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Report Illegal Internet Activities & Child Pornographers to the Police: | - Programmers Tools Create Free PDF Files
Track Your Flight Visually Canadian Phone Book
Currency Exchange: | International Phone Books | Country Calling Codes
Travel: Expedia | Hotels | itravel2000 Weather
Maps: Maporama | Mapquest Misc: | | AOL |
Babel Fish Translation - Translate Text or Web Sites Free Software
Search Engines: Yahoo | Google | Ask | Altavista Shareware: ZDnet | Wugnet | |
Foundation for a Better Life Computer News: | | ZDNet
The Smoking Gun Bookstores: | | Barnes & Noble
How Stuff Works - Lots of Pictures & Post Your Own - "Great Books Online" Tickle Network - Quizzes, Test, etc.
Instant Messengers: ICQ | MSN | Yahoo | AOL - meet & interact with others
eBay U.S.  | eBay Motors | eBay Canada | eBay UK | eBay Australia | eBay Belgium - Animations
CNN - "This is CNN" Anti-Virus - Check your PC for Viruses (free to scan)
SitePal - Talking Avatars (Audrey is my favorite) Amazing Fireworks - Telephone over Internet (free) Eye Candy: Eccentris
Interview with God Games: Yahoo |
OLG - Canadian Lottery Corp. Online Conversions
International Country Dialing Codes | Also Here | Check also Yahoo Directory | Time Zone Converter | (official time & where the sun is shining) - Help Others Time & Date Worldwide & Read Front Page of World's Newspapers Internet Movie Database
Free Audio Business Seminars QuickMBA - lots of links to free stuff technical calculators |
VideoHelp - Parody of the U.S. 2004 election
Freeware Files-Totally Free Software  
How to keep others from hijacking your home wireless network Tips for Home users from Microsoft
Funny Stuff: JoeCartoons | All-Humor | eBaumsWorld | SuperLaugh | FunPic | AnyFun | Best-Pictures | TheJokeLine | FunnyVideos |
How to find someone in Canada: Look them up in the phone book: then go to For postal codes, go to
Find the actual physical location via satellite view at: Google Earth

For Children

SOFTWARE (Blues Clues, Dora, Putt Putt, Thomas & Friends, Tonka, My Little Pony ) (Kid Pix Deluxe, many titles..) (Carries many titles: Blues Clues, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Madeline, Lego, Spy Fox, Crayola, more...) (Putt Putt, ISpy, Clifford, Freddi Fish,)  

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Amazing Sites, Fascinating Ideas or Products - You become your own radio station, even while driving; listen to other people's music they have in their cars (in progress) - One of the most amazing product you can get--and for free too!--Look at anywhere on Earth from a satellite. Zoom in to Street level. You can download this application that will run on your PC.



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