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Ok, after all this hard work you put up your site, and no one comes!
Darn! Well, fortunately there's a few things you can do...

1) Search engines like and others have a feature (a menu option), often called "add url" where you can tell them about your homepage and they will, hopefully, add a link to it.

BE AWARE: If you do not submit your homepage manually there is a chance that it will be done automatically to some degree. How you ask? Well, every so often there are "robots", "agents", call them what you want, from the search engine companies that go out to all the webpages and create a huge index for their search engine. Often these robots look at specific code imbedded into your html source. For example, you
would have something like this in your html source listing:

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Sam Meilach's Homepage. See Fotos
of Pachino.">

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Meilach, Pachino, Sicily, Indonesia, Bali">

For an excellent tutorial on the above go to

For tutorial on how search engines work go to:

For tutorial on how search engines rank web pages go to:

For tutorial on how search engines features, go to

For tutorial on search engines design tips, go to

2) Ofcourse, there are now so many search engines that going to them all can be quite tedious and time-consuming. There are several sites you can utilize which will submit your webpage announcement to many search engines all at once. These are: or
There's a fee for this.

Here's some of the more popular search engines you may want to check out:,,,,,

I like the best because it is divided into topics and a live human being (so I believe!) actually categorizes them all.

3) reward web site owners linking to your site

4) - catalog of search engines and directories

5) - exchange link banners on your homepage with others

6) - Create your own web "rings". Similiar to linkexchange

7) -- banner advertisements

8) This web site lists the "Top 1,000" sites. If your web site is truly exceptional then think about submitting it to this site. Don't forget what I told you about the transfer rate...

9) In all your out-going emails you should have a "signature" file which is basically a few lines at the end of your e-mail which you mention your web site and a favorite motto you may have. You only create this signature file once, and your e-mail program will automatically send this as part of the e-mail.

10) I mentioned earlier on, but if you want to do a bulk e-mail to your customers like an e-mail mail-merge there's a program called NetMailer you can get from You
basically maintain your database on your PC and then do a mail-merge and e-mail the results to each invidual user.

There are also shareware bulk e-mail packages. Do a search in or and you should find them.

Check out for all you need to know about e-mailing and links to e-mail companies. Excellent resource!

11) : all you need to know about search engines...excellent site!

12) Other sites to check out:

Where to get a site & upload it to the Internet

Some Final Thoughts