stars, of this which is light and yet dark, and yet in the darkness there is light, and each is indefinable and indestructible, and neither can be separated from the other.

 Even as I stood there, there came to me a longing, a desire to plunge into this great ocean of wonderful palpitant light. Yet, standing there, I knew that I could not yet go, for there were the tendrils of responsibility still binding me to this your watery planet. I was aware of the unity which lies between my own spirit and those whom I have loved in the incarnations of the earthly and the spirit experiences, and these too were of light, palpitant light, indefinable, indestructible. How can I describe unto you in the words of the earth that which can only be understood by the vision of the spirit?

 But having seen, having known, and having worshipped, I come for a while to serve through this medium amongst the children of the earth, that unto one here and there, sometimes there may come the remembrance of the GLORY, that they, too, may come to seek for unity with that great power; that, withdrawing themselves upward from the ways of mortal preoccupation, they may come into a consideration of the power and the glory, and may worship, praise and love, and seek to go forward into unity with this most glorious Power of GOD.

 Do the frontiers of your knowledge advance as ours do?

 Only partly so, beloved one. I have learnt many things since I left the mortal body and came into the spiritual life. But I will say that in communicating through the medium, listening to the thoughts and minds of people who are still in the mortal body, communicating with you as we do today through spoken words, so do I become increasingly aware of the problems of the world, the changes in your habits of life, the advances in your scientific discoveries. These bring unto me new thought and new understanding, and therefore I would say: the frontiers of my own thought and knowledge advance in this way. For when we are in the spiritual life we do not have the same need to understand earth's magnetic forces that you have, and so knowledge of what is continuing in the earth plane is often limited to conversations  such  as  these,  and  to  conversations  and communications with the recently departed spirits, who only give us their view (as they understand it) of what is happening in earth's envelope of life.

 But the frontiers of spiritual knowledge grow and advance and deepen as one's own understanding grows, as the ability to love widens through loving. This is the reason why we come back to serve earth's children so that, through serving them, through loving them, through teaching them, our own ability to love more widely, to serve, to give, to teach, enlarges us - and so, through this enlargement, we see a larger vision of the eternal Glory, a larger consciousness and a greater spiritual power.

 You have often spoken of the Council of Light - would they be people who have seen God?

 No, beloved one, these are spirits who have progressed to an understanding of the needs of the earth and its great need for purification.  Many  of them  have  relinquished  their  further progression, so that they may remain within earth's atmosphere, that they may serve and guide forward the affairs of men, to help the earth to come unto a greater state of harmony and purification. We call them the Council of Light because they have captured unto themselves, through their vision of the Glory of God, or the Glory of the Spirit, some of that light, which still lingers around them.